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8:43 am (5 minutes ago)
Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom and First Minister Alex Salmond accepts defeat but calls for pledge of more devolved powers to be honoured.
7:58 am (50 minutes ago)
PM David Cameron says it is time for millions of voices in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to be heard after Scotland votes to stay in the UK.
8:16 am (32 minutes ago)
Sterling surges in the currency markets while the FTSE 100 share index opens higher as Scotland rejects independence.
12:48 am (8 hours ago)
President Obama says Congress's backing for his $500m plan to aid moderate Syrian rebels shows that the US is united against Islamic State.
4:44 am (4 hours ago)
Security is being upgraded at the Australian parliament following "chatter" suggesting extremists could target it for attack, PM Tony Abbott says.
12:04 am (9 hours ago)
Supposedly-elite NHS foundation trusts in England are running up an overall deficit for the first time, the regulator is expected to say later.
6:36 am (2 hours ago)
A grandfather shot dead his daughter and her six children before taking his own life at a home in Bell, Florida, police say.
1:03 am (8 hours ago)
A three-day curfew imposed by Sierra Leone to try to stop the spread of Ebola comes into effect, but critics say it will achieve little.
12:31 am (8 hours ago)
Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock, who had faced allegations he sexually assaulted a constituent, resigns from the party.
12:53 am (8 hours ago)
President Barack Obama has given his support to the visiting Petro Poroshenko, describing himself as a "strong friend" to Ukraine's leader.
2:39 am (6 hours ago)
The High Court is due to decide whether to allow a challenge to rules that determine whether victims of domestic abuse get legal aid in family cases.
Yesterday 6:36 pm (14 hours ago)
A man who was in the church hostel in Lagos which collapsed has credited a table with saving his life.
Yesterday 7:04 pm (14 hours ago)
In an interview with BBC Bristol presenter Lucy Tegg, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, admits he sometimes has doubts about God.
Yesterday 8:02 pm (13 hours ago)
Rivals in life, two of Britain's greatest painters William Turner and John Constable, are the subjects of major exhibitions in London.
Yesterday 6:56 pm (14 hours ago)
The BBC's John Simpson speaks to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on his new book and his continued refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Yesterday, 7:37 am
It has been a bumper year for edible plants and berries according to The Woodland Trust, who say this autumn could see the best fruit crop since records began.
Yesterday 4:37 pm (16 hours ago)
New Order's Bernard Sumner says the death of Joy Division bandmate Ian Curtis turned his world "upside down".
Yesterday, 6:19 am
A senior Home Office advisor has told the BBC that Islamic state extremism and the Rotherham abuse scandal are fuelling a far-right backlash in the UK.
Yesterday 11:52 am (21 hours ago)
Jeremy Vine breaks down the council areas in Scotland that will decide the referendum result.
8:11 am (37 minutes ago)
While papers went to press before the results of Scotland's independence referendum were declared, the story is nonetheless on front pages.
Yesterday 5:47 pm (15 hours ago)
Eli Kari Gjengedal has broken the world record for continuous weather presenting, with 33 hours on screen.
2:48 am (6 hours ago)
Research that investigated why bananas are slippery when you step on them wins one of this year's Ig Nobel prizes.
12:01 am (9 hours ago)
Dame Laura Davies says a historic vote on female membership could be the catalyst to inspire a new generation of golfers.
6:49 am (an hour ago)
China's two-time Grand Slam winner Li Na announces her retirement from tennis because of "chronic injuries".
6:40 am (2 hours ago)
In his latest BBC Sport column, Lewis Hamilton talks about the "unique challenges" of Singapore and the buzz of being cheered.
Yesterday 7:33 pm (13 hours ago)
Football Association chairman Greg Dyke is returning a £16,000 watch given to him by the Brazilian Football Confederation.
Yesterday 9:49 pm (11 hours ago)
Super League holders Wigan move within 80 minutes of the 2014 Grand Final with a 57-4 thrashing of Huddersfield Giants.
