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10:22 am (3 hours ago)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects any cancellation of Greece's debt, saying banks and creditors have already made substantial cuts.
12:41 pm (21 minutes ago)
All front-line police officers should be offered a Taser to protect them against the increased terrorism threat, the head of the Police Federation says.
10:37 am (2 hours ago)
World number one Serena Williams overcomes illness to win her 19th Grand Slam title with a 16th successive victory over Maria Sharapova.
11:58 am (an hour ago)
Clarence House is fraught with rivalries that have led to it being compared to the court of Henry VIII, according to a new biography of the Prince of Wales.
11:36 am (an hour ago)
The far-left Spanish party, Podemos, holds a mass rally in the centre of Madrid looking to build on the recent victory of Syriza in Greece.
12:20 pm (41 minutes ago)
Well-wishers donate more than £100,000 in two days to help a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his Gateshead home.
10:42 am (2 hours ago)
Benedict Cumberbatch and members of codebreaker Alan Turing's family are among those calling for thousands of men who were prosecuted for being gay to be pardoned.
Yesterday 11:50 pm (13 hours ago)
A chemical weapons expert working with Islamic State in Iraq has been killed in a coalition air strike, the US military says.
9:15 am (4 hours ago)
The Army is setting up a new unit that will use psychological operations and social media to help fight wars "in the information age".
9:57 am (3 hours ago)
Louis Armstrong's personal copy of his appearance on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs is among the recordings to be added to the show's online archive.
1:08 am (12 hours ago)
Nine babies who survived a gas explosion at a Mexican hospital are given DNA testing so they can be reunited with their parents.
12:00 pm (an hour ago)
German former President Richard von Weizsaecker, whose two terms in office spanned reunification, dies at the age of 94.
11:56 am (an hour ago)
Officials' primary concern was with "national security" during a paedophile scandal involving a senior British diplomat in the 1980s, according to a former top civil servant.
6:37 am (6 hours ago)
In a mixed day for headlines, the Independent leads on evidence that the CIA interrogated terror suspects on a British-owned island and there is a plea from police to routinely carry Tasers.
Yesterday 10:48 pm (14 hours ago)
Will Gompertz discusses appropriation - and Fifty Shades of Grey - in his latest blog
2:09 am (11 hours ago)
Islamic State has its heartland in Iraq and Syria, but recent reports suggest it is building a presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan. M Ilyas Khan asks how worried should people be.
Yesterday 7:11 pm (18 hours ago)
Mitt Romney certainly looked the part of president, but despite his success in business, he could never pull it off.
Yesterday, 12:25 pm
Despite uncertainties, cheap oil does not spell disaster for the renewables sector.
Yesterday 10:09 pm (15 hours ago)
The Islamic State group is forging links with militants across North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, challenging its al-Qaeda rivals.
Yesterday 4:43 pm (20 hours ago)
As car ownership reaches record levels in China, BBC News looks at the numbers - and the impact.
Yesterday 4:23 pm (21 hours ago)
Sinai Province is a militant group that has pledged allegiance to Islamic State and carried out a string of deadly attacks in Egypt's Sinai peninsula.
Yesterday 3:41 pm (21 hours ago)
Rory Cellan-Jones sees how Cayla, a talking child's doll, can be hacked to say any number of offensive things.
Yesterday 4:25 pm (21 hours ago)
Two pilots have surpassed the world distance and durations records for a flight in a helium balloon after crossing the Pacific Ocean.
Yesterday 1:49 pm (23 hours ago)
Final year economics students at Sheffield University are furious after an exam this week contained "impossible" questions.
10:51 am (2 hours ago)
Captain Michael Clarke denies he is in dispute with Cricket Australia after making 51 on his return from surgery.
12:07 pm (54 minutes ago)
After Tiger Woods's worst professional round, Iain Carter asks how the former number one can halt his alarming decline.
Yesterday 11:50 pm (13 hours ago)
Russian drug cheat Tatyana Chernova has her results annulled from 2009-2011 but keeps world title she won from Jessica Ennis.
