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11:28 am (17 minutes ago)
The UK Independence Party has its second elected MP at Westminster after Mark Reckless wins the Rochester and Strood by-election.
10:39 am (an hour ago)
Labour's Emily Thornberry resigns from Labour's front bench after sending a tweet during the Rochester and Strood by-election which is branded "snobby".
10:33 am (an hour ago)
Pupils at six east London schools are "vulnerable to extremist influences and radicalisation", Ofsted's Sir Michael Wilshaw says after snap inspections.
10:13 am (an hour ago)
Ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson is released from prison after serving nearly five months in jail for conspiracy to hack phones.
11:26 am (18 minutes ago)
Government borrowing fell to £7.7bn in October, official figures show, down £0.2bn from a year earlier.
10:15 am (an hour ago)
Barack Obama uses executive powers to force through immigration reform, removing the threat of deportation for up to five million people.
9:58 am (an hour ago)
A floral painting by late US artist Georgia O'Keeffe sells for $44.4m (£28.8m) at auction, setting a record for an artwork by a female artist.
7:25 am (4 hours ago)
Relatives of 43 missing Mexican students, who the authorities say were murdered by a drugs gang, lead mass protests in the capital city.
Yesterday 10:31 pm (13 hours ago)
Stopping Parliament becoming a "ruin" could cost more than £3bn, with the possibility of MPs and Lords moving out temporarily, Newsnight learns.
12:13 am (12 hours ago)
A drug that prevents elderly people losing their sight should be routinely available on the NHS, says the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
9:17 am (2 hours ago)
Wigan owner Dave Whelan apologises for comments about Jewish and Chinese people in a controversial newspaper interview.
9:35 am (2 hours ago)
American artist Nickolay Lamm has used crowd-funding to create a rival to the Barbie doll, Lammily, with the slogan "average is beautiful".
8:08 am (4 hours ago)
A hospital is to give so-called "bed blockers" seven days to leave or face possible legal action, saying that too many families are refusing to take elderly relatives home.
Yesterday 9:36 pm (14 hours ago)
A group of bystanders lifts a car out of the way after it blocks the way of a tram.
Yesterday 11:39 pm (12 hours ago)
A hospital in China is trying to teach fathers-to-be about the experience of giving birth.
11:00 am (44 minutes ago)
Comedian and writer Mark Thomas is among six journalists taking legal action because they believe the Metropolitan Police is monitoring them and keeping information on a database that deals with extremists.
6:11 am (6 hours ago)
One year on from the Ukrainian protests which toppled Viktor Yanukovych, John Simpson visits Moscow's Red Square to consider how serious the divide between Moscow and the West has become.
Yesterday, 12:13 am
Filmmaker James Grimaldi captured footage of his neighbourhood in Buffalo, New York, which has been blanketed by several feet of snow.
6:34 am (5 hours ago)
With deadlines passing before the declaration of the Rochester by-election result, the papers still find UKIP leader Nigel Farage in buoyant form.
6:50 am (5 hours ago)
After Mark Reckless wins the Rochester and Strood by-election, how significant a force is UKIP in British politics?
1:15 am (10 hours ago)
Libya has yet to recover from the disease of Gaddafi, says James Robbins, and it is difficult to be optimistic about the future.
12:16 am (11 hours ago)
Barack Obama's executive action on immigration riles up Republicans and immigration activists for different reasons.
Yesterday 11:55 pm (12 hours ago)
BBC News analyses the prospect of a return to full-scale war in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels control broad swathes of territory and a fragile ceasefire could end at any time.
1:38 am (10 hours ago)
Reuters photographer tells the story behind his picture of a cull at a farm in Nafferton following the discovery of bird flu.
12:24 am (11 hours ago)
Protesters and police in Ferguson are all part of a tense waiting game, wondering if a police officer will be indicted for the death of Michael Brown. A look at the events that lead to these circumstances
2:07 am (10 hours ago)
A conservation charity suggests an increase in sightings of the Loch Ness Monster was due to debris from woodland on the shores of the loch.
11:27 am (18 minutes ago)
One of the leading children's publishers, famed for its classic Peter and Jane reading scheme, is to drop gender branding from its books.
10:59 am (45 minutes ago)
Lewis Hamilton is fastest ahead of Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in first practice at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
11:22 am (23 minutes ago)
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger confirms that he tried to sign Lionel Messi from Barcelona alongside Cesc Fabregas.
