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8:40 am (59 minutes ago)
The UK is to cut from six to three months the amount of time out-of-work EU migrants can claim benefits without realistic job prospects.
9:30 am (8 minutes ago)
Gaza sees one of its heaviest nights of bombardment, by air, sea and land, after Israel's prime minister warns of a long conflict ahead.
8:54 am (45 minutes ago)
The European Union is set to back new sanctions against Russia, targeting its finance, energy and defence sectors over the conflict in Ukraine.
9:01 am (37 minutes ago)
Prime Minister David Cameron is to meet the families of British victims of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane crash at Downing Street.
9:30 am (8 minutes ago)
Plans to charge drivers of diesel cars £10 to drive into central London are being considered, it is reported.
9:23 am (15 minutes ago)
Oil giant BP reports a rise in second quarter profits to $3.2bn, but warns that further economic sanctions against Russia could affect its business.
12:02 am (10 hours ago)
More clarification is needed about the circumstances in which cases of "revenge porn" can be prosecuted, peers say.
Yesterday 10:05 pm (12 hours ago)
An oath for bankers should be introduced to raise accountability and standards in banking, says a think tank.
5:22 am (4 hours ago)
Former members of Lostprophets say they originally hoped child abuse reports about singer Ian Watkins were a "mistake" and now want to move forward.
1:13 am (8 hours ago)
NHS privatisation is "being forced through at pace and scale", and should be halted until the general election, says Labour's shadow health secretary.
3:51 am (6 hours ago)
Lord Coe indicates that he has withdrawn from the race to be the next chairman of the BBC Trust.
12:04 am (10 hours ago)
The City of London police has started placing banner advertisements on websites believed to be offering pirated content illegally.
6:27 am (3 hours ago)
Tuesday's papers are full of Bank of England governor Mark Carney's angry words at financiers found guilty of rigging interest rates, and the Times has potential bad news for some drivers.
Yesterday 8:23 pm (13 hours ago)
UK scientists model the physical attributes that underpin our social judgements about strangers.
1:27 am (8 hours ago)
Community volunteers in England and Wales should get a 10% discount on their council tax bills, local authorities say.
2:25 am (7 hours ago)
Muslims across the world are taking part in Eid celebrations to mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.
Yesterday 4:28 pm (17 hours ago)
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has scored three goals in an exhibition match to open a new stadium in Istanbul.
6:16 am (3 hours ago)
The Australian government has approved the development of what could potentially be the country's biggest coal mine.
Yesterday 6:04 pm (16 hours ago)
Two Australian Commonwealth Games hockey players who found the Queen had 'photo-bombed' their selfie have tried to have their photo taken with Prince Harry.
Yesterday 11:00 am (23 hours ago)
Around 500,000 visitors are estimated to have descended on Sunderland for its 26th airshow.
Yesterday 8:25 pm (13 hours ago)
A Tube driver who took four minutes to open the doors of a train filling with smoke lacked training, an accident investigation report has found.
Yesterday 8:46 pm (13 hours ago)
Marine experts have said a dolphin spotted in the River Severn in Gloucestershire will make its own way back to the sea.
Yesterday 1:46 pm (20 hours ago)
A man who stole hundreds of thousands of pounds form the Help for Heroes charity is facing a lengthy jail sentence after pleading guilty in court
Yesterday 8:17 pm (13 hours ago)
England claim Moeen Ali has done "nothing wrong" after he wore pro-Gaza wristbands in the third Test against India.
Yesterday 11:05 pm (11 hours ago)
England's Adam Gemili wins Commonwealth Games silver in the men's 100m, with Jamaica's Kemar Bailey-Cole taking gold.
Yesterday 11:51 pm (10 hours ago)
Your essential guide to the must-see moments in the Commonwealth Games and a look at some of the biggest stars on show.
Yesterday 11:57 pm (10 hours ago)
It may not be fast and furious, but bowls is slow, soothing and proving a Commonwealth Games hit down at Kelvingrove.
12:29 am (9 hours ago)
Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal will not rush to make signings despite "having" to play with wing-backs recently.
