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6:03 pm (3 hours ago)
Increasing NHS spending in England by the £8bn health bosses warn will be needed by 2020 will be tough but possible, the health secretary says.
7:04 pm (an hour ago)
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has vowed to strengthen the nation's terror laws one day after a gunman rampaged through parliament.
12:47 pm (8 hours ago)
Singer Alvin Stardust, best known for his hit My Coo Ca Choo, dies aged 72 after recently being diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer.
6:11 pm (3 hours ago)
Tesco shares close 6.5% down after the retailer announced that profits were overstated by £263m, £13m more than the original estimate.
11:26 am (9 hours ago)
A doctor who treated Michael Schumacher for nearly six months after his brain injury in a skiing accident says the F1 champion has made "some progress".
3:56 pm (5 hours ago)
A notorious police killer is to be released after 48 years in prison in a decision described as "scandalous" and "sickening"
5:41 pm (3 hours ago)
Everton fans are targeted with tear gas fired by police during clashes ahead of their Europa League match with Lille.
5:56 pm (3 hours ago)
A Royal Protection officer is arrested after ammunition is found in personal lockers in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, the Metropolitan Police says.
3:12 pm (6 hours ago)
US-led air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria have killed 553 people since September, including 464 IS fighters, activists say.
6:48 pm (2 hours ago)
The trial collapses of a vicar accused of carrying out hundreds of sham weddings - after the judge says immigration officers lied on oath.
8:25 pm (29 minutes ago)
Ed Miliband promises to bring in an immigration bill creating "clear, credible and concrete changes" within months if Labour wins next year's general election.
12:30 pm (8 hours ago)
A sunrise vigil at the Cenotaph that will last until sunset marks the start of the 2014 Poppy Appeal.
12:54 am (20 hours ago)
Thirty years ago the BBC broadcast the first television reports of a devastating famine in Ethiopia. Tesfatsion Dalellew saw the reports and coordinated World Vision's response.
12:13 pm (9 hours ago)
Singer Joss Stone has taken part in a vigil running from sunrise to sunset at the start of this year's Poppy Appeal at the Cenotaph.
Yesterday, 5:52 pm
As part of BBC Ouch's series on disabled students we meet Fran Smith to find out how she is getting on at university having just had major surgery.
1:41 pm (7 hours ago)
As the annual TechCrunch event for tech start ups comes to London for the first time, David Grossman goes to investigate.
6:06 am (15 hours ago)
A black bear cub found in the aisles of an Oregon drugstore will be raised with the goal of releasing him into the wild next year.
8:25 am (12 hours ago)
Firefighters had to free 18-month-old Colin Lambert after the toddler climbed inside an arcade game in Maryville, Tennessee.
Yesterday, 8:53 pm
Wilko Johnson spent a whole year "calmly accepting the fact that I was going to die", he has told the BBC's Colin Paterson.
7:16 am (14 hours ago)
Farah Khan's much-anticipated new film, Happy New Year, is released for Diwali.
5:27 pm (3 hours ago)
TV star Miranda Hart announces there will be no more episodes of her hit BBC sitcom after this Christmas.
1:06 pm (8 hours ago)
Mark Zuckerberg has conducted a chat to Chinese students in Mandarin, leading to mixed reviews about his accent and pronunciation.
8:25 pm (29 minutes ago)
A well-organised Everton stay top of Group H ahead of Wolfsburg after claiming a deserved Europa League point at Lille.
6:45 pm (2 hours ago)
Police investigate a claim that Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli "threatened" a woman who was taking pictures of his Ferrari.
1:27 pm (7 hours ago)
After a tough childhood in West Africa and exile in France, Mahama Cho could win Olympic gold for Britain in Rio.
4:33 pm (4 hours ago)
Andy Murray moves into the quarter-finals of the Valencia Open with a convincing 6-2 6-4 win over Italy's Fabio Fognini.
5:52 pm (3 hours ago)
Bosses of the Caterham F1 admit they will struggle to race in the USA next weekend if they cannot resolve a dispute with administrators.
