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12:25 am (4 hours ago)
NHS England says letters sent out to local health bosses suggesting the funding of patients in clinical drug trials might be cut were "incorrect".
12:59 am (4 hours ago)
Former PM Gordon Brown says politicians in Scotland must stop obsessing about constitutional change and focus on improving people's lives.
1:26 am (3 hours ago)
Comedian Lenny Henry and former Everything But The Girl singer Tracey Thorn are among those chosen to guest edit BBC Radio 4's Today programme over the festive period.
2:40 am (2 hours ago)
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan vows "to leave no stone unturned" in tracking down the perpetrators of a mosque attack that left dozens dead.
2:12 am (3 hours ago)
There could be about 10-13,000 victims of slavery in the UK, far more than previous estimates, analysis for the Home Office suggests.
12:48 am (4 hours ago)
A 38-year-old man is charged with the murder of Patrick and Gillian Kettyle, who were found stabbed at their home in Surrey on Thursday.
12:58 am (4 hours ago)
An ecumenical service will be held in Glasgow to mark the first anniversary of the Clutha helicopter crash in which 10 people died.
2:28 am (2 hours ago)
A court in Egypt is due to deliver a verdict in the retrial of ousted President Hosni Mubarak on charges of conspiring to kill protesters in 2011.
Yesterday 9:34 pm (7 hours ago)
Referee Nigel Owens backs the ban of two fans for shouting homophobic abuse at him - and says he would be willing to meet them.
Yesterday 11:41 pm (5 hours ago)
French conservatives are set to elect their next leader in a poll which could mark Nicolas Sarkozy's return to frontline politics.
12:53 am (4 hours ago)
Thirty-five Venezuelan inmates are reported to have died after overdosing on the contents of a prison infirmary they stormed.
3:32 am (an hour ago)
Lord Tebbit suggests an updated version of his famous "cricket test", to decide which EU immigrants are welcome to live in the UK.
Yesterday 5:52 pm (11 hours ago)
The teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just been released and is already being dissected by fans and trending on social media.
Yesterday 7:05 pm (10 hours ago)
Australians have been paying tribute to Phillip Hughes by putting their cricket bats outside their homes, as Phil Mercer reports.
Yesterday, 12:13 am
The BBC has been allowed inside London's Olympic Stadium to film the construction of the arena's new roof.
Yesterday, 12:13 am
Canicross is a kind of cross-country running with dogs. Runners attach themselves via a harness and bungee-cord to their canine friends - and then race.
Yesterday 7:57 am (21 hours ago)
The fashion world is joining in the fight against the Ebola virus - supermodel Naomi Campbell has launched a pop-up shop in London to raise funds to help people in affected countries.
Thursday, 5:27 pm
The last Christmas tree in the Norwegian city of Stavanger is about to go on display in the centre of Aberdeen.
Thursday, 2:43 pm
Howling Laud Hope is the UK's longest-serving political leader but has never won an election or saved his deposit.
Yesterday 8:15 am (21 hours ago)
The government is reviewing the way grey squirrels numbers are managed in England, and is assessing whether more needs to be done to control numbers.
Yesterday 11:41 pm (5 hours ago)
Coverage of David Cameron's proposals to curb immigration dominate front pages, along with photographs of shoppers grappling for bargains in pre-Christmas sales.
Yesterday 6:19 pm (10 hours ago)
In an anticipated speech on migration, British Prime Minister David Cameron set out proposals aimed at keeping both his countrymen and the continent happy.
Yesterday 10:09 am (19 hours ago)
Can we judge an artwork purely on its own merits - be it a film, painting, play or sitcom - or do we inevitably take its creator's character into account?
Yesterday, 1:49 am
The field of geo-engineering - where humans intervene to change the climate - throws up fascinating ideas, and nightmare scenarios.
1:34 am (3 hours ago)
Mike Wooldridge returns to Ethiopia 30 years after the famine and sees much change but fears some lessons have gone unlearned.
Yesterday 9:54 am (19 hours ago)
Official figures published yesterday show how migration has already transformed the UK and will continue to change it in an era of mass movement of people.
Yesterday 1:12 pm (16 hours ago)
Understanding the scale of the humanitarian crisis in Syria can be difficult. So imagine this: what if Syria were the UK?
Yesterday 9:03 pm (8 hours ago)
A man is injured after a pop-up toilet unexpectedly emerges from underground in the Dutch city of Amsterdam, throwing a stationary scooter onto him.
