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5:57 pm (an hour ago)
David Cameron says a future Conservative government would cut taxes for thirty million people as he delivers his party conference speech.
7:11 pm (4 minutes ago)
A body found in a west London river is that of missing Alice Gross, the Metropolitan Police confirm.
5:39 pm (an hour ago)
Ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg is freed from prison after prosecutors drop seven terror charges saying "new material" had emerged.
6:31 pm (44 minutes ago)
Student demonstrators in Hong Kong vow to step up pro-democracy protests and occupy government buildings if leader CY Leung does not quit.
6:27 pm (48 minutes ago)
Former Conservative supporter Arron Banks is donating £1m to UKIP after joining the party.
10:38 am (9 hours ago)
Thousands of customers trying to renew their car tax online are experiencing problems with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) website.
5:18 pm (an hour ago)
The family of a missing 15-year-old girl who is feared to have travelled to Syria make an appeal for her return.
7:02 pm (13 minutes ago)
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi tells the BBC he "totally" opposes Arab nations joining air strikes against Islamic State in his country.
4:28 pm (3 hours ago)
Ambulance staff and other health workers in the GMB union have voted in favour of strike action in a dispute over pay.
6:19 pm (56 minutes ago)
A senior police officer insists a "substantial minority" of Liverpool supporters had a "responsibility" for what happened at Hillsborough in 1989.
3:20 pm (4 hours ago)
A shell blast kills four people at a school in the rebel-held Ukrainian city of Donetsk on the first day of classes, delayed because of the conflict.
2:49 pm (4 hours ago)
The US air safety regulator has ordered airlines to replace cockpit displays in more than 1,300 planes because of fears that wi-fi signals can make them go blank.
6:38 pm (37 minutes ago)
The award-winning comedian, actor and writer Stephen Fry has said his new volume of memoirs, More Fool Me, reveals the "ugly truth" about his cocaine use in the 1980s.
4:03 pm (3 hours ago)
The BBC's Celia Hatton reports on how the Chinese media are reporting on the protests in Hong Kong
3:28 pm (4 hours ago)
Jude Currie is a 12-year-old boy from Cobham in Surrey with a rather unusual hobby
12:08 am (19 hours ago)
It is 25 years since Denmark became the first country to celebrate same-sex civil unions.
10:28 am (9 hours ago)
From Wednesday some people who use landline phones will need to include the area code when making local calls.
11:07 am (8 hours ago)
BBC footage recalls some of the highs and lows for David Cameron and the Conservative Party over the last 12 months.
6:40 am (13 hours ago)
As many in the United Kingdom still find it difficult to see how more powers might be handed over to English regions, British MPs have been looking to Germany, as one example of a successful federal system.
12:49 pm (6 hours ago)
Eighties pop group Spandau Ballet reunite for the premiere of a film about their career.
11:20 am (8 hours ago)
BBC World News America wins two News and Documentary Emmys for its coverage of the conflicts in Syria and the Central African Republic (CAR).
9:35 am (10 hours ago)
A security company says hackers use malicious links connected to Cheryl Cole's name more than any other celebrity.
12:18 pm (7 hours ago)
Stuart Lancaster's contract as England head coach is extended until 2020 by the Rugby Football Union.
1:17 pm (6 hours ago)
Sir Trevor Brooking is against the 'Rooney Rule' being introduced and says the number of black managers in the game will increase.
11:55 am (7 hours ago)
Graeme McDowell outlines in detail how Europe captain Paul McGinley masterminded the Ryder Cup triumph at Gleneagles.
5:48 pm (an hour ago)
Alan Pardew can handle the pressure at Newcastle despite calls for him to leave the club, say two former team-mates.
Yesterday, 6:08 pm
Hamilton or Rosberg? Where will Alonso go in 2015? What's up with Vettel? Eddie Jordan answers these questions and more.
5:46 pm (an hour ago)
Sainsbury's shares close down 7% as supermarket price wars prompt its third consecutive quarterly sales fall.
12:01 pm (7 hours ago)
Sainsbury's has announced like-for-like sales fell almost 3% in the three months to September.
