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12:47 am (4 hours ago)
CCTV pictures emerge of three UK schoolgirls on the Turkish leg of what is believed to have been their journey to join Islamic State in Syria.
Yesterday 9:39 pm (7 hours ago)
Thousands of Russians light candles and lay flowers for Boris Nemtsov, as speculation grows over the motive for the murder of President Putin's critic.
3:39 am (44 minutes ago)
The extremist known as "Jihadi John" had suicidal thoughts after feeling harassed by MI5, according to email exchanges with a journalist.
Yesterday 8:32 pm (8 hours ago)
Two people are arrested in connection with the disappearance of 16-year-old Becky Watts who is missing in Bristol.
Yesterday 9:33 pm (7 hours ago)
An inquiry in Rwanda urges the government to initiate criminal and civil proceedings against the BBC for a documentary about the 1994 genocide.
2:30 am (an hour ago)
Some websites offering treatment for gonorrhoea are putting patients at risk by failing to follow national guidelines, BBC 5 Live Investigates finds.
Yesterday 5:49 pm (11 hours ago)
A woman is arrested after a four-year-old girl and a man are found dead by police who forced entry at a property in Notting Hill.
Yesterday 10:03 pm (6 hours ago)
A 14-year-old girl suffering from cystic fibrosis asks Chile's president to allow her to die in an online video viewed by thousands of people.
Yesterday 10:53 pm (6 hours ago)
The vice-president of Sierra Leone puts himself into quarantine after one of his bodyguards dies from the Ebola virus.
Yesterday 5:26 pm (11 hours ago)
A 15-year-old boy was fatally stabbed when three men attacked him while he was cycling with friends, police say.
Yesterday 1:24 pm (15 hours ago)
Iraq's national museum officially reopens in Baghdad, 12 years after it was looted in the aftermath of the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.
Yesterday 11:34 pm (5 hours ago)
Front pages feature fresh revelations about the Islamic State extremist nicknamed "Jihadi John", with the Mail on Sunday revealing details of emails he sent the paper in 2010.
Yesterday 12:26 pm (16 hours ago)
Both government and opposition in Russia are coming up with theories about the killing of Putin critic Boris Nemtsov, but it could be years before it becomes clear why it happened, says the BBC's Artyom Liss.
Yesterday, 2:03 am
IS needs women to build a state, says Razia Iqbal - and it is using social media to lure impressionable recruits.
Friday, 4:43 pm
Tony Blair once met a voter during one of his election campaigns. He started listing the achievements his government had generated for the people. "Aye, we know all that," chipped in the voter, "What are you going to do next?"
Friday, 10:11 pm
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush runs the conservative grassroots gauntlet at the CPAC gathering in Washington, DC.
Friday, 4:38 pm
Labour would reduce tax relief for those earning £150,000 or more a year, shrink maximum pension pots to £1m and cut maximum annual pension contributions to £30,000 to pay for a cut to £6,000 in student fees.
Yesterday 10:11 am (18 hours ago)
Ansar Allah, or the Houthi movement, began as a defence of the Zaidi religious tradition but experienced several major transformations in arriving at its current dominance of Yemeni politics, Charles Schmitz writes.
Friday, 6:57 pm
As details emerge about the identity of "Jihadi John"' what do we know about the advocacy group that was in close contact with Mohammed Emwazi in the two years before he left for Syria?
Friday, 12:29 pm
The Islamic State (IS) group has released a video appearing to show the destruction of statues in Iraq. Why is it doing this?
Thursday, 7:29 pm
Where David Cameron's pledge to cut net migration to below 100,000 came from - and how it fell apart.
Friday, 12:49 am
The West must show huge resolve if the Ukrainian ceasefire is to hold, writes Prof Anatol Lieven.
1:58 am (2 hours ago)
Letters written by a World War One soldier to his family are being posted online exactly 100 years after each one was written.
Yesterday 11:35 am (17 hours ago)
A "perfectly spherical" chicken egg, thought to be "one-in-a-billion" sells online for £480 with the money going to charity.
Yesterday 11:37 pm (5 hours ago)
Carl Frampton retains his IBF super-bantamweight title with a fifth-round stoppage of Chris Avalos in Belfast.