Yesterday 7:38 pm (9 hours ago)
Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke wins an exhibition boxing match in Moscow after returning to the ring for the first time in 20 years.
Yesterday 11:40 pm (5 hours ago)
Australia retire the number 64 one-day international shirt number of Phillip Hughes, who died on Thursday.
4:25 am (20 minutes ago)
The start of England's second one-day international against Sri Lanka in Colombo is delayed by heavy rain.
Yesterday 4:54 pm (12 hours ago)
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says he is "favourite for the sack" after the Reds' poor run of form.
Yesterday 11:19 pm (5 hours ago)
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal says Robin van Persie had a "very bad game" against Arsenal - and his confidence is low.
Yesterday 10:09 pm (7 hours ago)
Cross-code signing Sam Burgess makes his debut and helps Bath overcome a Harlequins side that was briefly down to 12 men.
Yesterday 9:35 pm (7 hours ago)
Retailers including John Lewis and Currys head for record online sales as frenzied shopping swamps websites.
Yesterday 2:39 pm (14 hours ago)
There are calls on the government to do more to help the return of Tunisians who travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight with extremist groups.
1:00 am (4 hours ago)
Scotland's new first minister is to say that smashing to "smithereens" the glass ceiling faced by women is an important part of tackling inequality.
Yesterday 5:10 pm (12 hours ago)
Saira Grant from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants says she welcomes the language used by David Cameron in his speech on immigration but the curbs will not stop migrants.
Yesterday 10:17 am (18 hours ago)
The lowest ever number of winter deaths was recorded last year, official figures for England and Wales show.
Thursday, 11:07 am
A report published on Thursday challenges received wisdom about the nature of schizophrenia.
Yesterday 1:14 pm (16 hours ago)
Schools in England must ensure pupils have respect and tolerance for all faiths, races and cultures, says new government guidance on British values.
Wednesday, 12:07 am
A PhD student from Brunel University London has saved himself £100,000 by 'hacking' his own kit.
Yesterday 3:42 pm (13 hours ago)
Sony has developed a watch made from e-paper as part of an initiative to experiment with the use of the material for fashion products.
Yesterday, 2:25 am
BBC Click looks at some of the week's technology highlights.
Yesterday 10:44 am (18 hours ago)
The "wonder material" graphene could be used to make bulletproof armour, new research suggests.
Yesterday 8:15 am (21 hours ago)
The government is reviewing the way grey squirrels numbers are managed in England, and is assessing whether more needs to be done to control numbers.
Yesterday 3:56 pm (13 hours ago)
The first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is unveiled online and in US cinemas
Yesterday, 12:13 am
When a sand dune in Tunisia threatened to swallow up Mos Espa - the childhood home of Darth Vader - Star Wars fans teamed up with tourist chiefs to take action.
Yesterday 3:24 pm (13 hours ago)
The week in numbers with our Go Figure images.
Yesterday 8:16 am (20 hours ago)
The Magazine's weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.
Yesterday 9:59 pm (7 hours ago)
A corrupt policewoman who seized CCTV of a street bust-up in order to try to blackmail Liverpool player Steven Gerrard faces jail.
Yesterday 5:22 pm (11 hours ago)
A mother-of-six who flew to Australia after telling her son she was going to the supermarket is given a suspended jail sentence.
Yesterday 5:49 pm (11 hours ago)
Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte is released on bail following a court appearance over an alleged fraudulent takeover of the Ibrox club.
Yesterday 3:50 pm (13 hours ago)
A speeding driver who killed two women on a pedestrian crossing is jailed for nearly five years and banned from driving for a decade.
Yesterday 1:06 pm (16 hours ago)
Stormont's Standards and Privileges Committee says Iris Robinson committed a serious breach of assembly rules, but First Minister Peter Robinson did not.
Yesterday 11:32 am (17 hours ago)
One of Ireland's greatest ever rugby players, 1948 Grand Slam-winning fly-half Jack Kyle, dies at the age of 88.
Yesterday 12:37 pm (16 hours ago)
A former council chief at the centre of a row over cash payments made in lieu of pension contributions was given a luxury Porsche lease car as his work vehicle, BBC Wales learns.
Yesterday 8:30 pm (8 hours ago)
A police officer says he is disappointed Tesco did not have proper security in place to cope with Black Friday sales crowds.
Yesterday 2:39 pm (14 hours ago)
French President Francois Hollande visits Guinea on the first trip by a Western leader to a country at the centre of the West African Ebola outbreak.