Yesterday 10:37 pm (21 hours ago)
RAF jets attack two Islamic State targets in Iraq - the first strikes since Parliament approved military action on Friday.
3:19 pm (4 hours ago)
Michael Gove says Mark Reckless "assured me and others repeatedly that he was not going to defect" to UKIP.
6:34 pm (41 minutes ago)
Children have come into contact with the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola on US soil and are being monitored, the Texas governor says.
12:21 pm (7 hours ago)
A cervical cancer victim has donated thousands of pounds to the hospital that failed to spot her disease.
12:36 am (19 hours ago)
There are warnings that a lack of higher education in some parts of England could hamper the growth of local economies.
Yesterday, 9:56 am
The BBC is launching a campaign to get every child in the land familiar with a piece of classical music.
5:11 pm (2 hours ago)
The UK makes it legal to make duplicates of media files for personal use, but will still allow companies to add copy-protection code.
1:15 am (18 hours ago)
Microsoft has disclosed the first details of Windows 10 - its next operating system (OS).
5:42 pm (an hour ago)
The European Space Agency produces a list of four possible locations on Mars where it could send a rover in 2018.
Yesterday, 6:06 pm
Researchers have captured the social spread of a new type of tool use in a wild population of chimps for the first time.
2:51 pm (4 hours ago)
Broadcaster and musician Sheila Tracy, who was the first woman to read the news on BBC Radio 4 and presented Big Band Special on Radio 2, dies.
6:38 pm (37 minutes ago)
The award-winning comedian, actor and writer Stephen Fry has said his new volume of memoirs, More Fool Me, reveals the "ugly truth" about his cocaine use in the 1980s.
12:17 am (19 hours ago)
US yoga practitioners insist it isn't primarily about fitness. But the definition can be flexible.
Yesterday, 8:19 am
It is more than 30 years since it became illegal to drive without a seatbelt, yet up to two million drivers in the UK are still risking it.
4:50 pm (2 hours ago)
A Banksy mural showing a group of pigeons holding anti-immigration banners is destroyed after a complaint the work was "racist".
2:29 pm (5 hours ago)
A man is found guilty of killing his 84-year-old grandfather after a row over the alleged historical sex abuse of a relative.
4:25 pm (3 hours ago)
Specialist armed police officers in Scotland will in future only be deployed to firearms incidents or where there is a threat to life.
5:57 pm (an hour ago)
The prime minister admits the week leading up to the referendum on Scottish independence was the most nerve-wracking of his life.
6:35 pm (40 minutes ago)
Human remains have been found in a County Meath bog by a team searching for an IRA victim missing for almost 40 years.
5:57 pm (an hour ago)
Orangemen and unionists are considering staging rallies over the north Belfast parades dispute, the BBC has learned.
3:16 pm (4 hours ago)
Two nurses whose care led to "avoidable harm to vulnerable patients" at an Abertillery care home are struck off by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
5:49 pm (an hour ago)
Two former environment ministers criticise Welsh government plans for an M4 relief road south of Newport.
2:11 pm (5 hours ago)
A man who travelled from Liberia nearly two weeks ago is the first confirmed case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on American soil.
5:04 pm (2 hours ago)
More than 100 demobilised militia fighters and their relatives die from hunger and disease in an army camp in DR Congo, according to a rights group.
10:35 am (9 hours ago)
Rescue workers in Japan recover 12 more bodies from Mount Ontake, bringing to 48 the number of those killed by Saturday's surprise volcanic eruption.
6:48 pm (26 minutes ago)
Afghanistan's new President, Ashraf Ghani, says he is resuming the investigation into a banking fraud, said to be one of the largest in the world.
5:21 pm (an hour ago)
Radovan Karadzic sums up his defence, saying he takes "moral responsibility" for crimes committed by Bosnian Serbs but denying he ordered killings.
6:09 pm (an hour ago)
The EU Commissioner-designate for financial services, Britain's Lord Hill, tells MEPs he will act for the whole EU, not for the City of London.