12:34 pm (27 minutes ago)
The professional game of American Football is more popular than ever, yet some would argue it has never been more contemptible.
11:19 am (an hour ago)
Taekwondo and badminton are among the 22 sports confirmed for inclusion at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
7:45 am (5 hours ago)
EU financial commissioner Pierre Moscovici tells the BBC that Greece belongs in the eurozone, and vows to prevent a "Grexit".
12:18 am (13 hours ago)
Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to log on today to file a self-assessment tax return and avoid a £100 fine.
Yesterday 3:29 pm (22 hours ago)
Violent religious extremists are often tortured men with a history of using pornography, London Mayor Boris Johnson says.
Yesterday 4:50 pm (20 hours ago)
Migrant voters could have a decisive impact in key marginal seats at the general election, a study suggests.
11:52 am (an hour ago)
A British healthcare worker is brought back to the UK for Ebola monitoring after suffering a needle-stick injury in Sierra Leone.
Yesterday 6:26 pm (19 hours ago)
Senior church figures call on the government to block the creation of so-called three-person babies, but scientists urge MPs to back a law change.
12:12 am (13 hours ago)
Developing "religious literacy" in schools will make young people less vulnerable to radicalisation, a leading teacher is to say.
Yesterday, 1:35 am
MPs say problems in some more autonomous schools have been picked up too late because of lack of oversight by the government.
Yesterday 4:11 pm (21 hours ago)
At least £90m will be reinvested in rural broadband services after an underspend by BT, the BBC learns.
Yesterday 4:59 pm (20 hours ago)
Nokia has threatened legal action against a UK start-up over the use of the word "HERE".
Yesterday 2:28 pm (23 hours ago)
The European Space Agency says it will conduct no more dedicated searches for its lost comet lander, and will now wait for the probe itself to call home.
Yesterday 8:54 pm (16 hours ago)
Scientists who claimed to have found evidence for a cosmic super-expansion at the Big Bang made no such discovery, a soon-to-be published study will say.
Yesterday 4:56 pm (20 hours ago)
Actor Brian Blessed pulls out of Guildford Shakespeare Company's production of King Lear on doctor's advice, after collapsing with heart trouble during a performance last week.
Yesterday, 12:43 pm
Death Row Records founder Suge Knight is being held on a murder charge by police after a fatal hit-and-run incident in Los Angeles.
Yesterday 5:21 pm (20 hours ago)
A collection of some of the best reads from the BBC News website this week.
Yesterday 5:08 pm (20 hours ago)
The week's big numbers visualised.
4:32 am (8 hours ago)
A health trust's proposal to treat patients with depression by using "staff from lower wage countries" via Skype is criticised.
Yesterday 7:50 pm (17 hours ago)
The mother of a girl who was abducted and taken to France by teacher Jeremy Forrest denies she is exploiting her daughter by writing a book on the case.
12:24 am (13 hours ago)
Scottish government plans to protect the nation's seas are not fit for purpose and could even make the current situation worse, MSPs say.
11:38 am (an hour ago)
The Met Office issues a further warning of snow and ice covering much of Scotland from Saturday afternoon until noon on Sunday.
12:17 pm (44 minutes ago)
A man who was shot in the head in north Belfast is in a critical condition in hospital, police say.
12:19 pm (42 minutes ago)
Thousands of children in Northern Ireland receive the results of their post-primary school entrance exams on Saturday.
11:58 am (an hour ago)
A Welsh police and crime commissioner says the proposal to offer Tasers to all front-line police officers is a mistake.
12:22 pm (40 minutes ago)
The sister of Missing Manic Street Preacher Richey Edwards says it was difficult for her father to die without knowing the fate of his son.
Yesterday 6:57 pm (18 hours ago)
South African apartheid-era death squad commander Eugene de Kock, nicknamed "Prime Evil", gets parole after 20 years for killing activists.
Yesterday 3:04 pm (22 hours ago)
The African Union backs plans for a West African task force of 7,500 troops to fight Boko Haram militants.
10:41 am (2 hours ago)
Funerals take place in Pakistan for the victims of a suicide attack on a Shia mosque during Friday prayers which killed at least 60 people.