1:51 pm (7 hours ago)
A new tax on foreign heavy goods lorries coming to the UK could rake in twice as much as the government expected, new figures suggest.
3:12 pm (6 hours ago)
William Hague defends Michael Gove against claims he is not working hard enough - before being told he was at a dog show.
11:07 am (10 hours ago)
As European leaders gather for a summit in Brussels, Ben Wright asks if David Cameron use the opportunity to push for limits on the freedom of movement within the Union.
12:30 pm (8 hours ago)
The NHS in England needs extra money and drastic changes to the way services are organised if patient care is not to suffer, health bosses say.
7:09 am (14 hours ago)
The NHS is under pressure to close a huge projected funding gap - Dominic Hughes reports on how the NHS has addressed this in West Yorkshire.
6:21 pm (3 hours ago)
Universities and business leaders call for changes in student visa rules, but the immigration minister says their criticisms are based on "myths".
Monday, 9:05 pm
A new report claims that the government will fail to meet its child poverty reduction targets by 2020.
2:00 pm (7 hours ago)
A social network promising never to sell user data or incorporate advertising secures multi-million dollar backing.
10:43 am (10 hours ago)
Spencer Kelly discovers how technology can ensure you don't have to be alone in a city full of strangers.
6:43 pm (2 hours ago)
Skywatchers in North America will be treated to the final eclipse of the year on Thursday.
1:34 am (19 hours ago)
Wild chimps carry out night time crop raids, footage reveals, suggesting the animals are being pushed into more risky behaviour.
6:06 pm (3 hours ago)
British actress Keira Knightley is to make her Broadway debut next year in Therese Raquin, a stage version of Emile Zola's classic novel.
10:40 am (10 hours ago)
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have been speaking to the BBC about their new collaboration
6:29 pm (2 hours ago)
"Overshare" has been chosen as the word of the year. But what is it and why do people do it?
6:03 pm (3 hours ago)
Notorious police killer Harry Roberts is to be released from prison after 48 years inside. How do you adjust after so long locked up?
5:26 am (15 hours ago)
Many of Thursday's papers analyse plans to overhaul the NHS in England, and the money it will cost, as well as reporting gun attacks in the Canadian capital.
1:14 pm (8 hours ago)
A dog is shot through the skull with a bolt from a crossbow which "narrowly" missed his brain and eyes.
6:09 pm (3 hours ago)
Two men are sent to prison for attacking and throwing a deaf blind man and his brother on to railway tracks.
8:18 pm (35 minutes ago)
Oil firms BP and GDF Suez announce they have discovered a new field in the UK Central North Sea.
12:02 pm (9 hours ago)
A man is jailed for life after being convicted of murdering his brother at their mother's home in Govan, Glasgow
3:30 pm (5 hours ago)
A man is charged with attempted murder after a two-year-old child is discovered with a fractured skull in County Armagh.
5:40 pm (3 hours ago)
A man is arrested after a married couple were found dead in a house in Carndonagh in County Donegal.
1:00 pm (8 hours ago)
More than 220 firefighters' jobs could be lost in north Wales if funding is not increased over the next five years, bosses warn.
1:46 pm (7 hours ago)
Questions still surround the death of a teenager who went missing after leaving her home barefoot in the middle of the winter, an inquest hears.
3:54 pm (5 hours ago)
Dozens of women and girls have been abducted from two villages in north-eastern Nigeria by suspected militants despite a reported truce, residents say.
5:29 pm (3 hours ago)
The head of Guinea's Ebola mission says the government has started paying compensation to the families of health workers who have died of the virus.
7:59 pm (54 minutes ago)
Ghulam Azam, the former leader of Bangladesh's largest Islamist party, dies from a heart attack a year after being found guilty of war crimes.
6:43 pm (2 hours ago)
The leader of one of Pakistan's biggest religious parties escapes as at least 13 people are killed in a spate of attacks in the Pakistani city of Quetta.
