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12:03 am (an hour ago)
Labour's Emily Thornberry resigns from the Labour front bench over a tweet she sent during the Rochester and Strood by-election campaign.
1:36 am (20 minutes ago)
Votes are being counted in the the Rochester and Strood by-election where the UK Independence Party is hoping to gain its second elected Westminster MP.
1:49 am (7 minutes ago)
Nearly five million people living illegally in the US can escape deportation under sweeping changes unveiled by President Barack Obama.
Yesterday 9:39 pm (4 hours ago)
Sheffield United announce they have retracted their offer to let convicted rapist Ched Evans use their training facilities.
1:11 am (45 minutes ago)
Reports highly critical of "safeguarding" at seven east London schools, including six Muslim schools, are set to be published by Ofsted.
Yesterday 10:31 pm (3 hours ago)
Stopping Parliament becoming a "ruin" could cost more than £3bn, with the possibility of MPs and Lords moving out temporarily, Newsnight learns.
Yesterday 10:45 pm (3 hours ago)
In a surprise move, the UK government has withdrawn its legal challenge to EU legislation that caps the level of bankers' bonuses.
12:59 am (58 minutes ago)
Relatives of 43 missing Mexican students, who the authorities say were murdered by a drugs gang, lead mass protests in the capital city.
12:13 am (an hour ago)
A drug that prevents elderly people losing their sight should be routinely available on the NHS, says the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
Yesterday 11:35 pm (2 hours ago)
Dozens of people have been killed in an attack by suspected Boko Haram militants in north-eastern Nigeria, officials and villagers say.
Yesterday 10:00 pm (4 hours ago)
The comedian and activist Mark Thomas and five others are launching legal action against the Metropolitan Police for keeping them under surveillance.
Yesterday 5:05 pm (9 hours ago)
Another metre of snow is expected in parts of north-eastern US, after a massive snowstorm killed at least seven people in New York state.
12:15 am (an hour ago)
Wigan owner Dave Whelan apologises for comments about Jewish and Chinese people in a controversial newspaper interview.
Yesterday 11:39 pm (2 hours ago)
A hospital in China is trying to teach fathers-to-be about the experience of giving birth.
Yesterday 6:12 pm (8 hours ago)
John Adams and Peter Sellars are two of the leading lights of the opera world, but their works aren't without controversy. Newsnight's Katie Razzall was given exclusive access to the rehearsal room ahead of the world premiere at London's ENO.
Yesterday 11:38 am (14 hours ago)
US comedian Bill Cosby has once again refused to comment when asked about sexual assault allegations that have been made against him.
Yesterday 3:09 pm (11 hours ago)
Britain's first Bio-Bus, nicknamed "the number two," powered by human and food waste has taken to the roads in Bristol.
Yesterday, 12:13 am
Filmmaker James Grimaldi captured footage of his neighbourhood in Buffalo, New York, which has been blanketed by several feet of snow.
Yesterday 10:21 am (16 hours ago)
Sir Mick Jagger has told the BBC about his new biopic on music legend James Brown, and how going on tour helped the Rolling Stones singer get over the loss of his partner L'Wren Scott.
Yesterday 11:13 am (15 hours ago)
Artist David Hockney, 77, has told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that he is working harder than ever from his home in Los Angeles.
Yesterday 9:21 am (17 hours ago)
Bicycle stunt rider Danny MacAskill's latest challenge took place on the River Thames, as he performed a rarely seen loop-the-loop in front of the London Eye.
Yesterday 11:57 pm (an hour ago)
With deadlines passing before the declaration of the Rochester by-election result, the papers still find UKIP leader Nigel Farage in buoyant form.
1:15 am (42 minutes ago)
Libya has yet to recover from the disease of Gaddafi, says James Robbins, and it is difficult to be optimistic about the future.
Yesterday 10:03 pm (4 hours ago)
The BBC's Chris Mason looks at what impact the Rochester and Strood by-election result could have on the parties.
Yesterday 3:33 pm (10 hours ago)
Consensus goes only so far when it comes to Scottish politics
Yesterday 11:55 pm (2 hours ago)
BBC News analyses the prospect of a return to full-scale war in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels control broad swathes of territory and a fragile ceasefire could end at any time.
1:38 am (19 minutes ago)
Reuters photographer tells the story behind his picture of a cull at a farm in Nafferton following the discovery of bird flu.
Yesterday 10:58 am (15 hours ago)
The Office for National Statistics has announced the market value of the UK.
Yesterday 5:03 pm (9 hours ago)
A 4m (13ft) tall "solar tree" is set to be installed in the centre of Bristol.
