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7:41 pm (2 hours ago)
Some of the UK's estimated 50,000 paedophiles with images of child abuse will escape prosecution, the head of the National Crime Agency says.
4:17 pm (6 hours ago)
David Cameron is to set out further plans to curb the rights of EU migrants to work in the UK by Christmas, insisting the British people and not Brussels officials are his "boss".
3:35 pm (7 hours ago)
Tributes are paid to British actress and TV presenter Lynda Bellingham, who has died at the age of 66 after suffering colon cancer.
4:48 pm (5 hours ago)
The World Health Organization declares Nigeria officially free of Ebola - hailing it a "spectacular success story" - after six weeks with no new cases.
5:49 pm (4 hours ago)
Ed Balls says owners of properties worth between £2m and £3m will pay an extra £250 a month in "mansion tax" under a future Labour government - with higher rates for higher value homes.
8:05 pm (2 hours ago)
The Bank of England has launched an official probe after an automated system that transfers billions of pounds between banks was suspended for much of the day delaying house movers.
8:49 pm (an hour ago)
Turkey is to allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross the Syrian border to Kobane to fight Islamic State militants, its foreign minister says.
9:42 pm (27 minutes ago)
British Airways axes some short-haul and domestic flights from its Tuesday schedule amid warnings of heavy rain and strong winds for parts of the UK.
6:27 pm (4 hours ago)
Sweden steps up its search in waters off Stockholm and tells some civilian vessels to leave the area amid suspicions of a Russian submarine.
4:34 pm (6 hours ago)
The UK risks being "permanently divided" between rich and poor unless more is done to boost social mobility, says Alan Milburn, the government's anti-poverty tsar.
5:47 pm (4 hours ago)
The US has paid dozens of exiled Nazi war criminals millions of dollars in social benefits after forcing them to leave the country, a new report finds.
2:22 pm (8 hours ago)
RWE npower, the owner of Didcot B power station in Oxfordshire, says half of the site will remain out of action indefinitely after a fire.
4:28 pm (6 hours ago)
BBC Radio 1 broke broadcasting guidelines when Lily Allen and Ed Sheeran swore on air during the Big Weekend festival, watchdog Ofcom says.
2:50 am (19 hours ago)
Scientists at MIT are working on trying to create "superhuman vision".
12:54 am (21 hours ago)
BBC Inside Out meets a young woman whose extremely rare illness - Kleine-Levin Syndrome - causes her to sleep for weeks on end.
1:55 pm (8 hours ago)
Winds gusting at 70mph have been forecast as the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo hits the UK on Tuesday night.
6:22 pm (4 hours ago)
The BBC's Jim Muir speaks to an American who has come to fight Islamic State militants on the frontline in north-east Syria.
8:21 am (14 hours ago)
Tens of thousands of fans turn out to watch competitors play each other at the League of Legends World Championship in Seoul, South Korea.
11:26 am (11 hours ago)
An annual pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire, turned violent as the event descended into a night of rioting.
12:25 pm (10 hours ago)
A Star Wars sci-fi convention has been set up for people with disabilities. Feel the Force Day was set up so that as many people as possible could access and experience Star Wars
1:24 pm (9 hours ago)
BBC Panorama has gained unique access inside a Taliban stronghold, little more than an hour's drive from the capital, Kabul.
1:21 pm (9 hours ago)
The record for the largest all-female skydive formation has been broken by 117 women in California.
4:43 pm (5 hours ago)
Former BBC Radio 1 host Mike Read defends a song he has written in support of UKIP after he is accused of racism on social media.
9:52 pm (16 minutes ago)
Daley Blind's first goal for Manchester United earns a point at West Bromwich Albion as United twice come from behind.
3:03 pm (7 hours ago)
Birmingham City sack manager Lee Clark and his assistant Steve Watson, with Blues lying 21st in the Championship.
3:58 pm (6 hours ago)
Kamui Kobayashi admitted to being "seriously troubled" about the safety of his Caterham during the Russian GP weekend.
7:08 pm (3 hours ago)
Arsenal forward Lukas Podolski takes to Twitter to dismiss transfer speculation linking him with a £10m move to Tottenham.
