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7:24 pm (34 minutes ago)
Police continue to hunt for a 21-year-old man after his mother, a man and a young girl were found stabbed to death in Oxfordshire.
6:41 pm (an hour ago)
US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter says the rout of Iraqi forces at Ramadi showed they lacked the will to fight against Islamic State.
5:47 pm (2 hours ago)
Renowned mathematician John Nash, subject of the film A Beautiful Mind, dies in a New Jersey taxi crash with his wife.
1:43 pm (6 hours ago)
Limiting the rights of EU migrants to claim tax credits is a key part of renegotiating the UK's relationship with the EU, Sajid Javid says.
12:45 pm (7 hours ago)
Acting leader Harriet Harman says Labour has dropped its opposition to an "in/out" vote on the UK's EU membership, and will now back the government's referendum bill.
5:59 pm (an hour ago)
Hull City are relegated from the Premier League as they fail to beat Manchester United and Newcastle win their final game.
7:48 pm (11 minutes ago)
Spanish exit polls predict big wins for protest parties in local elections, but the governing People's Party receives the most votes.
11:26 am (9 hours ago)
Greece will not be able to make a debt repayment to the IMF due in early June as it does not have the money, the interior minister says.
12:05 pm (8 hours ago)
Business Secretary Sajid Javid rejects a call from a former head of the army to send UK ground troops to fight Islamic State.
3:57 pm (4 hours ago)
One of Ireland's most senior Catholic clerics calls for the Church to take a "reality check" following the country's overwhelming vote in favour of same-sex marriage.
5:06 pm (3 hours ago)
Three police officers are hospitalised after coming under attack at an illegal rave in Lincolnshire.
6:46 pm (an hour ago)
West Ham boss Sam Allardyce says he planned to leave the Premier League side even if club had offered new contract.
Monday, April 27th, 6:51 pm
Images of the destruction wreaked on Nepal's Kathmandu valley landmarks by Saturday's deadly earthquake.
3:43 am (16 hours ago)
Jonathan Amos gets a first peek inside the UK aerospace laboratory where Europe's ExoMars rover will be assembled.
12:46 am (19 hours ago)
As more and more migrants desperately try to escape to Europe, how will governments deal with the crisis, asks Jonathan Marcus.
2:36 pm (5 hours ago)
With the formal opening of the new Parliament just around the corner, what can we expect to feature in the government's legislation agenda?
12:49 am (19 hours ago)
Californians are facing their fourth year of severe drought - can they adapt to find a way forward?
3:04 pm (5 hours ago)
Lewis Hamilton is denied victory in the Monaco Grand Prix because of a strategic error by his Mercedes team.
7:10 pm (48 minutes ago)
Ben Stokes hits the fastest Test century at Lord's and Alastair Cook 153 not out as England rally against New Zealand.
7:19 pm (39 minutes ago)
Manchester United decide not to keep striker Radamel Falcao following the end of his season-long loan from Monaco.
7:26 pm (32 minutes ago)
Teenage sprinter Dina Asher-Smith becomes Britain's all-time fastest woman after setting a new 100m record.
7:27 pm (32 minutes ago)
Jermaine Beckford scores a hat-trick to help Preston thrash Swindon Town in the League One play-off final at Wembley.
12:30 pm (7 hours ago)
Business Secretary Sajid Javid says he hopes to save firms more than £10bn by cutting red tape - but rejects a fresh move to make it easier to sack employees.
2:55 am (17 hours ago)
The apprenticeship system in Britain is "failing" and needs reform to address youth unemployment, a new report commissioned by the Local Government Association says.
8:52 am (11 hours ago)
Government ministers will face a further five years of frozen pay, Prime Minister David Cameron says.
11:32 am (8 hours ago)
Labour MP Rushanara Ali tells the BBC she is entering the deputy leadership race, and will "start by going after UKIP voters who left Labour".
8:30 am (11 hours ago)
The government hopes a new "no-fault" airline-style error reporting system for chemists will help identify and reduce dispensing mistakes.
Yesterday, 7:31 am
People with heart failure must be screened for signs of depression and offered counselling, scientists say.
Yesterday, 4:43 pm
Councils in England could be forced to merge their services to speed up adoption rates, under new government powers to be announced next week.
Friday, 1:08 am
Support for vulnerable children in England is at risk as funding ebbs away, analysis by Barnardo's suggests.
Friday, 1:37 pm
A patent reveals that Google has looked into making internet-connected toys that would link up to its servers to control smart devices in the home.
Friday, 12:33 pm
The UK government has started selling off big chunks of internet addresses that it no longer uses.
Yesterday, 3:07 am
Purring spiders use leaves as microphones and speakers to transmit their purring courtship song to a female, scientists find.
Friday, 12:59 am
Thousands of species of the ocean's tiniest organisms are revealed in a series of studies.
1:51 am (18 hours ago)
Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow triumphs at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, beating Russia's Polina Gagarina.
Yesterday, 12:54 pm
Terry Sue-Patt, who played Benny Green in the children's TV series Grange Hill, is found dead in east London.
Thursday, 1:05 am
All computers produce heat, but computer servers produce a lot of heat - why isn't this used to keep homes and offices warm?
Friday, 7:05 am
It's the Caption Challenge.
12:50 pm (7 hours ago)
Two British men, including one from Birmingham, have drowned on a holiday in Malta.