Yesterday 11:11 am (15 hours ago)
The UK's first bus powered entirely by human and food waste goes into service between Bristol and Bath.
Yesterday 11:45 pm (2 hours ago)
Lewis Hamilton on his title fight with Nico Rosberg, inspirational people and how his form with Mercedes has not happened through luck.
Yesterday 10:08 pm (4 hours ago)
Frannie Collin's late header beats Stevenage and sends Maidstone into the second round of the FA Cup to face Wrexham.
Yesterday 4:55 pm (9 hours ago)
England women's midfielder Karen Carney believes their historic game at Wembley on Sunday proves there is an appetite for the women's game.
Yesterday 9:50 pm (4 hours ago)
Celtic captain Scott Brown signs a four-year contract extension that will keep him at the Glasgow club until 2018.
12:27 am (an hour ago)
Mohamed Bin Hammam's role in Qatar's successful World Cup bid is questioned by Fifa whistleblower Phaedra Al-Majid.
1:14 am (43 minutes ago)
The chief executive of renowned auction house Sotheby's, William Ruprecht, is stepping down after 14 years at the helm.
Yesterday 5:33 am (20 hours ago)
China is investing in Turkmenistan's energy sector to boost the supply of gas to its fast growing economy.
1:06 am (51 minutes ago)
HM Revenue and Customs has not properly investigated why a tax relief scheme has cost £2bn more than expected, according to the National Audit Office.
Yesterday 2:52 pm (11 hours ago)
Politicians are often asked if they will stand down, and when they do it is important they get the statement and its timing right.
12:18 am (an hour ago)
Young women with breast cancer are not being told about the possibility of freezing eggs or embryos ahead of potentially damaging chemotherapy treatment, says charity Breast Cancer Care.
Wednesday, 12:44 pm
Performance data for thousands of NHS surgeons is being published on Wednesday. Critics fear the figures will mislead the public.
1:34 am (22 minutes ago)
Grammar school pupils in the 1980s were no more likely to gain degrees from "elite" universities than comprehensive pupils, research suggests.
Monday, 1:40 pm
A committee of MPs has said schools in England are not doing enough to tackle cyberbullying and online abuse.
12:21 am (an hour ago)
Data privacy watchdogs are warning the public about a Russian website that provides links to breached webcams, baby monitors and CCTV feeds.
12:23 am (an hour ago)
BBC Click looks at some of the week's technology highlights.
Yesterday 12:39 pm (13 hours ago)
Thirty nations meeting in Berlin have pledged $9.3bn (£6bn) for a fund to help developing countries cut emissions and prepare for climate change.
Wednesday, 9:15 am
Failing to control the spread of Japanese Knotweed could result in an anti-social behaviour order and a fine of up to £2500.
Yesterday 2:06 pm (12 hours ago)
Mike Nichols, who won an Oscar for directing the 1967 film The Graduate, has died aged 83.
Yesterday 6:12 pm (8 hours ago)
John Adams and Peter Sellars are two of the leading lights of the opera world, but their works aren't without controversy. Newsnight's Katie Razzall was given exclusive access to the rehearsal room ahead of the world premiere at London's ENO.
Yesterday 1:04 pm (13 hours ago)
There's no law against Moon litter.
Yesterday 12:54 pm (13 hours ago)
It's the Caption Challenge. Oh yes it is.
Yesterday 5:03 pm (9 hours ago)
A council writes to all schools in the ward area of one of its councillors, warning them he poses a "potential risk".
Yesterday 5:36 pm (8 hours ago)
A pregnant woman killed her three children before writing "I love you" on their bodies, kissing them and tucking them up in bed, an inquest hears.
1:47 am (9 minutes ago)
Scotland's new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to announce a ministerial re-shuffle later with a strong female presence expected.
1:42 am (15 minutes ago)
A project supporting victims of honour abuse in Edinburgh is been awarded almost £800,000 from the Big Lottery Fund.
12:21 am (an hour ago)
Part of the Grosvenor Road in Belfast is closed in a major security operation.
Yesterday 9:40 pm (4 hours ago)
There is growing consensus amongst political parties on a reduced assembly, the NIO says, but Sinn Féin disagrees.
Yesterday 1:40 pm (12 hours ago)
Two serving officers and a former colleague appear in court accused of stealing a total of £30,000 following a police raid.
Yesterday 3:27 pm (11 hours ago)
A factory worker died from severe burns when he was accidentally trapped inside an industrial oven, a court hears.
Yesterday 10:11 pm (4 hours ago)
Two Tunisian policeman convicted of raping a woman in a police car have their sentences more than doubled in a high profile court case.