1:04 pm (9 hours ago)
England's Moeen Ali and Ravi Bopara hope to inspire the next generation of UK-born Asian cricketers to become professionals.
9:57 pm (12 minutes ago)
Apple reports third-quarter earnings of $8.47bn (£5.24bn), beating analysts' expectations, helped by sales of its new iPhone models.
8:41 pm (an hour ago)
House movers, including Aidan Myles from Chorlton, faced delays after the Bank of England stopped an automated system that transfers billions of pounds between banks for much of the day.
7:30 pm (3 hours ago)
Ed Miliband appoints former minister Pat McFadden to his frontbench team, where he will speak on European issues.
12:43 pm (9 hours ago)
New technology makes it easy to record private comments embarrassing politicians unaware their words would go viral.
12:28 pm (10 hours ago)
Britain's drinking culture has sparked a worrying rise in liver disease deaths, warn health officials.
4:43 pm (5 hours ago)
A nurse claims "heartbreaking" levels of low morale are driving staff out of the profession
10:02 pm (6 minutes ago)
Teenagers who are regular cannabis users are "impairing" their educational ability - but moderate use does not harm intelligence, say researchers.
9:05 pm (an hour ago)
A new report claims that the government will fail to meet its child poverty reduction targets by 2020.
1:16 pm (9 hours ago)
Google announces changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb online piracy.
12:06 am (22 hours ago)
The BBC has produced a computer game called 'The Doctor and the Dalek', as part of the Make it Digital initiative to get more young people into computer coding.
7:33 am (15 hours ago)
Investors are seeking funding from the UK government for an ambitious plan to import solar energy generated in North Africa.
11:29 am (11 hours ago)
Prof Brian Cox muses on whether life here on Earth is unique within the Milky Way and what this might mean.
4:44 pm (5 hours ago)
Reggae singer John Holt, who was famed for writing and singing the original version of Blondie's hit The Tide is High, dies aged 67.
12:25 pm (10 hours ago)
A Star Wars sci-fi convention has been set up for people with disabilities. Feel the Force Day was set up so that as many people as possible could access and experience Star Wars
Saturday, October 18th, 12:52 am
Sweden's new health minister has set pulses racing - but not at home. He caused a bit of a stir in Turkey after someone spotted his photo on Twitter.
Saturday, October 18th, 12:33 am
Barack Obama's credit card was once rejected - do US presidents carry cash?
5:07 pm (5 hours ago)
A man is arrested after 45 people are injured in a collision involving a double decker bus and a car in Hertfordshire.
8:54 pm (an hour ago)
Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson has to cancel an appearance at the Oxford Union as he is recalled to prison for responding to a Twitter death threat, his supporters say.
9:26 am (13 hours ago)
A public awareness campaign is being launched to highlight the carrier bag charge which has come into force.
3:39 pm (6 hours ago)
Celtic goalkeeper Lukasz Zaluska is assaulted in the street while on a night out in Glasgow.
2:28 pm (8 hours ago)
Police are questioning a man in his 20s about an alleged assault on a two-year-old girl in Bessbrook, County Armagh.
5:51 pm (4 hours ago)
A west Belfast woman who claims republicans were involved in a cover-up of sexual abuse holds talks with First Minister Peter Robinson.
9:48 pm (21 minutes ago)
Gale force winds and heavy rain are expected to affect most areas of Wales as the remains of Hurricane Gonzalo arrives in Britain, the Met Office warns.
7:49 pm (2 hours ago)
Thousands of NHS staff in Wales vote "overwhelmingly" to take strike action in a row over pay, Unison says.
2:38 pm (8 hours ago)
Zambia's President Michael Sata, 77, flies abroad for a medical check-up amid persistent speculation that he is seriously ill.
3:15 pm (7 hours ago)
The cousin of Anni Dewani, who was killed while on honeymoon in South Africa, tells a court she was "suspicious" of Anni's husband.
4:15 pm (6 hours ago)
Sri Lanka will hold early presidential elections in January, a government minister says, with President Mahinda Rajapaksa expected to seek a third term.
1:36 pm (9 hours ago)
Indian footballer Peter Biaksangzuala dies from the injuries he suffered after landing awkwardly when he celebrated a goal.