4:18 pm (4 hours ago)
A poster urging parents not to use the police to scare their children is seen more than 3.5m times since Friday.
1:53 pm (6 hours ago)
Police Scotland are told by the Crown Office to reinvestigate the unsolved murder of a woman killed in South Lanarkshire 10 years ago.
1:33 pm (6 hours ago)
A hospital surgeon allegedly used a "rusty hacksaw" to amputate a patient's leg after discovering a metal plate in the limb.
6:18 pm (an hour ago)
Violet McAfee, who was hit by a motorbike while watching the North West 200, says she is confident of making a good recovery.
1:33 pm (6 hours ago)
Manchester United withdraw from the Milk Cup and their defender Paddy McNair pulls out of Tuesday's draw.
5:14 pm (3 hours ago)
Former Labour minister Kim Howells says the party is in the "deepest crisis" he can remember and it needs fresh thinking if it is to come back from election defeat.
2:24 pm (6 hours ago)
A jet-powered bike's attempts to break the British two-wheeled land speed record is delayed because of bad conditions.
6:48 pm (an hour ago)
Ethiopians vote in the first elections since the 2012 death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, with predictions his successor will retain power.
Yesterday 10:53 pm (21 hours ago)
A Somali MP is shot dead in the capital Mogadishu in an attack by suspected Islamists, one of a number of violent incidents in the war-torn country.
5:44 pm (2 hours ago)
Migrants trying to leave Bangladesh illegally are tainting the country's image and should be punished, PM Sheikh Hasina says.
7:27 am (13 hours ago)
Thousands flee their homes in western Nepal following a landslide which blocked a river, causing fears of flash flooding.
6:27 am (14 hours ago)
One of Europe's most senior politicians warns David Cameron to make a positive case for Europe if he wants successful negotiations with other leaders.
1:08 pm (7 hours ago)
Poland goes to the polls as Andrzej Duda and Bronislaw Komorowski vie for the presidency in a run-off vote.
Yesterday 11:10 pm (21 hours ago)
Huge crowds in El Salvador attend the beatification of Oscar Romero - the Roman Catholic archbishop murdered during the 1980-92 civil war.
Yesterday 8:41 pm (23 hours ago)
Colombia's security forces kill at least five rebels from the Farc a day after the left-wing rebel group suspended its unilateral ceasefire.
Yesterday, 9:24 am
A UN conference aimed at preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons ends in failure after a row over a nuclear-free Middle East proposal.
Yesterday, 3:26 pm
IS militants enter Palmyra's museum and place guards outside its doors, days after seizing the ancient city, Iraqi officials say.
7:03 pm (55 minutes ago)
A deluge of rainfall bursts rivers and brings flood warnings to several southern US states, with Texas and Oklahoma the worst hit so far.
Yesterday, 7:19 am
The US Senate blocks a bill that would have extended bulk collection of phone records by the National Security Agency.
Thursday, 9:19 am
Readers' photographs on the theme of looking in.
Friday, 2:37 pm
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
Friday, 1:03 am
Photographer Alison Baskerville's pictures of women she met in the capital of Somaliland.
Thursday, 1:35 am
The 40 year conflict that remains unresolved
Tuesday, 12:49 am
Tasks to develop your photo skills
Tuesday, 12:17 pm
What does a front garden say about you?
Monday, 4:40 am
Exhibition by students at the London College of Communication
Sunday, May 17th, 10:06 am
Pioneer photography in 1840s Edinburgh
Wednesday, March 25th, 12:45 pm
The Treasury Committee hears from the Chancellor, George Osborne.
3:10 pm (5 hours ago)
After Ireland voted in favour of same-sex marriage, Linda Cullen proposed to her long-term partner Feargha Ni Bhroin live on air.
5:33 pm (2 hours ago)
Omar Abdel Razek is at a river crossing where thousands of residents from Ramadi are hoping to cross into the Iraqi capital Baghdad.
2:11 pm (6 hours ago)
A group of female activists have made a rare crossing through one of the world's most militarised borders to promote reconciliation between North and South Korea.
12:57 pm (7 hours ago)
In a small, heavily guarded compound on the outskirts of Baidoa in Somalia, a new programme is trying to help former al-Shabab fighters reintegrate into society.
8:40 am (11 hours ago)
A Leeds museum celebrates the 100th anniversary of a steam engine built in the Yorkshire city that founded a railway in Sierra Leone.
7:03 pm (55 minutes ago)
The world's first motorised cooler championships have been held in Port Douglas, Australia.
3:20 am (17 hours ago)
Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow has triumphed at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, beating Russia's Polina Gagarina.
12:06 am (20 hours ago)
Street artist Cacao Rocks explains what the increasing graffiti in the Greek capital tells us about the political climate in the country.
12:17 am (20 hours ago)
Breeding a new plant to save coffee from extinction
3:33 am (16 hours ago)
What I learnt from 46 consecutive days in church
5:54 am (14 hours ago)
The twists and turns of Eurovision 2015
3:05 pm (5 hours ago)
BB King, a heiress pooch and a frozen baseball player ...
12:22 pm (8 hours ago)
The centre helping former al-Shabab members quit
Friday, 5:00 pm
The best reads of the week you may have missed
12:26 am (20 hours ago)
One short, one long, both hotly debated online
Friday, 4:58 pm
The week's big numbers visualised
2:15 am (18 hours ago)
The writer who links The Vagina Monologues and Mad Max

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