3:28 am (6 hours ago)
Microsoft confirms that officials from the Chinese regulatory body responsible for enforcing business laws have visited some of its offices.
Yesterday 11:25 am (22 hours ago)
How businesses hope to learn more about us by offering free wi-fi.
Yesterday 9:13 pm (12 hours ago)
Conservative MP David Ruffley, who had been criticised after receiving a police caution for common assault, is to retire from Parliament at the next election.
Yesterday 4:17 pm (17 hours ago)
New laws on domestic violence would be introduced by a Labour government to prevent abusive partners avoiding prosecution, the shadow home secretary has said.
Yesterday 3:40 pm (18 hours ago)
Most border crossings in Liberia are closed and communities hit by an Ebola outbreak face quarantine to stop the virus spreading.
Saturday, July 26th, 9:40 am
Former heroin addict Lisa Bryer tells Today programme presenter John Humphrys about her experiences with drugs and her recovery process.
Yesterday 10:06 pm (12 hours ago)
Ministers have been working on a policy that could bring major changes to England's student loan system, and possibly higher university fees, Newsnight learns.
Wednesday, July 23rd, 12:01 am
BBC Click's Spencer Kelly goes behind the scenes of the TV programme The Secret Lives of Students.
Yesterday 12:52 pm (21 hours ago)
Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker who was the subject of a 10-year legal battle over US extradition, reinvents himself as a search expert.
9:03 am (36 minutes ago)
Why operating heavy machinery remotely could become a safer and more immersive experience
7:53 am (an hour ago)
Despite dissent, MPs have endorsed the findings of a UN climate panel that says humans are the dominant cause of global warming.
Yesterday 8:46 pm (13 hours ago)
Marine experts have said a dolphin spotted in the River Severn in Gloucestershire will make its own way back to the sea.
Yesterday 12:00 pm (22 hours ago)
Top Gear's Burma special in which Jeremy Clarkson used a racial term broke broadcasting guidelines, Ofcom rules.
Yesterday 5:44 pm (16 hours ago)
A swimmer has died in a thunderstorm off a Californian beach. But what happens when lightning hits water?
Yesterday, 3:28 am
The London Fire Brigade releases figures on children getting stuck.
Yesterday 9:36 pm (12 hours ago)
A man admits stealing £300,000 intended for the armed forces charity Help for Heroes.
Yesterday 9:30 pm (12 hours ago)
Police investigating the murder of a man found dead in an Essex park with 102 knife wounds want to talk to a woman mentioned on his Facebook page.
9:33 am (5 minutes ago)
An 85-year-old woman, Eleanor Whitelaw, who was found seriously injured in her Edinburgh home, dies two weeks later.
Yesterday 11:28 pm (10 hours ago)
Scotland have 13 gold medals after earlier eclipsing their record haul for a Commonwealth Games.
7:33 am (2 hours ago)
A 68-year-old man drowns while trying to swim to a lake island to remove two Irish tricolour flags in County Armagh.
9:25 am (13 minutes ago)
Homes and cars are attacked and racist graffiti is daubed on walls in east Belfast in a spate of overnight "hate crimes" that police say are linked.
9:12 am (26 minutes ago)
Some heart patients in Wales will continue to be sent to England for surgery to cut waiting lists.
9:02 am (37 minutes ago)
Wales sees a significant drop in the number of people taking claims to employment tribunals after fees to bring action have been introduced.
Yesterday 11:03 pm (11 hours ago)
Blessing Okagbare takes the gold in the women's 100m while England's Asha Philips produces a personal best to finish fourth.
Yesterday 7:01 pm (15 hours ago)
A four-week strike in South Africa's steel and engineering industries has come to an end after the country's biggest trade union sealed a deal with employers.
9:34 am (4 minutes ago)
A suicide bomber has killed a cousin of President Hamid Karzai in the southern city of Kandahar, officials say.
4:53 am (5 hours ago)
The UN blacklists the operator of a North Korean ship seized near the Panama Canal in July 2013 with undeclared Cuban weapons on board.