3:12 pm (7 hours ago)
Amnesty International finds evidence of atrocities committed by both warring sides in eastern Ukraine, but not on the scale reported by Russia.
6:34 pm (4 hours ago)
A Polish MEP joins the UK Independence Party's Eurosceptic grouping, restoring its status in the European Parliament.
11:42 am (10 hours ago)
Mexican federal police are put in charge of security in towns surrounding Iguala, the city where 43 students went missing more than three weeks ago.
7:12 pm (3 hours ago)
Chile arrests Col Cristian Labbe, former aide to ex-military leader Augusto Pinochet, over the killings of 13 political prisoners in the 1970s.
5:41 pm (4 hours ago)
Iranian police arrest four men following a string of acid attacks against women allegedly for not following the country's strict dress code.
Yesterday, 7:11 pm
Australia closes a deal to allow 200 special forces into Iraq to train local troops to fight against Islamic State, after a month-long legal row.
8:19 pm (an hour ago)
A man in the US state of Indiana confessed to a motel murder and directed police where to find more bodies - and six more were found.
3:51 pm (6 hours ago)
Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspected ringleader of the September 2012 raid on a US diplomatic post in the Libyan city of Benghazi, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
6:15 am (16 hours ago)
Comments on David Cameron's plans to cap EU migration and government anti-poverty "failures" make the front pages.
3:03 pm (7 hours ago)
24 hours of news images: 20 October
6:36 am (16 hours ago)
Battle of the Bogside in 1969 by Gilles Caron
11:12 am (11 hours ago)
Actress Lynda Bellingham's career on screen
Yesterday 11:33 pm (23 hours ago)
Aftermath of worst flooding in Indian-administered Kashmir
Friday, October 17th, 4:11 pm
News photos from around the world
Friday, October 17th, 12:29 pm
24 hours of news images: 17 October
Friday, October 17th, 12:27 am
From silver mine to wet plate in Peru
Thursday, October 16th, 11:58 pm
Creativity on the streets of Hong Kong
Thursday, October 16th, 3:22 pm
The Foreign Affairs Committee approves the EU trade deal with Moldova
8:27 pm (an hour ago)
The siblings of Oscar Pistorius,, Carl and Aimee Pistorius, speak of "twisted truths" in a television interview ahead of his sentencing on Tuesday.
3:29 pm (7 hours ago)
A serious fire at Didcot power station destroyed three cooling towers. Jon Kay reports from a helicopter above the scene in Oxfordshire.
5:43 pm (4 hours ago)
Actress Lynda Bellingham spoke to BBC Breakfast in October 2014 about her decision to give up chemotherapy treatment
8:15 pm (an hour ago)
A powerful explosion at a chemical plant in the rebel-held city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine has reverberated across the city.
2:38 pm (8 hours ago)
Aberdeen is among the nominees for the Carbuncle award, given to the "most dismal town in Scotland".
3:03 pm (7 hours ago)
There have been some skirmishes around the Syrian town of Kobane between Islamic State and Kurdish forces.
9:22 pm (46 minutes ago)
A public awareness campaign is being launched to highlight the carrier-bag charge which has come into force in Scotland.
1:28 pm (9 hours ago)
UKIP claim Tories are behind phone calls from fake political pollsters in the Rochester and Strood by-election.
12:09 am (22 hours ago)
WW1 fighter pilots who navigated using a school atlas
3:30 pm (7 hours ago)
What social media insults are against the law?
12:16 am (22 hours ago)
Scandalous tales from the British embassy in Paris
3:03 am (19 hours ago)
The time when the average age of death was zero
7:36 pm (3 hours ago)
Celebrating success and defying stereotypes in 2014
12:21 am (22 hours ago)
Why being brilliant is not enough at work
9:39 pm (30 minutes ago)
How we are improving the BBC's coverage of Australia
12:21 am (22 hours ago)
Getting into the groove with Australia's last record maker
2:02 pm (8 hours ago)
Global health body under fire over Ebola
10:59 am (11 hours ago)
China says 'No' to Dumbledore
2:28 pm (8 hours ago)
NHS England's chief to give his five-year vision for health service
10:39 am (11 hours ago)
How can migration be limited without affecting freedom of movement?

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