11:27 am (18 minutes ago)
Samoa captain David Lemi says events of the past few weeks have brought his players closer together, ahead of Saturday's game with England.
Yesterday 11:45 pm (12 hours ago)
Lewis Hamilton on his title fight with Nico Rosberg, inspirational people and how his form with Mercedes has not happened through luck.
7:20 am (4 hours ago)
Manchester United to sign Jan Vertonghen and Kevin Strootman, Chelsea give players time off, plus more.
10:03 am (an hour ago)
American airline Delta replaces its old Boeing planes in a $14bn order for 50 Airbus wide-body jets powered by Rolls Royce engines
1:59 am (10 hours ago)
Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is attracting increasing amounts of foreign investment but is hoping to win more with a message of cheap and plentiful labour.
10:38 am (an hour ago)
Labour's Douglas Alexander says the Rochester and Strood by-election result has sent "strong messages" to all parties and highlighted a sense of "alienation".
4:49 am (7 hours ago)
The UK Independence Party's Mark Reckless has won the Rochester and Strood by-election, giving the party a second seat at Westminster.
2:15 am (10 hours ago)
MPs are to debate a bill which its supporters say will roll back what they see as the creeping privatisation of the NHS in England.
Wednesday, 12:44 pm
Performance data for thousands of NHS surgeons is being published on Wednesday. Critics fear the figures will mislead the public.
10:44 am (an hour ago)
Engineering needs to emphasise its creative side to encourage more young people to take it up as a career, says a leading member of the profession.
Monday, 1:40 pm
A committee of MPs has said schools in England are not doing enough to tackle cyberbullying and online abuse.
12:21 am (11 hours ago)
Data privacy watchdogs are warning the public about a Russian website that provides links to breached webcams, baby monitors and CCTV feeds.
11:27 am (18 minutes ago)
YouTube is investing millions of dollars to set up professional studios which are free to use for anyone who has at least five thousand subscribers.
Yesterday 12:39 pm (23 hours ago)
Thirty nations meeting in Berlin have pledged $9.3bn (£6bn) for a fund to help developing countries cut emissions and prepare for climate change.
Wednesday, 9:15 am
Failing to control the spread of Japanese Knotweed could result in an anti-social behaviour order and a fine of up to £2500.
9:06 am (3 hours ago)
The 68-year-old singer cancels the remainder of her Dressed to Kill tour after doctors advised she needs more time to recover from an ongoing viral infection.
Yesterday 6:12 pm (18 hours ago)
John Adams and Peter Sellars are two of the leading lights of the opera world, but their works aren't without controversy. Newsnight's Katie Razzall was given exclusive access to the rehearsal room ahead of the world premiere at London's ENO.
Yesterday 1:04 pm (23 hours ago)
There's no law against Moon litter.
Yesterday 12:54 pm (23 hours ago)
It's the Caption Challenge. Oh yes it is.
10:41 am (an hour ago)
A councillor named as a "risk" to children rejects the claim, saying he is the victim of bullying.
12:56 am (11 hours ago)
A group of bystanders lift a car out of the way after the driver leaves it parked on a city centre tramline.
11:41 am (3 minutes ago)
John Swinney is named as Scotland's new deputy first minister, as part of a ministerial reshuffle announced by Nicola Sturgeon.
10:52 am (53 minutes ago)
A fire in part of Dounreay's Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) facility last month led to an "unauthorised release" of radioactivity.
9:58 am (an hour ago)
An assault rifle is recovered and four men arrested during a police operation close to Belfast city centre on Thursday night.
11:14 am (31 minutes ago)
More than £30,000 was paid out of the public purse towards the cost of policing a world title fight in Belfast earlier this year, the Police Service of Northern Ireland confirms.
10:29 am (an hour ago)
An inquest into the death of Cerys Yemm who was murdered in an act of cannibalism is opened and adjourned.
10:36 am (an hour ago)
A deal is struck to electrify railway lines in the south Wales valleys after a row between the UK and Welsh governments over who should pay.
Yesterday 10:11 pm (14 hours ago)
Two Tunisian policeman convicted of raping a woman in a police car have their sentences more than doubled in a high-profile court case.
Yesterday 11:35 pm (12 hours ago)
Dozens of people have been killed in an attack by suspected Boko Haram militants in north-eastern Nigeria, officials and villagers say.