7:46 am (an hour ago)
The US accuses Russia of violating a Cold War arms treaty by testing a nuclear cruise missile, saying the breach is "very serious".
Yesterday 7:54 pm (14 hours ago)
Russia will appeal against a court decision ordering it to pay the biggest compensation package to date, amounting to $50bn (£29.5bn) in damages.
Yesterday 5:13 pm (16 hours ago)
Venezuelan official Gen Hugo Carvajal is warmly welcomed in Caracas after his release in Aruba, where he had been arrested on drug-trafficking charges.
Sunday, July 27th, 12:34 am
Venezuela's governing United Socialist Party holds its first congress since the death of President Hugo Chavez last year.
Yesterday 5:12 pm (16 hours ago)
A second fuel tank at Libya's biggest fuel storage facility is in flames as the government requests international assistance to contain the huge blaze.
Yesterday 3:59 pm (18 hours ago)
France says it is ready to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians forced to flee by Islamic State militants holding the Iraqi city of Mosul.
12:11 am (9 hours ago)
A US judge rules that the LA Clippers basketball team can be sold, despite the objections of banned co-owner Donald Sterling.
Yesterday 5:34 pm (16 hours ago)
Jury selection begins in the corruption trial of ex-Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, accused of accepting loans and lavish gifts from a supporter.
Friday, July 25th, 4:04 pm
News photos from around the world
Friday, July 25th, 10:56 am
Sound-portraits of the residents of Carrick-on-Suir
Friday, July 25th, 12:50 pm
24 hours of news photos: 25 July
Friday, July 25th, 5:44 am
'Hidden' images reveal Cambridge's University Library
Thursday, July 24th, 3:14 pm
Readers' photos on the theme of "cycling"
Wednesday, July 23rd, 2:14 am
Concept designs by famous manufacturers on show in US
Thursday, July 24th, 5:50 am
TransAsia Airways plane crashes in Taiwan
Tuesday, July 22nd, 4:37 am
Prince George's first year
Tuesday, July 22nd, 5:41 pm
Israel's response to rocket attacks must be "proportionate", insists a minister.
12:56 am (9 hours ago)
Jim Reed asks whether passenger planes should fly over warzones after reports said the MH17 plane was 'downed by missile shrapnel'.
7:42 am (an hour ago)
Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 US vice-presidential candidate, has launched a subscription-based online television channel.
Yesterday 11:03 pm (11 hours ago)
A 16-year-old girl has been released from hospital following an incident at a "car cruising" event in which a vehicle ploughed into a crowd, injuring 17 people.
Yesterday 10:50 pm (11 hours ago)
Lightning strikes, hail, torrential rain and flash flooding cause severe travel problems across large areas of south-east England.
6:43 am (3 hours ago)
The conflict in Gaza has caused a rise in tensions in the West Bank and thousands have protested against Israel's actions in Gaza.
Yesterday 11:12 pm (10 hours ago)
Most border crossings in Liberia are being closed to try to halt the spread of Ebola.
7:20 am (2 hours ago)
Bodybuilder Lee believes he is unable to have children because he has been taking steroids for 25 years.
Yesterday 1:44 pm (20 hours ago)
One person has been killed and at least eight others taken to hospital in Los Angeles after being struck by lightning.
Yesterday, 8:25 am
The 298 men, women and children who perished
12:29 am (9 hours ago)
The prisoners who grew 33,000 lettuces
12:40 am (9 hours ago)
The family agreement that can tear happy couples apart
Yesterday 8:59 pm (13 hours ago)
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry enjoy Games
2:35 am (7 hours ago)
Gabriel Prokofiev debuts WW1 concerto
Yesterday 10:31 pm (11 hours ago)
The Chinese doctors who say they can 'cure' homosexuality
12:59 am (9 hours ago)
Fifty years of data about endangered primates goes online
1:23 am (8 hours ago)
The summer movies criticising US drone policies
2:56 am (7 hours ago)
What does the latest disability minister face?
8:05 am (an hour ago)
Rory Cellan-Jones on predicting future shape of technology

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