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1:51 pm (an hour ago)
Britain will not become a "safe haven" for migrants in Calais, David Cameron warns, after hundreds continued attempts to reach the UK overnight.
12:00 pm (3 hours ago)
British and Tunisian survivors of the Sousse attack in which 38 people died have told the BBC’s Panorama of their narrow escape.
12:05 pm (3 hours ago)
Former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May sign up to present a new show on Amazon's streaming service.
3:00 pm (6 minutes ago)
A 19-year-old is found guilty of plotting mass murder at a Newcastle college.
1:18 pm (an hour ago)
The inquiry into the bin lorry crash which killed six people in Glasgow hears the driver had no references and was suspended from his former job.
2:38 pm (28 minutes ago)
A UK Athletics review into double Olympic champion Mo Farah's training regime has found "no evidence of impropriety".
2:36 pm (30 minutes ago)
Apprentice star Stuart Baggs is found dead in Douglas, police confirm.
11:31 am (4 hours ago)
Energy firm Centrica says it is cutting 6,000 jobs, as it reports a doubling of profits at its British Gas business.
2:30 pm (36 minutes ago)
Debris found on an Indian Ocean island is being taken to France to determine if it is from the missing airliner MH370, Malaysia's PM says.
2:20 pm (46 minutes ago)
The Taliban appoint a successor to Mullah Omar, their leader who was reported dead by the Afghan government on Wednesday, the BBC learns.
2:31 pm (35 minutes ago)
The Communication Workers Union backs left-wing MP Jeremy Corbyn in Labour's leadership contest, saying the "grip of the Blairites" on the party must be "loosened once and for all".
1:28 am (14 hours ago)
Are those calling for the Labour Party to stick to the middle ground of British politics missing a trick, asks Mark Mardell.
1:31 am (14 hours ago)
Sugar is the new frontier in the battle to get people to become healthier. Health experts want tougher regulation of industry, but the government doesn't seem keen. Will industry step up to the plate?
9:42 am (5 hours ago)
The BBC examines whether an aeroplane part found in Reunion could belong to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
12:17 am (15 hours ago)
Tax havens are much maligned by politicians, regulators and campaigners. But they’re still in business. Four experts have their say.
Yesterday 11:59 pm (15 hours ago)
Half of the world's estimated online population now check in to the social networking giant Facebook at least once a month.
Yesterday, 6:12 am
In a new study, physicists reveal how ants co-operate to carry huge chunks of food back to their nests.
8:26 am (7 hours ago)
World heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko says Anthony Joshua is the most promising boxer he has seen in 25 years.
1:17 pm (an hour ago)
Britain's Dame Sarah Storey takes gold in the time trial at the Para-Cycling Road World Championships.
6:50 am (8 hours ago)
Chelsea will still be the team to beat this season while Liverpool's Brendan Rodgers is under huge pressure, says Alan Shearer.
10:07 am (5 hours ago)
British lightweight Anthony Crolla will have a WBA title rematch with Colombia's Darleys Perez, says promoter Eddie Hearn.
8:12 am (7 hours ago)
The major shareholder of South Korean industrial giant Hyundai wants to replace Sepp Blatter as Fifa president.
11:45 am (3 hours ago)
Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell says it has shed 6,500 jobs as part of cost-cutting plans.
2:13 pm (53 minutes ago)
The UK has become Santander's most profitable market, generating just over a fifth of the bank's profits in the first half of 2015.
1:48 pm (an hour ago)
David Cameron comes under criticism for for his description of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean as a "swarm".
1:23 pm (an hour ago)
UKIP leader Nigel Farage says it is time for No campaigners to "stop moaning, stop bitching and get off their backsides and help us win this referendum".
12:37 am (14 hours ago)
Scientists identify five types of prostate cancer, each with a distinct genetic signature.
Yesterday, 9:49 am
England's health watchdog puts forward new draft guidance to improve the care of adults in their last few days of life.
12:29 pm (3 hours ago)
Official data shows more children are being suspended from primary schools in England.
12:32 am (15 hours ago)
One out of every five elderly people in the UK who feel lonely say they have no-one to turn to, a survey indicates.
12:49 pm (2 hours ago)
President Obama has signed an executive order calling for the US to build the world's fastest computer by 2025.
1:35 pm (an hour ago)
The creative director of Angry Birds 2 defends its in-app fee strategy and explains why the firm gave it sequel-status to its original hit.
12:48 am (14 hours ago)
An aurora has been spotted around a brown dwarf more than 18 light years away, scientists report.
Yesterday 10:16 pm (17 hours ago)
A new report says that highly valuable forests are being lost at an "unprecedented" rate from protected lands in Cambodia.
11:02 am (4 hours ago)
Thousands of the Tower of London ceramic poppies are set to go on display in northern England this year.
1:26 pm (an hour ago)
Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is refused a six-month visa by the British government amid claims he lied on his visa application form.
Tuesday, 9:44 am
What is the inside story behind the murder of Alexander Litvinenko?
Tuesday, 12:54 am
Last year international banking giant HSBC suddenly closed the bank accounts of several prominent British Muslims. Why?