Yesterday 7:40 pm (9 hours ago)
A group of 15 men accused of plotting to assassinate the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, have been acquitted by a South African court.
4:25 am (21 minutes ago)
Taiwan is holding its biggest local elections, widely seen as a referendum on the China policy of the governing party.
Yesterday 7:37 am (21 hours ago)
Cricket Australia will hold an investigation into player safety following the death of Test batsman Phillip Hughes.
Yesterday 3:30 pm (13 hours ago)
Pope Francis calls for all faiths to enter a dialogue to counter fanaticism and fundamentalism, at the start of a key visit to Turkey.
Yesterday 7:04 pm (10 hours ago)
David Cameron urges EU leaders to back his "reasonable" plans to curb welfare benefits for migrants, saying he will "rule nothing out" if they fail.
Yesterday 7:01 pm (10 hours ago)
A gunman who attacked downtown buildings and the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas, before being shot may have had political reasons, say police.
Yesterday 10:43 pm (6 hours ago)
One of Latin America's most beloved comic actors, the Mexican Roberto Gomez Bolanos, or "Chespirito", dies at the age of 85.
Yesterday 1:04 pm (16 hours ago)
After days of heavy rain, the UN declares a state of emergency amid severe flooding in the Gaza Strip, still damaged from the summer war.
Yesterday 3:01 pm (14 hours ago)
At least two demonstrators die in Egypt as Islamist anti-government protesters clash with police in Cairo.
Yesterday 9:05 pm (8 hours ago)
NFL running-back Ray Rice can play again after winning his appeal against an indefinite ban issued for hitting his wife.
Yesterday 6:52 pm (10 hours ago)
Black Friday is less intense this year in the US after many stores opened earlier on Thursday.
Yesterday 2:30 pm (14 hours ago)
24 hours of news images: 28 November
Thursday, 2:29 am
A photographer's view
Wednesday, 3:12 pm
Readers' photos on the theme of "insects"
Wednesday, 12:54 pm
24 hours of news images: 25 November
Tuesday, 6:28 pm
Scenes of widespread damage in Ferguson
Wednesday, 4:12 am
Story behind an image of a student protest
Tuesday, 12:34 pm
24 hours of news images: 25 November
Tuesday, 1:45 pm
Night of unrest follows a jury's decision
Wednesday, 4:06 pm
MPs take evidence on flood risk management.
Yesterday 4:31 pm (12 hours ago)
Gordon Ramsay is asking a judge to declare a rental agreement not binding, saying his father-in-law, Christopher Hutcheson, forged his signature in a £640,000 rental guarantee.
Yesterday 4:31 pm (12 hours ago)
A plane enthusiast has spent more than two years creating matchstick models of a Concorde and a Boeing 747.
Yesterday 10:00 pm (7 hours ago)
Many people have been killed in a gun and bomb attack during Friday prayers at one of the biggest mosques in the Nigerian city of Kano.
Yesterday 7:03 am (22 hours ago)
A huge clean-up operation is under way in the Australian city of Brisbane after it was hit by its worst storm in three decades.
Yesterday 11:20 am (17 hours ago)
The Prime Minster has to pause while delivering a speech at a factory in the West Midlands as an alarm was sounding.
Yesterday 4:57 pm (12 hours ago)
Footage of shoppers scrambling to get their hand on discounted merchandise that has been emerging from across the UK.
Yesterday, 3:33 am
A Siberian tiger, released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has apparently been killing animals on a Chinese farm.
Yesterday 8:20 am (20 hours ago)
Seven mental health patients have killed themselves in England since 2012 after being told there were no hospital beds for them, the BBC has learned.
12:32 am (4 hours ago)
What happened to England's lost stately homes?
Yesterday 6:30 pm (10 hours ago)
Beer is less likely to slosh than coffee, and other nuggets
Yesterday 9:17 pm (7 hours ago)
The grain that tells you a lot about Russia's state of mind
1:31 am (3 hours ago)
The best reads you need to catch up on
Yesterday 9:12 pm (8 hours ago)
The young Omani who became a prewar fusion music hit
1:48 am (3 hours ago)
The European country voting to limit immigration
12:55 am (4 hours ago)
Remembering the Clutha helicopter crash
12:38 am (4 hours ago)
The foodies making buildings out of gingerbread
Yesterday 3:52 pm (13 hours ago)
Best news images from around the world in the past seven days
Yesterday 6:09 pm (11 hours ago)
The teenagers shot in Pakistan now studying in Wales
Thursday, 9:50 pm
Why a sportsman's death affects us so much

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