4:49 pm (2 hours ago)
US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wanted to "smash Cuba" by air strikes nearly 40 years ago, newly disclosed government documents show.
10:14 am (9 hours ago)
Extreme skiers Jean-Philippe Auclair and Carl Andreas Fransson have died in an avalanche in southern Chile, officials confirm.
4:31 pm (3 hours ago)
US-led forces carry out air strikes on Islamic State militants battling Kurdish fighters around the northern Syrian border town of Kobane.
6:01 pm (an hour ago)
Six prominent Iranian filmmakers launch a campaign urging world powers to agree a permanent solution to the dispute over Iran's nuclear programme.
2:09 pm (5 hours ago)
US President Barack Obama rode in a lift with an armed security contractor who had assault convictions, in another security lapse.
12:21 pm (7 hours ago)
Five men accused of being part of a hacking ring that stole pre-release video games and put a prototype Xbox One on sale have been charged.
5:52 am (13 hours ago)
The first RAF air strikes against Islamic State targets since Parliament approved military action in Iraq make front-page news.
3:16 pm (4 hours ago)
Readers' photos on the theme of "amateur sport"
1:51 pm (5 hours ago)
News images from around the world: 1 October
12:36 pm (7 hours ago)
Crowds gather on the streets of Hong Kong
Yesterday, 11:42 am
Men and women who risk their lives to get rich in Guinea
Yesterday, 12:54 pm
News images from around the world: 30 September
Yesterday, 1:05 am
Printing tradition kept alive in Calcutta
Monday, 8:42 am
Exhibition featuring work by three generations of photographers
Monday, 8:18 pm
Pro-democracy protesters remain on the streets in Hong Kong
Friday, September 26th, 6:28 pm
MPs vote by 524 to 43 in favour of UK military action against Islamic State in Iraq.
4:28 pm (3 hours ago)
Paul Adams reports from the Syrian-Turkish border where thousands of refugees are attempting to reach safety.
6:10 pm (an hour ago)
Former Conservative supporter Arron Banks has announced that he will donate £1m to UKIP.
1:16 pm (6 hours ago)
Paul Zimmerman, who is a Hong Kong local councillor, explains why he took a yellow umbrella to protest at a China National Day reception in Hong Kong.
3:26 pm (4 hours ago)
RAF jets have carried out their first strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq, attacking a "heavy weapon position" and an armed pick-up truck.
9:36 am (10 hours ago)
Music videos shown online are to be given age ratings in the same way films are, in a new pilot scheme.
2:08 pm (5 hours ago)
12 more bodies have been recovered by rescue workers from from Mount Ontake, bringing to 48 the number of those killed by Saturday's volcanic eruption.
Yesterday 11:12 pm (20 hours ago)
The wife of British hostage Alan Henning has made a renewed direct appeal to the IS militants holding her husband.
7:06 am (12 hours ago)
Police searching for missing 14-year-old Alice Gross confirm they have found a body in the River Brent.
12:10 am (19 hours ago)
One photographer's take on 1960s Britain
11:17 am (8 hours ago)
Why is it seen as unusual to eat certain animals?
12:07 am (19 hours ago)
How Bosnia is helping Cyprus find peace
12:08 pm (7 hours ago)
60-second lowdown on Islamic pilgrimage
12:01 am (19 hours ago)
Test your knowledge of changes affecting finances on 1 October
Yesterday 11:55 pm (19 hours ago)
The $250m internet firm at the forefront of 'lowbrow click-bait'
12:22 am (19 hours ago)
The mystery of Connie Converse, the original singer-songwriter
12:05 am (19 hours ago)
Why paying for tap water in Ireland has led to flood of complaints
Yesterday 10:35 pm (21 hours ago)
The rule that's left Japan's sunny beaches deserted
3:18 pm (4 hours ago)
Is Cameron more Thatcher than Thatcher?
1:16 pm (6 hours ago)
What the politicians aren’t telling us about the NHS budget
5:29 pm (an hour ago)
Lord Hill tells EU why he's the man to oversee banks

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