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6:45 am (6 minutes ago)
David Cameron and Ed Miliband are put on the spot over immigration, the EU and spending plans in the first set-piece TV broadcast of the election.
5:43 am (an hour ago)
German police seize possessions of a co-pilot who apparently crashed his plane in the Alps killing all 150 people on board, as they investigate possible motives.
1:54 am (5 hours ago)
Office workers need to get off their backsides and move around more, according to a new campaign.
3:19 am (4 hours ago)
Convicted criminals in England and Wales will have to pay up to £1,200 towards the cost of their court case under new rules, it is revealed.
4:50 am (2 hours ago)
Muslim scholars launch a digital magazine to fight radicalisation on the web by extremist groups such as Islamic state.
12:07 am (7 hours ago)
A serving police officer is arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife at their Northampton home.
1:47 am (5 hours ago)
A national body to investigate medical accidents in England should be established immediately, MPs say.
12:51 am (6 hours ago)
Italy's top court is to rule whether to uphold the convictions of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for the 2007 murder of UK student Meredith Kercher.
Yesterday 10:36 pm (8 hours ago)
At least 19 people are injured after an explosion causes two buildings to collapse in New York's East Village.
3:31 am (3 hours ago)
The public will be able to view King Richard III's sealed tomb for the first time later when Leicester Cathedral is reopened.
Yesterday 11:51 pm (7 hours ago)
A court of appeals in Argentina has upheld a decision to throw out controversial allegations against President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
2:11 am (5 hours ago)
A study suggests too many children are starting school unable to communicate well enough or control their behaviour.
6:08 am (44 minutes ago)
Friday's papers are full of speculation about what may have led the co-pilot of the Germanwings Airbus 320 to deliberately crash the jet, and on how airlines can protect themselves from such occurrences.
6:11 am (40 minutes ago)
Hindsight is the main tool for legal review of critical events, says Danny Shaw - but is it always the best technique?
12:24 am (6 hours ago)
Angola is an economic success story, writes Mary Harper - but also a land many inhabit in poverty, while a super-wealthy elite thrives.
3:49 am (3 hours ago)
There is concern the Criminal Cases Review Commission is too cautious in referring suspected miscarriages of justice for appeal, says Joshua Rozenberg.
Wednesday, 10:38 pm
The BBC's South East Asia correspondent examines the legacy of the Singaporean statesman in the wider region.
Yesterday 4:20 pm (15 hours ago)
The female giant panda at Edinburgh Zoo is artificially inseminated and keepers confirm natural mating will be attempted.
Yesterday 2:57 pm (16 hours ago)
Actress Joan Collins says becoming a dame had "never even crossed her mind" as she receives the accolade from the Prince of Wales for services to charity.
Yesterday 10:13 pm (9 hours ago)
Brazil record their seventh win since their 2014 World Cup humiliation as they come from behind to beat France in Paris.
Yesterday 12:17 pm (19 hours ago)
Lewis Hamilton on his winning start, why equalising F1 engines would be unfair, Alonso's return - and Jeremy Clarkson.
Yesterday 11:10 pm (8 hours ago)
Captain Wayne Rooney warns against putting too much pressure on striker Harry Kane ahead of what could be his England debut.
Yesterday 8:00 pm (11 hours ago)
Premier League clubs have agreed to share at least £1bn of their record TV rights deal with English football.
Yesterday 11:47 am (19 hours ago)
There is a "bit of everything" to Harry Kane's game and he can be "very, very good", says ex-England striker Alan Shearer.
Yesterday 10:44 pm (8 hours ago)
Airlines across the world have begun requiring two crew members to always be present in the cockpit, in the wake of the French Alps crash.
5:10 am (an hour ago)
Annual core consumer inflation in Japan, the world's third-largest economy, stopped rising for the first time in nearly two years in February.
Yesterday, 4:54 am
Mark Mardell asks whether a lack of passion, vision and big ideas among campaigning politicians is a result of cowardice or humility.
Thursday, March 19th, 8:09 pm
The centre-ground of politics is the place where elections are won - take the quiz to find out how close you are to the current political centre.
1:44 am (5 hours ago)
Very fit men in their late 40s are less likely to get lung cancer and colorectal cancer than unfit men, a study in JAMA Oncology suggests.
Yesterday 8:38 pm (10 hours ago)
Surgeons in Cambridgeshire perform the first heart transplant in Europe using a non-beating heart.
Yesterday 2:00 pm (17 hours ago)
The number of children living in temporary accommodation in England is at a six-year high, according to official figures.
Yesterday, 6:01 am
Schools in England will have less to spend per pupil over the next five years, no matter who wins the election, according to analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
Yesterday 3:34 pm (15 hours ago)
PayPal agrees a £5.1m payout over allegations it allowed payments from accounts deemed enemies of the state by the US government.
Yesterday 4:25 pm (14 hours ago)
After a series of men on Tinder were reportedly tricked into flirting with each other, an expert attacks the app's security.
Yesterday 8:31 pm (10 hours ago)
A long-running study shows dark matter coasts unscathed through galactic collisions, betraying a ghostly lack of interaction with the known Universe.
Yesterday 11:52 pm (7 hours ago)
Eighteen years of satellite data reveal an acceleration in the thinning of many of Antarctica's floating ice shelves.
Yesterday 4:47 pm (14 hours ago)
The next season of ITV's period drama Downton Abbey will be its last, its makers announce.
Yesterday 2:09 pm (17 hours ago)
Cult US drama Breaking Bad is to be broadcast in full on UK terrestrial television for the first time.
Yesterday 12:43 pm (18 hours ago)
It's the Caption Challenge. Oh yes it is.
