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2:25 pm (31 minutes ago)
The deputy prime minister calls for the parents of five-year-old brain tumour patient Ashya King to be freed from custody and reunited with their son.
9:20 am (6 hours ago)
Mayor of London Boris Johnson says plans for an airport in the Thames Estuary, dubbed "Boris Island", are not dead despite a commission looking into the UK's airport needs rejecting the idea.
2:30 pm (27 minutes ago)
The government is considering conducting an inspection of Rotherham Council in the wake the child abuse scandal, Home Secretary Theresa May says.
12:15 pm (3 hours ago)
Fighters from a militant Islamic group in Afghanistan, allied to the Taliban, tell the BBC they are considering joining forces with Islamic State.
10:09 am (5 hours ago)
The FBI looks into allegations that the online accounts of celebrities have been hacked, leading to intimate pictures being posted online.
12:37 pm (2 hours ago)
Russia is to adjust its military doctrine as a result of the Ukraine crisis and Nato's increasing presence in eastern Europe, a top Russian official says.
11:26 am (3 hours ago)
The Clacton by-election, triggered by Douglas Carswell's defection to UKIP, is to be held on 9 October, the Conservative Party says.
1:47 pm (an hour ago)
The UK can take action to stop British jihadists re-entering the country without flouting the law, Nick Clegg insists.
12:50 pm (2 hours ago)
Both sides in the Scottish referendum debate focus on jobs, just a few weeks ahead of the vote on the nation's future.
12:32 pm (2 hours ago)
George Osborne is to deliver the Autumn Statement, an annual update on the state of the economy, on 3 December.
12:30 am (14 hours ago)
The number of people struggling with payday loans has risen by 42% in the past year, according to the debt charity StepChange.
10:31 am (4 hours ago)
Jimi Jamison, the lead singer for US rock band Survivor, who sang and co-wrote the theme tune for hit TV series Baywatch, dies aged 63.
10:13 am (5 hours ago)
A teenager seriously injured when he was knocked off his bike a year ago has recovered enough to go home.
6:59 am (8 hours ago)
Pupils up to the age of seven in England will be entitled to a free hot school lunch from this week, when most schools re-open for the new term.
1:27 pm (an hour ago)
Former Manchester United and England midfielder David Beckham says he is sad to see Danny Welbeck leave the club.
11:25 am (4 hours ago)
The owners of Sprig the springer spaniel, who went missing more than a week ago and was found on a cliff ledge, have now been reunited with him.
Yesterday, 12:18 am
Max started writing code when he was six. He told BBC News why he thought more children being taught how to program in schools was a good idea.
Yesterday 3:16 pm (24 hours ago)
A tabby cat has been hailed a hero after she woke up her owner to alert him to a fire which destroyed his home in Melbourne, Australia.
Yesterday 9:29 pm (17 hours ago)
Plans have been unveiled for one of the South West's biggest solar farms on the Somerset Levels.
Yesterday 4:05 pm (23 hours ago)
BBC News asks adults to answer some of the questions that could appear on English schools' new curriculum.
6:27 am (8 hours ago)
Among the stories fascinating Tuesday's press are whether British forces will engage jihadists in Iraq, and the mass hacking of celebrities' iCloud accounts.
12:45 pm (2 hours ago)
A World War One warhorse is awarded an "animal Victoria Cross" to mark the contribution of all animals that served with British forces.
11:20 am (4 hours ago)
A monkey in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh steals money from a home and rains down banknotes on people, reports say.
1:31 pm (an hour ago)
Europe captain Paul McGinley selects debutant Stephen Gallacher, Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood as his Ryder Cup wildcards.
1:39 pm (an hour ago)
Former Manchester United coach Mike Phelan fears the club's identity is broken with the departure of Danny Welbeck to Arsenal.
1:38 am (13 hours ago)
As the transfer window closes, who can be satisfied with their business and who will be left with regrets?
1:03 pm (an hour ago)
Sir Bradley Wiggins is aiming to become the first man to win successive titles since the Tour of Britain returned in 2004.