Yesterday 11:16 pm (5 hours ago)
Jose Mourinho reveals ahead of Sunday's Capital One Cup final that Spurs approached him for the manager's job in 2007.
Yesterday 11:00 pm (5 hours ago)
Sunderland defender Wes Brown's red card at Manchester United was not a case of mistaken identity, says a referees' body.
1:12 am (3 hours ago)
Tyson Fury easily beats Christian Hammer and turns his attention to Wladimir Klitschko and a world title showdown.
Yesterday 7:38 pm (9 hours ago)
George North says Wales remain on course to repeat their 2013 Six Nations title win after beating France 20-13 in Paris.
Yesterday 9:17 am (19 hours ago)
Energy price comparison sites should compensate customers who changed to tariffs that may not have been the cheapest deals, MPs say.
Yesterday 12:46 pm (16 hours ago)
First-time home buyers aged under 40 in England can now register to buy new homes at a discount of up to a fifth off the normal price.
Yesterday 6:35 am (22 hours ago)
Russia has become a danger to Britain and the country must be prepared to take steps to defend itself and its allies, the former head of MI6 says.
Yesterday 3:32 pm (13 hours ago)
The intelligence agencies are accused of using flawed tactics after it emerged they were aware of the man dubbed 'Jihadi John' before he went to Syria.
Yesterday, 2:31 am
Scientists say they have found distinct changes in the immune systems of patients with ME or chronic fatigue syndrome, which could lead to better diagnosis and treatment.
Friday, 2:27 pm
People should listen to music for no more than one hour a day to protect their hearing, the World Health Organization suggests.
Friday, 6:38 pm
Ed Miliband says £9,000 tuition fees in England have been a "disaster" and promises Labour would fund a reduction by cutting tax relief on high earners' pensions.
Friday, 3:13 pm
A numeracy charity's challenge prompts beauty giant L'Oreal to change an advert boasting about not being good at maths.
Friday, 10:42 am
TalkTalk customers are being warned about scammers who managed to steal account numbers and names from the company's computers.
Friday, 1:33 pm
Google has changed its mind about forcing sexually explicit blogs on its Blogger platform to become private.
Yesterday 10:54 am (17 hours ago)
UK industry completes construction of the modules that make up the Lisa Pathfinder satellite - a remarkable probe that will test the key technologies needed to detect gravitational waves in space.
Friday, 3:23 am
Fragments of wheat DNA suggest wheat was present in Britain 8,000 years ago, long before it was grown by British farmers.
Friday, 8:08 pm
Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr Spock in the cult sci-fi TV series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83 in Los Angeles, his family says.
Yesterday 6:59 pm (9 hours ago)
One of Turkey's best-known writers, Yasar Kemal, 92, dies in an Istanbul hospital following respiratory and organ failure.
Yesterday, 12:37 am
The colour of "that dress" has been fascinating people all around the world, including Prof Barry C Smith of the University of London's Institute of Philosophy.
Friday, 4:45 pm
What time of day squid fly, and other news nuggets
Yesterday 4:26 pm (12 hours ago)
About 2,000 protesters demonstrate against the first rally in Britain by a group opposed to what it calls the "Islamisation of Europe".
Yesterday 4:43 pm (12 hours ago)
An investigation is under way after a power failure left hundreds of passengers stranded at East Midlands Airport.
12:08 am (4 hours ago)
A wind farm development near the village of Lesmahagow in South Lanarkshire receives more than £8m in funding.
Yesterday 11:19 am (17 hours ago)
A man has died after being struck by a car on the M8 between Livingston and Bathgate, police confirm.
Yesterday 8:33 pm (8 hours ago)
Unionists deny that talks have broken down over electoral pacts in the forthcoming general election on 7 May.
Yesterday 4:55 pm (11 hours ago)
Extra staff are travelling on gritting lorries in Londonderry over the weekend, after masked men ordered a driver to bring what they said was an explosive device to a police station.
Yesterday 1:23 pm (15 hours ago)
A 25-year-old man is still being questioned on suspicion of causing the death of a boy by dangerous driving.