12:14 am (9 hours ago)
Multi-billionaire Oracle boss Larry Ellison steps aside to focus on product engineering, as Mark Hurd and Safra Catz are named as co-chief executives.
Yesterday 6:00 pm (15 hours ago)
The BBC's Shilpa Kannan meets Indian farmers to find out how they are changing the way they work, and to see the technology helping them cope with climate change.
7:55 am (53 minutes ago)
The full text of Prime Minister David Cameron's statement after the Scottish referendum on independence on 18 September 2014.
Yesterday 11:51 am (21 hours ago)
Some Westminster landmarks normally closed to the public, including Downing Street, will be open this weekend.
12:12 am (9 hours ago)
Referrals to breast cancer clinics more than doubled in the UK after Angelina Jolie revealed last year she had had a double mastectomy, say scientists.
Wednesday, 6:08 pm
The fight against the deadly Ebola virus is shaping up to be one of the greatest challenges modern medicine has faced in many years. The BBC takes a look at the scale of the challenge.
Yesterday, 1:21 am
Plans that could increase student numbers by 20% have not been adequately funded, a policy analysis report warns.
Thursday, September 11th, 12:57 pm
Some parents, concerned about their children's welfare when they go to university for the first time this weekend, have been signing them up for cookery classes.
Yesterday 4:27 pm (16 hours ago)
Apple iPhone and iPad users take to social media to express their frustration over installing the company's latest software update.
Yesterday, 3:20 am
Intel says it has several manufacturers building new computers based on the novel dual-screen laptop concept it has just unveiled.
1:12 am (8 hours ago)
The human eye has inspired physicists to create a processor that can analyse particle collisions 400 times faster than currently possible.
Tuesday, 11:08 pm
The Hollywood actor, Leonardo diCaprio, has been appointed as a United Nations representative on climate change.
Yesterday, 1:24 am
Powerful and disturbing paintings by survivors of the 1945 atomic bomb in Hiroshima are to go on show outside Japan for the first time.
Yesterday 8:02 pm (13 hours ago)
Rivals in life, two of Britain's greatest painters William Turner and John Constable, are the subjects of major exhibitions in London.
Yesterday 2:15 pm (19 hours ago)
A sugar company is fighting back against the perceived demonisation of sugar by the media. Does it have a point, asks Tom Heyden.
Yesterday 12:13 pm (21 hours ago)
It's the Caption Challenge. Oh yes it is.
8:27 am (21 minutes ago)
A train is partially submerged in flood water between Bath and Swindon and homes are flooded after overnight storms.
12:26 am (8 hours ago)
A sculpture of The Beatles' song character Eleanor Rigby made from £1m of used bank notes is to go on show at the Museum of Liverpool.
1:38 am (7 hours ago)
The first result in the Scottish independence referendum is announced, with most people voting "No" in Clackmannanshire by 54% to 46%.
2:42 am (6 hours ago)
Police investigate allegations of 10 cases of suspected electoral fraud at various polling stations around Glasgow.
8:28 am (20 minutes ago)
Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson is to talk to his Welsh counterpart Carwyn Jones later on the implications of the 'No' vote in the Scottish referendum.
8:06 am (42 minutes ago)
A teenager dies following a car crash in County Down on the main coast road between Newcastle and Annalong.
8:40 am (8 minutes ago)
As Scotland votes to reject independence, speculation mounts as to what impact the result will have on future devolution in Wales.
8:32 am (16 minutes ago)
Prime Minister David Cameron says Wales and the other UK nations must get more of a say over their affairs.
Yesterday 10:26 pm (10 hours ago)
Officials in Guinea say they have found the bodies of several people thought to be part of a team of health workers and journalists who went missing earlier this week.
Yesterday 8:14 pm (13 hours ago)
Torture has become such an integral part of policing in Nigeria that many stations have an informal torture officer, Amnesty International says.
1:52 am (7 hours ago)
Chinese online giant Alibaba prices its shares $68 ahead of the start of trading on Friday, making it one of the biggest stock market listings ever.