Yesterday 10:24 pm (17 hours ago)
Track all of the confirmed signings as they happen in England, Scotland and across Europe.
11:36 am (3 hours ago)
The construction sector expanded at its fastest pace for seven months in August, despite supply shortages holding back growth, a survey suggests.
11:57 am (3 hours ago)
Bronek Masojada, chief executive of the insurance company Hiscox, analyses the effect of recent conflicts on the insurance market
12:35 pm (2 hours ago)
South Yorkshire Police commissions an independent investigation into its handling of the Rotherham child abuse scandal, while Labour suspends four members in the town.
1:24 pm (an hour ago)
Rotherham council, police and other agencies failed to protect vulnerable children, the Home Secretary says.
12:02 am (15 hours ago)
The number of people admitted to hospital for skin cancer treatment in England rose by nearly a third in five years, figures show.
Yesterday 6:35 pm (20 hours ago)
Dr Yen-Ching Chang, the lead on Proton Beam Therapy at University College London Hospital, says the UK has comprehensive access to the therapy for patients with the highest needs.
12:52 pm (2 hours ago)
A violent extremist video was shown in a Birmingham school, a committee of MPs investigating the the alleged "Trojan Horse" plot is told.
11:57 am (3 hours ago)
A court says the UberPop service must stop transporting passengers in Germany, but the American company refuses to suspend work.
1:59 am (13 hours ago)
The FBI are investigating after many famous women have had their nude photographs posted online anonymously after being hacked.
2:12 pm (44 minutes ago)
African farmers face 'failed seasons' risk as a result of being overwhelmed by climate change, warns a status report on the continent's agriculture.
Friday, August 29th, 7:08 am
The RSPCA is calling for a ban on keeping primates as pets after a rise in the number of calls to its cruelty and advice line concerning animals such as monkeys and marmosets.
9:49 am (5 hours ago)
Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand is honoured with the visionary talent award at the Venice Film Festival.
11:51 am (3 hours ago)
Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell discusses his new novel The Bone Clocks on BBC Breakfast.
Sunday, August 31st, 1:29 am
The week in numbers with our Go Figure images.
Saturday, August 30th, 2:18 am
Author Jeremy Clay tells the story of a rather porcine talent show.
1:55 pm (an hour ago)
Six men are jailed for up to 17 years after a man is kidnapped, stripped naked, beaten with hammers and stabbed.
10:29 am (4 hours ago)
Charles Bronson has a further two year jail term added to his life sentence for holding a prison governor in a headlock and punching him several times.
10:34 am (4 hours ago)
A controversial new restriction on cars in Glasgow earns the city council at least £800,000 in just two months.
2:36 pm (20 minutes ago)
It is understood that a young woman from Glasgow has travelled to Syria and has been promoting terrorism back home via her Twitter account.
2:26 pm (31 minutes ago)
A 91-year-old man dies after a fire at his neighbour's house spread to the pensioner's property in Carryduff, on the outskirts of Belfast
12:29 pm (2 hours ago)
A 70-year-old former child migrant from a Catholic-run home in Londonderry says he was sexually abused after being shipped to Australia.
2:21 pm (35 minutes ago)
Officials from around the world start arriving in Wales later for the Nato summit which starts in Newport on Thursday.
1:56 pm (an hour ago)
A vulnerable teenager is told he will never walk again after he fell from a bridge trying to escape bullies.
1:15 pm (an hour ago)
Nigeria's militant Islamist group Boko Haram seizes the key north-eastern town of Bama after fighting with government forces, residents tell the BBC.
2:00 pm (57 minutes ago)
The US military carries out air strikes in Somalia, reportedly targeting the leader of militant group al-Shabab, though it is unclear if he was hit.
10:09 am (5 hours ago)
A joint session of parliament begins in Pakistan as PM Nawaz Sharif seeks to gain support against protesters calling for his resignation.
11:48 am (3 hours ago)
A UK activist who campaigns for better labour conditions goes on trial in Thailand charged with criminal defamation.