Yesterday 1:13 pm (18 hours ago)
How would the cockpit doors on the crashed Germanwings Airbus have been secured?
1:22 am (5 hours ago)
The Queen unveils statues of herself and the Duke of Edinburgh at Canterbury Cathedral to mark her Diamond Jubilee.
1:33 am (5 hours ago)
Boris Johnson turns down a £220 million project to expand London City Airport.
6:37 am (14 minutes ago)
Police appeal for witnesses after a coach came off the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful in Argyll and overturned.
3:21 am (4 hours ago)
Politicians are urged to ensure human rights protections are stronger following the General Election.
Yesterday 11:47 pm (7 hours ago)
A man dies and a woman is seriously injured after a tree falls on a van in County Armagh.
6:15 am (37 minutes ago)
Northern Ireland Water is putting up charges to its 80,000 non-domestic customers from April - the first price rise in three years.
6:32 am (19 minutes ago)
More than a fifth of students think about being involved in the sex industry, according to a major research project.
6:18 am (34 minutes ago)
The general election offers Wales an "unprecedented opportunity", Plaid Cymru's leader will say at the party's campaign launch.
Yesterday 12:35 pm (18 hours ago)
Nigeria's two main presidential candidates sign an agreement to prevent violence in tightly contested elections due on Saturday.
Yesterday 1:15 pm (18 hours ago)
The US embassy in Uganda warns that Westerners - including Americans - may be targeted for terror attacks in the capital, Kampala.
5:21 am (an hour ago)
North Korea says it has arrested two South Korean men for spying, amid ongoing tensions between the two Koreas.
6:32 am (20 minutes ago)
At least 10 Hindu pilgrims are killed in a stampede during a bathing ritual at a holy site in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, local reports say.
Yesterday 11:23 am (19 hours ago)
The UN's refugee agency says the number of refugees seeking asylum in developed countries rose by 45% in 2014, with Germany receiving the most claims.
Yesterday, 1:54 am
The genetic code of "an entire nation" has effectively been deduced, say researchers in Iceland.
Yesterday, 5:49 am
Flash floods in one of the driest regions in the world - Chile's Atacama desert - leave two people dead and 24 missing, officials say.
Wednesday, 10:29 pm
A state of emergency is declared in the Peruvian town of Chosica after it was engulfed by mud and rocks during heavy rain on Monday.
2:33 am (4 hours ago)
Yemen's President Hadi arrives in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh, as a Saudi-led coalition continues air strikes against Shia Houthi rebels.
Yesterday 3:48 pm (15 hours ago)
A US general says Iranian-backed Shia militias in Iraq are no longer leading the battle to recapture Tikrit from Islamic State.
Yesterday 3:41 pm (15 hours ago)
The governor of Indiana has declared a public health emergency and authorised a needle sharing programme, after an HIV outbreak "reached epidemic proportions" in part of the state.
1:35 am (5 hours ago)
A team of experts says a mixture that included organic cat litter forced the closure of the only underground nuclear waste repository in the US.
Yesterday 2:35 pm (16 hours ago)
Images from around the world: 26 March
Yesterday, 4:30 am
Denise Felkin's MA project
Monday, 9:52 am
A collection of 18,000 negatives of Wales
Wednesday, 10:40 am
A search and recovery operation resumes in the southern French Alps
Monday, 6:48 am
Rare photographs chronicling the lives of Indian soldiers
Wednesday, 1:44 pm
Images from around the world: 25 March
Monday, 3:15 am
The last remaining women in China who had their feet bound
Thursday, March 19th, 10:50 am
Readers' photographs on the theme of signs of Spring
Wednesday, 12:45 pm
The Treasury Committee hears from the Chancellor, George Osborne.
Yesterday 4:25 pm (14 hours ago)
Members of the Westerwald flight club, where Andreas Lubitz was a member, have been talking about the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed.
3:55 am (3 hours ago)
A building has collapsed and another is on fire in New York City after an apparent explosion.
Yesterday 4:37 pm (14 hours ago)
Jeremy Clarkson has said that he wants people to stop blaming the producer he hit for his departure from Top Gear.
4:03 am (3 hours ago)
Heavy rains have brought torrential floods and mudslides to parts of Peru and Chile - including the Atacama desert, one of the driest regions of the world.
12:06 am (7 hours ago)
Helton Josue Teodoro Muniz is one of the world's great rare fruit collectors, yet he was born with a motor neurone deficiency and it is difficult for him even today to hold a seed.
Yesterday 11:16 pm (8 hours ago)
Relatives of those who died in the Germanwings plane crash, including the parents of the co-pilot, have arrived in the southern French Alps.
2:39 am (4 hours ago)
Diarrhoea kills more than half a million children every year - with Pakistan, Nigeria and India having the highest death rates.
Yesterday 6:48 pm (12 hours ago)
Marseille's public prosecutor Brice Robin says the co-pilot took control of the Germanwings Airbus 320 plane crash and started its descent.
Yesterday 6:22 pm (13 hours ago)
What psychological screening do pilots have to go through?
12:12 am (7 hours ago)
The shock that left a young KGB officer in fear of people power
12:36 am (6 hours ago)
What degree did the most billionaires study?
12:34 am (6 hours ago)
Branagh goes back to basics for new Cinderella movie
12:00 am (7 hours ago)
Can data help create England's next football stars?
12:22 am (6 hours ago)
What does your food shopping say about you?
Yesterday 12:01 pm (19 hours ago)
The semi-secret trial of Erol Incedal and six unanswered questions
Yesterday 10:39 am (20 hours ago)
Erol Incedal and the trial we couldn't report
Yesterday 10:59 am (20 hours ago)
Who will replace Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear?


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