6:54 am (an hour ago)
China's sporting hero Li Na announces her retirement from tennis at the age of 32, citing injury problems.
Yesterday 10:54 pm (10 hours ago)
Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino describes the anti-Semitic banner displayed by Partizan Belgrade fans as unacceptable.
Yesterday 6:49 pm (14 hours ago)
Malta turns away a ship travelling from Guinea over fears one person on board may be infected with the Ebola virus.
1:21 am (7 hours ago)
Vigilante groups in Mexico's Baja California Sur state set up patrols to try to stop looting in the aftermath of hurricane Odile.
Yesterday 3:10 pm (18 hours ago)
Officials in Chile say three people have been arrested in connection with a bomb that injured 14 people at a subway station in Santiago earlier this month.
Yesterday 9:00 pm (12 hours ago)
A new video is released showing a British man, identified as journalist John Cantlie, believed to be held hostage by Islamic State militants.
1:29 am (7 hours ago)
Western powers tell Iran that it must step up its co-operation with the world's nuclear watchdog if it wants a deal to ease sanctions.
Yesterday 10:01 pm (11 hours ago)
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford thanks his supporters and tells them he will beat the rare, aggressive cancer he was diagnosed with earlier this week.
Yesterday 11:42 pm (9 hours ago)
A large grant has been given to a project studying police arrest data for racial bias, in the wake of the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Missouri.
5:50 am (3 hours ago)
Images from the Scottish independence referendum
Yesterday 1:33 pm (19 hours ago)
News images from around the world: 18 September
Wednesday, 4:26 pm
Readers' photos on the theme of "vintage"
Wednesday, 8:48 am
Lewis Bush's pictures link the past with the present
Wednesday, 8:26 am
A selection of your photos from around Wales
Wednesday, 2:11 pm
News images from around the world: 17 September
Friday, September 12th, 3:28 pm
Pictures from the verdict
Saturday, September 13th, 6:41 pm
Yes and No campaigns in the final weekend
Friday, September 12th, 3:49 pm
Tory MP John Baron asks an urgent question on the government's response to Islamic State.
12:36 am (8 hours ago)
The Freudian phrases you use without realising it
12:40 am (8 hours ago)
How real is the Riot Club?
12:19 am (8 hours ago)
The man with 26 children who's preaching birth control
8:25 am (23 minutes ago)
Mystery over tourist killings continues to baffle Thailand police
12:43 am (8 hours ago)
Which animal fought a valiant battle against an escalator?
12:13 am (9 hours ago)
Is the American Dream alive in Palm Springs?
12:20 am (8 hours ago)
Why the chance of seeing an Alpine ibex has halved in 20 years
12:07 am (9 hours ago)
Opening night for Shakespeare theatre... in Gdansk
Yesterday 2:13 pm (19 hours ago)
The BBC's Jeremy Bowen has travelled with the Syrian army to the front line where forces are fighting what they call religious extremists.
Yesterday 9:23 pm (11 hours ago)
The grieving family of a woman in her 70s who died while waiting in a queue of ambulances at Morriston Hospital, Swansea, says the system let her down.
Yesterday 10:52 pm (10 hours ago)
The BBC has lodged a formal protest with the Russian authorities after a news team from the Moscow bureau was attacked in the south of the country.
Yesterday 7:16 pm (14 hours ago)
The Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St Andrews has voted to accept women members for the first time in its history.
Yesterday 7:54 pm (13 hours ago)
A man wanted in connection with the disappearance of London schoolgirl Alice Gross was convicted of murder in Latvia, police reveal.
Yesterday 11:11 am (22 hours ago)
Nine women have been convicted of operating a "pyramid" scheme in which thousands of investors lost money.
Yesterday 7:44 pm (13 hours ago)
The Chinese e-commerce website Alibaba will list on the New York stock exchange, at what could be a record price.
Yesterday 11:17 am (22 hours ago)
Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party, and Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling from Better Together, have all been casting their votes in the Scottish referendum.

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