8:28 pm (26 minutes ago)
Enver Hoxhaj becomes the first minister from Kosovo to officially visit Serbia since his country unilaterally seceded in 2008.
10:32 am (10 hours ago)
The chief executive of Russia's Vnukovo airport and his deputy resign after a plane crash this week that killed the head of France's Total, Christophe de Margerie.
11:19 am (10 hours ago)
The mayor of the Mexican town of Iguala, where 43 students went missing last month, is wanted for allegedly ordering police to confront them.
11:26 am (9 hours ago)
More than half a million people in Honduras have been affected by a severe drought, according to the Red Cross.
4:10 pm (5 hours ago)
Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu accuses the Palestinian president of incitement, after an attack which killed a baby in Jerusalem.
2:18 pm (7 hours ago)
Four women in Saudi Arabia have been given prison sentences for supporting al-Qaeda and training their sons for jihad.
3:08 pm (6 hours ago)
A man who jumped the White House fence was attacked by dogs before being arrested, in the latest security incident at the US president's official home.
9:42 am (11 hours ago)
President Barack Obama expresses cautious optimism about the Ebola situation in the US, as new screening rules are introduced in the country.
5:36 pm (3 hours ago)
24 hours of news images: 23 October
12:11 pm (9 hours ago)
Readers' photos on the theme of "steps"
11:05 am (10 hours ago)
An online exhibition of cats
12:03 am (21 hours ago)
Images from outside the Canadian parliament
Yesterday 11:27 pm (21 hours ago)
Indians celebrate Diwali, the biggest Hindu festival
Tuesday, 12:38 pm
24 hours of news images: 21 October
Tuesday, 12:56 am
What floods did to Kashmir's most treasured historic sites
Monday, 6:36 am
Battle of the Bogside in 1969 by Gilles Caron
Thursday, October 16th, 3:22 pm
The Foreign Affairs Committee approves the EU trade deal with Moldova
6:46 pm (2 hours ago)
There have now been more than 4,800 reported deaths from Ebola, with Liberia the worst affected country. Around 50 new cases are being reported every day in the capital Monrovia.
4:15 pm (5 hours ago)
Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers, who shot dead the gunman who attacked parliament, is given a standing ovation as Canadian MPs return a day after the shootings.
1:04 pm (8 hours ago)
Ched Evans' rape conviction has highlighted struggles that meet rape victims who are attacked when they have been drinking.
7:47 am (13 hours ago)
Comedy fans are in for a rare treat after two lost episodes of "At Last The 1948 Show" have been uncovered.
7:57 pm (57 minutes ago)
Farmland birds are at their lowest levels since records began, according to government figures.
1:44 pm (7 hours ago)
The Daily Politics meets some of the contestants, and their political owners, in the Westminster dog of the year contest.
8:19 pm (35 minutes ago)
Artists in Uganda are using motorbikes to carry and display street art installations as part of the Kampala Contemporary Art Festival.
Yesterday 9:23 pm (24 hours ago)
Expanding coal mining operations along the Queensland coast could threaten Australia's treasured Great Barrier Reef.
4:30 pm (4 hours ago)
Harry Roberts and the crime that shocked a nation
1:05 am (20 hours ago)
Australian photographer explores Greenland's vast ice sheet
1:51 am (19 hours ago)
Two very different paths to smarter cities
1:03 am (20 hours ago)
How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it
2:03 am (19 hours ago)
How much do you know about the life of the chicken you eat?
9:48 am (11 hours ago)
What's lurking in Sweden's waters?
11:59 am (9 hours ago)
How West Africans are rallying against Ebola stigma
1:15 pm (8 hours ago)
Unite chief on his life, Miliband and why he likes Downton Abbey
9:05 am (12 hours ago)
Will the government’s tech plans for Northern England work?
9:38 am (11 hours ago)
How much will politicians spend to save the NHS?
12:34 am (20 hours ago)
The BBC's Hugh Pym looks at the future of healthcare in England
12:12 am (21 hours ago)
How can the supermarket turn its fortunes around?

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