9:51 am (5 hours ago)
Five gecko lizards sent into orbit on a Russian space satellite as part of a sex experiment have all died, the Russian space agency says.
12:35 pm (2 hours ago)
Nato must back words with actions to reassure countries bordering on Russia, the EU's new foreign affairs chief says.
10:42 am (4 hours ago)
Congress in the northern Mexican state of Coahuila legalises same-sex marriage and adoption by gay couples, despite opposition by conservatives.
11:23 am (4 hours ago)
A massive ash cloud is rising from the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador as it shows increased activity with a series of explosions on Monday.
12:22 pm (3 hours ago)
Amnesty International says it has proof Islamic State militants have launched a campaign of ethnic cleansing against minorities in northern Iraq.
2:33 pm (23 minutes ago)
Saudi Arabia's interior ministry says it has arrested 88 people suspected of plotting attacks inside and outside the country.
3:50 am (11 hours ago)
The White House says securing the release of three American citizens detained in North Korea is a "top priority", after they appealed for help.
8:53 am (6 hours ago)
The brain can be trained to prefer healthy food over unhealthy high-calorie foods, suggests a study from the US.
12:58 pm (an hour ago)
News images from around the world: 2 September
Yesterday, 1:23 pm
Winners of the 2014 British Wildlife Photography Awards
Sunday, August 31st, 9:34 pm
Coal miners a work in eastern India
Wednesday, August 27th, 8:17 am
Photographers' images of Scotland and Wales
Yesterday 5:49 pm (21 hours ago)
News images from around the world: 1 September
Friday, August 29th, 3:20 pm
News images from around the world: 29 August
Sunday, August 24th, 11:36 pm
British actor and director's illustrious career
Monday, August 25th, 6:37 am
Calls to end India's low-caste manual scavenging
Monday, March 24th, 10:59 am
MPs are debating the Pensions Scheme Bill at second reading.
11:25 am (4 hours ago)
A dramatic lava eruption that began early on Sunday near Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has continued into Monday.
12:01 am (15 hours ago)
BBC News talks to Ian Lowe, a blacksmith who teaches other people an ancient art he believes to be future-proof.
Yesterday 10:31 pm (16 hours ago)
The BBC's Ian Pannell reports from Turkey's border with Syria where he met a man who helped smuggle foreign fighters cross the border.
1:35 pm (an hour ago)
Residents from the areas close to Heathrow airport have mixed views on the possibility of further expansion.
Yesterday 7:00 pm (20 hours ago)
The parents of the first British person to contract Ebola during the outbreak in West Africa say he is recovering well.
7:53 am (7 hours ago)
Hospitals in England have seen a rise in admissions for skin cancer of nearly a third in five years, official figures show.
Yesterday 10:52 pm (16 hours ago)
Residents and fighters in Amerli are celebrating the end of a two-month siege and the withdrawal of IS militants from around the town.
7:34 am (7 hours ago)
A couple who removed their seriously ill son from a hospital in Southampton have had their case put under "immediate review", the Crown Prosecution Service has said.
1:51 pm (an hour ago)
After celebrity leaks, what can you do to safeguard your photos?
10:31 am (4 hours ago)
Have some football clubs overpaid for their new players?
11:20 am (4 hours ago)
Would banning high-power appliances actually save energy?
1:27 pm (an hour ago)
Is the UK unusually fond of lamb and potatoes?
2:43 am (12 hours ago)
Does the rest of the UK care if the Scots become independent?
2:31 am (12 hours ago)
How much has the Ice Bucket Challenge achieved?
12:19 am (15 hours ago)
Readers share their experiences of replacing their operating system
1:04 am (14 hours ago)
Why Paris is forgetting Ernest Hemingway
3:24 am (12 hours ago)
China's museum boom hatches roast duck tribute
1:57 am (13 hours ago)
How corals stir up their world to draw in nutrients
9:17 am (6 hours ago)
The growing threat to our recovery
11:40 am (3 hours ago)
How were leaked celebrity photos obtained?
1:07 am (14 hours ago)
What does the future hold for Scotland's pensioners?

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