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12:24 pm (46 minutes ago)
Rescuers are searching the rubble of a high-rise apartment block in southern Taiwan, after an earthquake that kills at least 12 people.
12:58 pm (12 minutes ago)
The number of Syrians trying to cross into Turkey amid an upsurge of fighting has nearly doubled to 35,000, a Turkish official says.
10:00 am (3 hours ago)
The man killed in a shooting at a boxing weigh-in in Dublin on Friday was David Byrne, 32, from Raleigh Square in Crumlin in the south of the city.
11:24 am (an hour ago)
US astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the Moon and had an "epiphany" in space, dies at the age of 85.
1:38 am (12 hours ago)
French prosecutors are investigating at least six attacks on migrants at the makeshift Calais camp called the Jungle, the BBC understands.
2:06 am (11 hours ago)
Archaeologists say they are finding "amazing artefacts" inside a preserved roundhouse at what has been dubbed "Britain's Pompeii".
12:12 pm (58 minutes ago)
"Islamophobia" among Guernsey's residents was behind the island's decision not to accept refugees, its chief minister has said.
11:11 am (an hour ago)
North Korea reportedly advances the date of its a controversial "satellite" launch suspected to be a cover for weapons testing
12:26 pm (44 minutes ago)
Organisations given UK government grants will be banned from using the money to try to persuade ministers to change the law or increase spending.
9:43 am (3 hours ago)
Pilots in an RAF helicopter and a light aircraft failed to spot each other until it was almost too late, according to a near-miss report.
9:29 am (4 hours ago)
An earthquake has toppled a number of buildings in the south Taiwanese city of Tainan, with rescue teams trying to reach people trapped in rubble.
10:37 am (3 hours ago)
A large construction crane has collapsed in lower Manhattan in New York City, killing one person and injuring at least two others.
8:07 am (5 hours ago)
A 1957 Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti has become the highest priced car sold in euros.
9:54 am (3 hours ago)
An Indian airline has suspended five crew members who let a Bollywood star sing over its public address system.
8:21 am (5 hours ago)
At least 15,000 refugees have spent the night gathered on the border with Turkey after fleeing northern Syria.
Yesterday 6:33 pm (19 hours ago)
A 155-year-old Victorian mouse trap on display at a museum springs into action once again to claim its latest victim.
12:11 am (13 hours ago)
The BBC has been told French prosecutors are investigating at least half a dozen attacks on migrants who live in the refugee camp known as the Jungle, in Calais.
12:09 am (13 hours ago)
Photographer Brock Elbank is on a mission to photograph as many freckled people as possible.
6:12 am (7 hours ago)
The notorious relative of a woman the UK has been told it cannot deport, and the growing success of state schools, are among front page stories in Saturday's newspapers.
12:05 am (13 hours ago)
Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell share many beliefs - so why has one ended up Labour leader while the other has twice failed to even run for the party's leadership, asks Shaun Ley.
Yesterday 5:42 pm (19 hours ago)
Short-term storm clouds - but fair weather on the horizon for the health service's finances?
Yesterday 7:21 pm (18 hours ago)
The race between two Democrats, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, has focused on the use of the word “progressive”.
Yesterday 3:50 pm (21 hours ago)
A UN panel has concluded that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been "arbitrarily detained". What does it mean for him and how did it come about?
12:13 pm (57 minutes ago)
The mayor of Los Angeles comes up with novel way of warning residents about a major traffic closure: singing a slow jam.
11:35 am (an hour ago)
One of the world's most famous locomotives, Flying Scotsman, returns to the West Coast mainline
Yesterday 6:03 pm (19 hours ago)
It's going to be tight - but according to our panel of rugby greats, there's only going to be one winner of the 2016 Six Nations.
12:53 pm (17 minutes ago)
Great Britain's hopes of earning promotion in the Fed Cup end after Katie Swan and Heather Watson both lose against Belgium.
10:11 am (3 hours ago)
Celtic are going backwards under manager Ronny Deila, according to former striker Chris Sutton.
12:29 pm (40 minutes ago)
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will be absent from Saturday's Premier League game against Sunderland with suspected appendicitis.
Yesterday 9:23 pm (16 hours ago)
The US economy added 151,000 jobs in January, helping to push the country's unemployment rate down to 4.9%, official figures show.
Yesterday 3:12 pm (22 hours ago)
Navinder Sarao, the "flash crash" trader, should not be extradited to the United States because the offences he is accused of were not crimes in the UK, his lawyers said.
5:13 am (8 hours ago)
Councils should be able to run utilities in their areas as part of moves to reverse privatisation, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will say.
Yesterday 9:05 pm (16 hours ago)
A Muslim women's group writes to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claiming some women have been stopped from becoming councillors by Muslim men in their local party.
Yesterday 7:56 pm (17 hours ago)
Colombia says three people have died after contracting the Zika virus and developing a rare nerve disorder.
7:25 am (6 hours ago)
Mental health services will be developed for victims of female genital mutilation in England, the government says.
11:13 am (an hour ago)
The UK's state schools have improved so much that some private schools may be put out of business, the editor of the Good Schools Guide says.
Yesterday 2:44 pm (22 hours ago)
Some 350 international students at a private London business college have been told they must leave the UK by the end of next month.
Yesterday, 11:01 am
Google has announced the next challenge for its AI software - to play a live-streamed Go match against the world champion.
Yesterday 6:16 pm (19 hours ago)
The latest software update for iPhone 6 handsets is allegedly rendering the devices useless if it detects repairs not carried out by Apple.
Yesterday 3:44 pm (21 hours ago)
Scientists say replacing broadleaved species with conifers over the past two centuries has increased global temperatures.
Yesterday, 8:05 am
A Swedish study suggests that changes in the gut flora of brown bears help them to cope with the weird metabolic demands of hibernation.
Yesterday 6:01 pm (19 hours ago)
Zayn Malik's debut single, Pillowtalk, has gone straight to the top of the UK singles charts.
Yesterday, 11:55 am
Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc says he "can’t believe the response" to news he will co-host the new series of Top Gear, when the BBC show returns in May.
Thursday, 11:29 am
Julian Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since June 2012.
Thursday, 5:43 pm
Americans are generally known for having a positive outlook on life, but with the presidential election now well under way, polls show voters are angry. Why are they so cross?
12:02 am (13 hours ago)
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world taken over the past week.
Yesterday, 12:11 am
What is the most beautiful garden photo of the year?
12:24 am (13 hours ago)
The places where you wait a very long time at a stop
12:28 am (13 hours ago)
Is it harder to stop smoking if you use e-cigarettes?
1:22 am (12 hours ago)
'I learned to be frugal after my dad left'
11:19 am (an hour ago)
Russians sneak a peek at BBC's Tolstoy drama
Yesterday, 10:44 am
New coaches and sense of unknown for 2016 tournament
12:28 am (13 hours ago)
New Will Smith movie tackles head injuries in sport
1:45 am (11 hours ago)
China wonders if true Communists should wear luxury suits
Yesterday 4:40 pm (21 hours ago)
Female orangutans are capable of murder, and more nuggets
3:44 am (9 hours ago)
What happened to the Stock Exchange squatters?

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