Yesterday 7:16 pm (18 hours ago)
Sri Lanka's president appoints a Tamil judge as the new chief justice - the first member of the country's minority community to hold the post in decades.
12:39 pm (22 minutes ago)
Italy's parliament elects judge Sergio Mattarella as the country's president, on a third day of voting for the largely ceremonial post.
Yesterday 7:45 pm (17 hours ago)
A Russian contract for building a $3bn bridge to Crimea goes to a firm controlled by a close friend of Vladimir Putin who is under Western sanctions.
1:00 am (12 hours ago)
New regulations are published in Venezuela allowing soldiers to open fire if they feel their lives are at risk during demonstrations.
5:56 am (7 hours ago)
Venezuelan TV withdraws a tourism advert which features an image of a US reporter detained while covering the 2013 elections.
Yesterday 4:36 pm (20 hours ago)
Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi cuts short a visit to an African Union summit to deal with attacks that killed at least 32 in the Sinai peninsula.
Yesterday 10:39 pm (14 hours ago)
Saudi Arabia postpones for a second time a further round of flogging against blogger Raif Badawi, whose case caused a global outcry.
Yesterday 5:22 pm (20 hours ago)
Mitt Romney, the Republican beaten by President Obama in the US 2012 election, has decided he will not run for president again.
Yesterday 9:52 pm (15 hours ago)
Encouraging terror attacks against Canada will become a crime under legislation proposed by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Wednesday, 2:23 pm
Devastation caused by fighting in Syrian town
Yesterday 3:20 pm (22 hours ago)
Images from around the world: 30 January
Yesterday, 8:47 am
Petrol stations around the world
Thursday, 6:04 pm
Pictures from around the country
Wednesday, 3:50 pm
Readers' photos on the theme of "city skylines"
Wednesday, 12:22 pm
Images from around the world: 28 January
Tuesday, 10:37 pm
Shetland's spectacular annual re festival
Wednesday, 1:36 am
Striking buildings new to the National Heritage List
Thursday, 12:29 pm
MPs hear evidence on broadband in rural areas and the Charity Commission.
11:15 am (an hour ago)
Firefighters in Los Angeles have carried out a dramatic rescue of a dog trapped in a river.
9:26 am (4 hours ago)
Well-wishers donate more than £56,000 to help a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his Gateshead home.
5:46 am (7 hours ago)
Large parts of the Peruvian Amazon are under water after torrential rains caused rivers to burst their banks, affecting more than 3,000 families
8:56 am (4 hours ago)
The very first Les Paul guitar, the Black Beauty, is to be auctioned in New York in February.
11:00 am (2 hours ago)
Benedict Cumberbatch and members of codebreaker Alan Turing's family are among those calling for thousands of men who were prosecuted for being gay to be pardoned.
Yesterday 10:02 pm (15 hours ago)
Suge Knight, the man behind the Death Row Records label, has been arrested on suspicion of hitting and killing a man with his truck.
Yesterday 3:53 pm (21 hours ago)
Video has emerged showing a fierce battle in Vuhlehirsk, Donetsk, in which pro-Russian forces come under heavy bombardment from Ukrainian forces.
Yesterday 8:22 pm (17 hours ago)
Teacher Jeremy Forrest who ran off with pupil 'cried to her mother'
12:14 am (13 hours ago)
Why people who once had good jobs are living in despair
6:02 am (7 hours ago)
Why Ireland's heroine had sex in her baby son's tomb
12:39 am (12 hours ago)
Who smiles more - Dutch babies or US babies?
12:43 am (12 hours ago)
Do dairy farmers really make a loss on milk?
Yesterday 4:24 pm (21 hours ago)
The highs and lows of the NFL season
Yesterday 4:21 pm (21 hours ago)
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world
Yesterday 10:33 pm (14 hours ago)
Australian writer's mean obituary sparks online fightback
9:42 am (3 hours ago)
New museum reveals trove of pictures from Spanish Civil War
1:58 am (11 hours ago)
Waking up in Mexico and heading for classes in Texas

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