2:06 pm (an hour ago)
A man involved in a £51m VAT scam loses a legal bid to have news stories about him removed from Google searches.
1:14 pm (an hour ago)
Police try to identify a Robin Reliant driver who inexplicably reversed on to a level crossing ahead of a train approaching.
12:31 pm (3 hours ago)
A funeral is held for John Yuill, one of two people involved in the car crash on the M9 police failed to investigate for three days.
11:12 am (4 hours ago)
Searching is set to continue into a fourth day for a man who went missing after the Dornoch Show last weekend.
11:52 am (3 hours ago)
A blind adventurer who sued friends after being left paralysed when he fell from a window in their home has had his claim against them upheld.
11:53 am (3 hours ago)
The man charged with causing a hoax bomb alert at the home of Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams is granted bail.
2:30 pm (36 minutes ago)
The wife of a man who died after getting into difficulty off the Gower coast describes him as "a wonderful husband".
6:20 am (9 hours ago)
Campaigners are calling for asbestos in schools to be tackled by the Welsh and UK governments.
11:38 am (3 hours ago)
One of Africa's largest airlines Kenya Airways announces its biggest ever annual loss citing a slump in tourism and increased competition.
11:23 am (4 hours ago)
Dentist Walter Palmer apologises to his patients for the disruption caused by the backlash against him over the killing of a lion in Zimbabwe.
11:34 am (4 hours ago)
Tens of thousands of people attend the funeral of former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.
8:50 am (6 hours ago)
India has carried out the execution of Yakub Memon, the man convicted of financing the deadly 1993 Mumbai bombings.
1:37 pm (an hour ago)
Three Turkish soldiers are killed as a military convoy is attacked by the PKK in the south-eastern province of Sirnak.
2:49 pm (17 minutes ago)
Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko appears in a Russian court, accused of involvement in the killing of two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine.
6:13 am (9 hours ago)
A lorry in central Mexico ploughs into a religious procession, killing at least 16 pilgrims and injuring about 30, officials say.
Yesterday, 11:56 am
Organisers of the 2016 Rio Olympics are facing a serious challenge to clean polluted waters for sailing and windsurfing events.
12:52 pm (2 hours ago)
The Israeli parliament passes a law allowing detainees to be force-fed, following cases of Palestinian inmates going on hunger strike.
12:25 pm (3 hours ago)
An Egyptian court delays verdicts in the retrial of three Al-Jazeera journalists previously jailed for allegedly aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.
12:46 am (14 hours ago)
The vast majority of children bought and sold for sex every night in the United States are American, a BBC investigation finds.
9:28 am (6 hours ago)
University of Virginia fraternity members profiled in a false Rolling Stone piece about campus rape culture file a lawsuit against the magazine.
8:19 am (7 hours ago)
Simon Norfolk's landscapes of Afghanistan
Yesterday, 1:22 am
Ten steps to improve your photography
Monday, 4:03 am
Plight of abandoned Spanish hunting dogs
Thursday, July 23rd, 1:39 pm
Readers' photographs on the theme of derelict
Tuesday, July 21st, 2:22 am
Dan Giannopoulos's photographs of bags used to hold drugs, found on the streets of London.
Friday, July 24th, 3:47 pm
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world taken over the past week.
Thursday, July 23rd, 2:06 am
Photographer Terri Gold documents the Wodaabe and Tuareg nomadic communities of West Africa with infrared imagery
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2:59 am
Images from the photographic archive of Historic England on show at Birmingham Library.
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2:40 pm
The Health Committee heard from key figures in NHS England.
9:28 am (6 hours ago)
The BBC's Paul Adams spends one night with some of the migrants trying to gain access to the rail tracks that run through the Channel Tunnel.
12:58 pm (2 hours ago)
There are fresh warnings about the dangers of so-called "tombstoning" - an activity which involves jumping off cliffs, piers, or harbour walls into water for fun.
2:00 pm (an hour ago)
Sixteen months after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished, a piece of an aircraft has been found on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.
12:20 am (15 hours ago)
Illegal alcohol known an 'killer brew' is devastating communities in Kenya - and driving wives to take desperate measures.
8:31 am (7 hours ago)
Maud, 90, speaks to the BBC about her feelings of isolation.
8:59 am (6 hours ago)
A group of protestors hold a demonstration outside the office of the American dentist who killed the Zimbabwean lion Cecil.
12:04 am (15 hours ago)
Architect student Rachael Taylor tells the story of her community greenhouse, made out of recovered sash windows.
12:07 am (15 hours ago)
Laura Green has a learning disability and represented Team GB at the Special Olympics in Los Angeles, with hopes of winning gold.
12:18 am (15 hours ago)
The pro-refugee posters in the small German town
12:18 am (15 hours ago)
'How IS tried to radicalise me... and how I resisted'
12:18 am (15 hours ago)
What is it like to visit the land of the ayatollahs?
12:10 am (15 hours ago)
The secrets of film special effects revealed
12:18 am (15 hours ago)
Rio's favelas to accommodate visitors to 2016 Olympics
1:35 am (14 hours ago)
A routine that is all jazz, ballet and acrobatics

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