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4:58 pm (an hour ago)
The UK's EU Commissioner Lord Hill announces he is to stand down, saying "what is done cannot be undone" after the UK votes to leave the European Union.
3:21 pm (3 hours ago)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the EU has "no need to be particularly nasty in any way" in the negotiations with Britain about its exit from the bloc.
Yesterday 10:34 pm (20 hours ago)
Wales and Northern Ireland bid for their first European Championship quarter-final when they meet in Saturday's last-16 tie.
5:50 pm (46 minutes ago)
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tells activists he did all he could to prevent the UK leaving the EU amid calls for him to quit.
6:23 pm (13 minutes ago)
A petition calling for a second referendum on the UK's membership of the EU tops two million signatures, after the vote to leave.
6:07 pm (29 minutes ago)
Al-Shabab gunmen have taken hostages in a hotel in the Somali capital Mogadishu in an attack that has left at least seven dead, health workers say.
5:03 pm (an hour ago)
Cabinet minister Justine Greening announces she is in a same-sex relationship on London's Pride day.
3:03 pm (4 hours ago)
Hundreds of people stranded by floods have been rescued in West Virginia, as the death toll has reached 23, officials say.
1:53 pm (5 hours ago)
Tributes are being paid to military service personnel as hundreds of events are held across the UK to mark Armed Forces Day.
5:43 pm (53 minutes ago)
Wolf Alice, Madness and Squeeze warm up the crowds who have gathered to see Adele give her first headline performance at Glastonbury later.
1:20 am (17 hours ago)
The BBC returns to Romford, one of the most Eurosceptic towns in the UK, to catch up with single mum Fay who fiercely wanted to remain.
3:27 pm (3 hours ago)
The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is heckled over the EU referendum result while attending the Pride in London march, replying "I did all I could".
5:00 pm (an hour ago)
The BBC’s Andrew Verity explains what a warning from a rating agency means.
3:32 pm (3 hours ago)
Young people at the Glastonbury Festival give their messages to people who voted in the EU referendum.
12:50 pm (6 hours ago)
A protester and his dog have disrupted BBC Breakfast's live broadcast from Westminster.
3:49 pm (3 hours ago)
China has launched its new generation Long March-7 carrier rocker into space, transporting cargo for the country's planned space station.
3:53 pm (3 hours ago)
Tens of thousands of people have joined the Pride parade through central London.
10:17 am (8 hours ago)
Singers Damon Albarn and Billy Bragg say they are dismayed by the outcome of the EU referendum.
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3:29 pm (3 hours ago)
A glass slide fixed 1,000ft (305m) along the outside of a skyscraper in Los Angeles opens to the public.
3:21 pm (3 hours ago)
People in Yorkshire are celebrating "the Christmas that never was", six months after flooding devastated the area.
10:04 am (9 hours ago)
The EU has said it wants the UK to begin negotiating its exit from the European Union shortly. BBC correspondent Ross Hawkins examines whether the UK is ready for Brexit.
1:31 am (17 hours ago)
No-one can predict the consequences of Britain's referendum result for the European Union, writes Chris Morris in Brussels.
1:36 am (17 hours ago)
The result of the EU referendum puts Britain on a precipice where it has never been before, writes historian Lord Peter Hennessy.
Yesterday, 9:28 am
Now that the British public has voted for Brexit, what exactly will be the economic effects? Here are five areas where experts say we should pay close attention.
Yesterday, 2:26 pm
How does the UK's vote to leave the European Union affect British expats in Europe, and EU nationals working in the UK?
Yesterday, 9:00 am
Complex negotiations lie ahead now that the UK has voted for Brexit, the BBC's Laurence Peter reports.
2:33 am (16 hours ago)
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
Wednesday, 2:01 pm
Pictures of violent protests near South Africa's capital, Pretoria, prompted by anger at the ANC's choice of a mayoral candidate.
Wednesday, 12:03 pm
Glastonbury festival-goers are not deterred by the mud and rain.
Wednesday, 8:28 am
The Philippine capital Manila had held its second annual ShakeDrill, in an attempt to prepare residents for a potential future earthquake.
Wednesday, 12:49 am
Images of Eritrea by the BBC's Mary Harper.
5:43 pm (53 minutes ago)
Poland will meet Croatia or Portugal in the quarter-finals of Euro 2016 after beating Switzerland on penalties.
4:17 pm (2 hours ago)
Slovak 12th seed Dominika Cibulkova beats Karolina Pliskova 7-5 6-3 to win Eastbourne's Aegon International.
Yesterday, 6:24 pm
Many young Remain supporters blame older voters for Brexit. Is there really a generational divide?
1:12 am (17 hours ago)
Poles in the UK feel uncertain, and the country's government fears the loss of an ally at the Brussels negotiating table, writes Adam Easton in Warsaw.
Yesterday, 2:41 pm
How did the Leave camp clinch victory in the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU after what was a very closely fought contest?
12:35 am (18 hours ago)
Eurosceptic economist Prof Tim Congdon argues that the UK can prosper like Hong Kong, trading freely outside the EU.
10:11 am (8 hours ago)
The contenders, the British up-and-comers, the dress code, the weather, the queue, the celebs - all you need to know about Wimbledon 2016.
Yesterday, 4:34 pm
Listening to Mozart lowers your blood pressure, plus more news nuggets.
Yesterday, 5:53 pm
The vote in England exposes huge differences between the levels of support for the Remain and Leave campaigns in London and the rest of the country.
1:06 pm (6 hours ago)
Twitter users are summarising their reactions to the EU referendum results in five words
4:07 pm (2 hours ago)
What's it like to vote against the trend of your region?
Yesterday, 6:06 pm
Who are the main contenders to succeed David Cameron as Conservative Party leader and prime minister.
4:13 pm (2 hours ago)
Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe joined the BBC's Nick Robinson to sketch some politicians post-Brexit.
1:07 pm (5 hours ago)
Moody's, one of the big three credit ratings agencies, cuts its outlook for the UK's economy from "stable" to negative".
Yesterday, 10:06 am
The UK has voted to quit the European Union following a referendum on its membership. So how did the Leave campaign win?
Yesterday, 3:36 pm
A guide to the UK's decision to leave the European Union following an historic referendum.
Yesterday, 1:07 pm
Leaving the European Union is likely to have profound consequences for every household in the UK. Here's how your personal finances could be affected.
Yesterday, 5:07 pm
The UK has voted to leave the EU. Here is what is likely to happen next.
Yesterday, 2:55 pm
The Reality Check team has been sent many questions about people's personal circumstances and how they will be affected by the UK leaving the European Union.
Yesterday, 3:37 pm
England led the rest of the UK towards the EU exit. How does it feel to be English on such a monumental day?
Yesterday, 11:26 am
BBC correspondents across Europe report on the wave of shock reverberating around the continent in response to the UK vote to leave the EU.
Yesterday, 1:59 pm
People around Europe react to the UK's decision to leave the European Union.
Yesterday, 12:44 pm
Six young voters recorded the moment they found out the EU referendum result on Friday morning.
Yesterday, 4:58 pm
Very different visions of where the UK's future lies have been put under the spotlight by the vote to leave the EU. BBC correspondents from around the UK reflect on implications at a local level.
Yesterday, 11:53 am
Newsbeat's guide to taking Brexit in your stride, even if it's not what you voted.


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