6:57 am (5 hours ago)
Japan's PM Shinzo Abe dissolves parliament paving the way for a snap election in December, as local media polls show a low level of support.
10:35 am (an hour ago)
Thailand's military leaders say they have no plans to remove martial law soon, amid mounting protests and criticism of the junta.
3:14 am (9 hours ago)
A Dutch teenager whose mother helped bring her back from the conflict in Syria is due to appear in court on suspicion of threatening state security.
Yesterday 4:46 pm (19 hours ago)
An average of 13 people a day have been killed in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire began in September, the UN human rights office says.
2:04 am (10 hours ago)
Nicaragua says construction of its $50bn inter-oceanic canal will begin next month after feasibility studies are approved.
Yesterday, 1:31 am
Colombia's Farc rebels reach an agreement with the government over the conditions necessary for releasing an army general and four others.
7:39 am (4 hours ago)
The parents of jailed Australian Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste make a direct appeal to Egypt's President Sisi for his release.
10:51 am (54 minutes ago)
Israel says it has arrested four Palestinian Hamas members who were planning to kill FM Avigdor Lieberman during the recent Gaza conflict.
8:18 am (3 hours ago)
Snowfall in the north-east of the US is subsiding, forecasters say, but there is now a threat of flooding from rain at the weekend as it melts.
9:30 am (2 hours ago)
Ruby Holt, who has spent 100 years living on a farm in Tennessee, has dipped her toes in the ocean for the first time.
Yesterday 4:54 pm (19 hours ago)
Massive snowstorm hits north-east of the United States
Yesterday 2:34 pm (21 hours ago)
A glimpse at the work of film director Mike Nichols
Yesterday 1:08 pm (23 hours ago)
24 hours of news images: 20 November
Yesterday, 11:11 am
Finalists of Syngenta Photography Award
Yesterday, 9:39 am
Readers' photos on the theme of "movement"
Yesterday, 8:59 am
Expressions of hope through art by refugee children in Iraq
Wednesday, 12:42 pm
24 hours of news images: 19 November
Tuesday, 9:24 pm
Faith Through a Lens competition
Monday, March 24th, 10:59 am
MPs are debating the National Health Service Bill at second reading.
11:04 am (41 minutes ago)
A large fire engulfed a factory in western Sydney, Australia, forcing some residents to move from the area.
3:37 am (8 hours ago)
Parts of the US north-east are braced for further snow storms, with officials warning residents to be prepared for 3ft (1m) of new snow.
Yesterday 11:17 pm (12 hours ago)
Taxpayers may have to spend more than £3bn to stop the Palace of Westminster turning into an unusable "ruin", the BBC has learned.
6:55 am (5 hours ago)
A memorial service is to be held at Birmingham Cathedral for the victims of the IRA pub bombings in the city, marking the 40th anniversary of the attack.
Yesterday 5:14 pm (19 hours ago)
Costas Tsivicos, UK distributor of Foscam's webcams, explains how a Russian site came to show feeds from his firm's kit, and tells consumers how to protect themselves.
7:02 am (5 hours ago)
A leading charity is warning that refuge centres are having to turn a third of people away because of a lack of space.
Yesterday, 4:49 am
A Canadian family is facing a bill of almost $1m (£638,000) from an American hospital, because their daughter was born prematurely while they were on holiday in Hawaii.
Yesterday 11:57 am (24 hours ago)
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is formally sworn in as Scotland's first minister in front of senior judges at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.
Yesterday 11:30 pm (12 hours ago)
Why did 270 warships gather peacefully in one place?
Yesterday 11:32 pm (12 hours ago)
What's the future for Children's TV favourite Bagpuss?
12:03 am (12 hours ago)
Water and power cuts misery for civilians under IS rule in Iraq
Yesterday 11:33 pm (12 hours ago)
What trick did a German town play on neo-Nazi marchers?
Yesterday 11:53 pm (12 hours ago)
Roller derby changing lives for Egyptian women
Yesterday 11:35 pm (12 hours ago)
How young people tackled the problem
12:29 am (11 hours ago)
Making sense of Ukraine's year of chaotic events
Yesterday 6:20 pm (17 hours ago)
Chinese journalist on trial for leaking state secrets
Yesterday 4:44 pm (19 hours ago)
A look back at the life of Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols

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