Yesterday 12:53 pm (15 hours ago)
Police determined to 'exhaust every possibility' in the search for missing 11-year-old schoolboy Cameron Comey.
Yesterday 5:53 pm (10 hours ago)
Polling ends and counting is under way in Lesotho, in a snap election aimed at resolving political tensions after an attempted coup last year.
Yesterday 8:02 am (20 hours ago)
A dress "resembling" the $150,000 (£97,000) outfit worn by Lupita Nyong'o at this year's Oscars has been found, Los Angeles police say.
Yesterday 8:25 am (20 hours ago)
Indian PM Narendra Modi's government unveils a business-friendly budget aimed at attracting greater investment for the economy.
Yesterday 11:45 am (17 hours ago)
India bowl out United Arab Emirates for 102, the lowest total yet at the World Cup, before racing to victory in 18.5 overs.
Yesterday 10:09 pm (6 hours ago)
Thousands of supporters of Italy's Northern League, led by Matteo Salvini, pour into Rome for a rally against immigration and PM Matteo Renzi's rule.
Yesterday 4:55 pm (11 hours ago)
Eight men are jailed over a double heist on the Harry Winston jewellery shop in Paris that netted watches and jewels worth more than $100m.
12:00 am (4 hours ago)
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has announced measures to impose limits on US diplomats working in the country.
Yesterday 8:28 pm (8 hours ago)
The head of Argentina's national fire control agency is sacked as a huge forest fire threatens a renowned national park in Patagonia.
Yesterday 2:43 pm (14 hours ago)
An Egyptian court designates the Palestinian group Hamas as a terrorist organisation, accusing it of supporting an insurgency in northern Sinai.
Friday, 9:22 am
Iraqi minority groups are subject to a "systematic strategy" by IS to drive them out of the country, human rights groups warn.
Yesterday 5:53 am (23 hours ago)
Lawmakers in the US avoid a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department after passing a one-week funding extension two hours before a deadline.
4:06 am (17 minutes ago)
Police in Brazil arrest an American man suspected of sexually assaulting young women while running a religious group in the US state of Minnesota.
Friday, 3:56 pm
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Friday, 8:50 am
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Readers' photographs on the theme of gardens
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Tuesday, 5:43 pm
MPs take evidence on the Bank of England’s Inflation Report.
Yesterday 6:01 am (22 hours ago)
The former chief of MI6 says that Russia has always been an "issue of concern" for the security services.
Yesterday 7:40 pm (9 hours ago)
Prince William was transformed into a samurai warlord, but escaped the ordeal of wearing a wig, as he visited Japan's public broadcaster NHK.
Yesterday 5:51 am (23 hours ago)
Police in California say they have found a dress which could be the one worn by actress Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars.
Yesterday, 12:11 am
A debate has raged on social media over the colour of a dress which looks different to different people. The BBC's David Sillito - with the help of professor John Barbur - explains why we saw it differently, in 45 seconds.
Friday, 11:19 pm
The BBC has learned that Mohammed Emwazi, who has been identified as the Islamic State extremist 'Jihadi John', had anger management therapy at his secondary school in north-west London.
Friday, 9:13 pm
Paul Wood and cameraman Moose Campbell report from the frontline near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.
Yesterday 5:50 am (23 hours ago)
A small Hungarian village has put itself up for tourists to rent, in an attempt to raise money to revitalise it.
Yesterday 9:19 am (19 hours ago)
Fighting has died down in Ukraine's Donetsk and Luhansk regions in recent days, after a ceasefire agreed between the government and pro-Russian rebels.
12:02 am (4 hours ago)
Why Iceland banned beer right up until 1989
12:04 am (4 hours ago)
What the real Sound of Music family say about themselves
Yesterday 9:11 pm (7 hours ago)
The five elephants in the room during William's visit to China
12:33 am (4 hours ago)
One man's memory of a brutal battle in the Pacific
1:20 am (3 hours ago)
How St David's Day is marked in one community far from Wales
12:11 am (4 hours ago)
Photographing the black British experience
Friday, 4:32 pm
The week's big numbers, visualised
Friday, 4:56 pm
Has the world's addiction to images gone too far?
Friday, 4:53 pm
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