Yesterday 7:11 pm (7 hours ago)
The Kenyan government orders an investigation after more than 12,000 false names were found on its workers' payroll.
Yesterday 5:42 pm (8 hours ago)
A young Afghan woman killed in a Kabul suicide attack becomes the focus of a campaign to create student scholarships in her name.
Yesterday 4:13 pm (10 hours ago)
The Myanmar army denies it deliberately targeted a Kachin rebel camp in a mortar attack that killed 23 people.
Yesterday 4:46 pm (9 hours ago)
An average of 13 people a day have been killed in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire began in September, the UN human rights office says.
Yesterday 4:08 pm (10 hours ago)
Germany's three left-leaning parties agree a historic deal which will see the first far-left state president since the fall of Communism.
Yesterday, 1:31 am
Colombia's Farc rebels reach an agreement with the government over the conditions necessary for releasing an army general and four others.
Wednesday, 11:32 pm
Police in Honduras arrest two men over the killing of beauty queen Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, and her sister who vanished on a night out last week.
Yesterday 10:12 pm (4 hours ago)
The US secretary of state says talks in Vienna will focus on "driving towards" a nuclear deal with Iran as diplomats brace for tough negotiation.
Yesterday 6:16 pm (8 hours ago)
The doctor and father of a 13-year-old who died after allegedly undergoing female genital mutilation are cleared in a landmark trial in Egypt.
Yesterday 12:12 pm (14 hours ago)
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian's trip to India, where she was to appear on India's version of Big Brother, is cancelled, apparently over visa issues.
Yesterday 1:01 pm (13 hours ago)
US TV network NBC scraps a proposed Bill Cosby project after accusations that he sexually assaulted women resurfaced in recent weeks.
Yesterday 2:34 pm (11 hours ago)
A glimpse at the work of film director Mike Nichols
Yesterday 1:08 pm (13 hours ago)
24 hours of news images: 20 November
Yesterday 11:11 am (15 hours ago)
Finalists of Syngenta Photography Award
Yesterday 9:39 am (16 hours ago)
Readers' photos on the theme of "movement"
Yesterday 8:59 am (17 hours ago)
Expressions of hope through art by refugee children in Iraq
Wednesday, 12:42 pm
24 hours of news images: 19 November
Tuesday, 9:24 pm
Faith Through a Lens competition
Tuesday, 1:25 am
Vaccinating a remote community
Yesterday 3:08 pm (11 hours ago)
MPs question Prime Minister David Cameron.
Yesterday 9:00 pm (5 hours ago)
Parts of the US north-east are braced for further snow storms, with officials warning residents to be prepared for 3ft (1m) of new snow.
Yesterday 11:17 pm (3 hours ago)
Taxpayers may have to spend more than £3bn to stop the Palace of Westminster turning into an unusable "ruin", the BBC has learned.
Yesterday 5:14 pm (9 hours ago)
Costas Tsivicos, UK distributor of Foscam's webcams, explains how a Russian site came to show feeds from his firm's kit, and tells consumers how to protect themselves.
Yesterday 4:49 am (21 hours ago)
A Canadian family is facing a bill of almost $1m (£638,000) from an American hospital, because their daughter was born prematurely while they were on holiday in Hawaii.
Yesterday 7:37 pm (6 hours ago)
Mike Nichols, who won an Oscar for directing the 1967 film The Graduate, has died aged 83.
Yesterday 11:57 am (14 hours ago)
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is formally sworn in as Scotland's first minister in front of senior judges at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.
Yesterday 1:52 pm (12 hours ago)
Thirty nations meeting in Berlin have pledged $9.3bn (£6bn) for a fund to help developing countries cut emissions and prepare for climate change.
Yesterday 2:04 pm (12 hours ago)
The Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice has rejected the UK's challenge to its cap on bankers' bonuses.
Yesterday 11:30 pm (2 hours ago)
Why did 270 warships gather peacefully in one place?
Yesterday 11:32 pm (2 hours ago)
What's the future for Children's TV favourite Bagpuss?
12:03 am (an hour ago)
Water and power cuts misery for civilians under IS rule in Iraq
Yesterday 11:53 pm (2 hours ago)
Roller derby changing lives for Egyptian women
Yesterday 11:33 pm (2 hours ago)
What trick did a German town play on neo-Nazi marchers?
Yesterday 11:35 pm (2 hours ago)
How young people tackled the problem
12:29 am (an hour ago)
Making sense of Ukraine's year of chaotic events
Yesterday 6:20 pm (8 hours ago)
Chinese journalist on trial for leaking state secrets
Yesterday 4:44 pm (9 hours ago)
A look back at the life of Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols

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