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8:48 am (5 hours ago)
Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson vows to continue his space tourism venture despite the SpaceShipTwo craft crashing in the US, killing a pilot.
9:30 am (4 hours ago)
The use of police cautions - where those who commit minor offences are given a formal warning - is set to be scrapped in England and Wales.
11:28 am (2 hours ago)
Tens of thousands of mourners are attending the funeral of murdered South African football captain Senzo Meyiwa.
1:24 am (12 hours ago)
The Foreign Office warns British travellers they could be targeted by terrorists seeking revenge for UK air strikes against Islamic State militants.
11:37 am (an hour ago)
The government is urged to get an inquiry into historical child sex abuse moving quickly after Fiona Woolf stood down as its chairwoman.
12:50 pm (45 minutes ago)
A second military officer appears to have taken power in Burkina Faso, a third leader for the West African state in 24 hours.
1:12 pm (23 minutes ago)
Ed Miliband says that Labour would replace the House of Lords with an elected senate if the party won the general election in May 2015.
12:51 pm (44 minutes ago)
Two men killed in an explosion and blaze at a fireworks warehouse in Stafford are identified as a 41-year-old employee and a 57-year-old customer.
12:37 pm (58 minutes ago)
Egypt court sentences eight men to three years in prison for appearing in a video alleged to be of a gay marriage.
1:02 pm (33 minutes ago)
Jim Murphy apologises to voters for Scottish Labour's failings and Katy Clark becomes the first person to stand for the party's deputy leadership.
Yesterday 8:17 pm (17 hours ago)
Firefighters across England begin a four-day strike in a row over pensions during one of the service's busiest weekends of the year.
1:56 am (12 hours ago)
A study by Cancer Research UK reveals black and South Asian ethnic groups in England are less aware of cancer symptoms than people with white backgrounds.
Yesterday 5:23 pm (20 hours ago)
A Bangor University lecturer is developing Virtual Reality software for the electronics giant Samsung.
1:18 am (12 hours ago)
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the Briton who in the 1960s became the first person to sail round the world on his own without stopping, is about to return to ocean racing at the age of 75.
1:38 am (12 hours ago)
The BBC's Lucas de Jong found one place in Singapore where interior designer Terry Goh has spent seven years making Hello Kitty the centre of attention.
4:48 am (9 hours ago)
US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle welcome some special guests to the White House for a trick-or-treat Halloween celebration.
8:36 am (5 hours ago)
People with mental health illnesses are being asked to blog about their condition to help themselves and others.
Yesterday 4:10 pm (21 hours ago)
A light show featuring hundreds of runners, which began in Edinburgh and has been seen around the world, is set for Glasgow.
1:14 am (12 hours ago)
In the age of "binge-watching" programmes, a US podcast series is gripping audiences around the world who are hooked on its weekly instalments.
12:52 am (13 hours ago)
No clear verdict can be made about the military campaign in Afghanistan, says Nick Childs.
Yesterday 9:27 pm (16 hours ago)
The SpaceShipTwo crash is a tragedy that will prompt serious reflection but commercial space ventures are unlikely to be deterred, the BBC's Jonathan Amos says.
Yesterday, 1:09 pm
People may not like paying tax. But what is even less popular is the thought they have no choice while others have much more control over their tax bill, says the BBC's Sebastian Chrispin.
Yesterday 9:34 pm (16 hours ago)
Burkinabe leader Blaise Compaore kept a grip on power for 27 years - but ultimately his ambition led to his downfall, the BBC's Thomas Fessy reports.
7:41 am (6 hours ago)
The significance of last week's riots in Delhi's Trilokpuri area.
Yesterday, 1:18 am
It has been one year since TV cameras started rolling in the Court of Appeal. But what has happened since? Legal Correspondent Clive Coleman investigates.
7:46 am (6 hours ago)
The test flight crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft and Fiona Woolf's resignation as abuse inquiry head make the headlines.
2:33 am (11 hours ago)
Results from a citizen science online experiment suggests that the Spice Girls' Wannabe is the UK's catchiest hit single.
12:31 pm (an hour ago)
The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall complete the final day of their tour of Colombia with a visit to the walled city of Cartagena.
1:15 pm (20 minutes ago)
India's cricket board demands its West Indies counterpart pays up for pulling out of their tour of the country in October.
11:23 am (2 hours ago)
Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal hopes his team can exploit Manchester City's dip in form at the Etihad on Sunday.
12:00 pm (an hour ago)
Trees, plastic bottles, beds and thorn bushes...BBC Sport readers reveal all about their best makeshift goalposts.
Yesterday 10:29 pm (15 hours ago)
The owners of F1 and leading teams have an "agenda" that is causing smaller teams to go out of business, a team boss has said.
Yesterday 9:13 pm (16 hours ago)
Lewis Hamilton narrowly edges Mercedes team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg to fastest time in second practice at the US Grand Prix.
Yesterday 5:10 pm (20 hours ago)
British banks may have to hold more funds to guard against the risk of a future economic downturn, the Bank of England has proposed.
Yesterday 5:19 pm (20 hours ago)
A day in the life of Ismael Diabate, an economic migrant stranded in the Moroccan capital of Rabat.
Yesterday 9:02 pm (17 hours ago)
Labour's Alan Billings wins the by-election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, following the resignation of Shaun Wright.
Yesterday 1:59 pm (24 hours ago)
All new government policies in England now have to undergo a test to check whether they help families.
Yesterday, 12:10 am
Alcohol should have a calorie content label in order to reduce obesity, according to public health doctors.
Yesterday 2:50 pm (23 hours ago)
Ofsted is unlikely to win any popularity contests, the chief inspector has admitted in a speech.
Yesterday, 10:26 am
Popular teaching practices "harmful to students' learning".
Thursday, 4:52 pm
Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Warg sentenced to three-and-half years in prison after being found guilty of hacking into Danish computers.
Yesterday 2:21 pm (23 hours ago)
Why flying drones in restricted airspace could land you in prison, plus other technology news
Yesterday, 12:22 pm
A team has developed micro-sized rockets, powered by seawater, that can neutralise chemical and biological weapons.
Wednesday, 3:05 pm
A 39,000 year-old baby mammoth named Yuka has been put in display in central Moscow making it the best preserved mammoth in palaeontology.
Yesterday 3:27 pm (22 hours ago)
The BBC's Head of TV refuses to make a formal apology over a Top Gear special filmed in Argentina, after demands from the country's ambassador to the UK.
1:14 am (12 hours ago)
In the age of "binge-watching" programmes, a US podcast series is gripping audiences around the world who are hooked on its weekly instalments.
Yesterday 6:36 pm (19 hours ago)
Switzerland's history of child labour, a father's Afghan odyssey, and the people who follow Jediism.
Yesterday 3:33 pm (22 hours ago)
Bottles of whisky have been removed from shops for containing high levels of antifreeze ingredient propylene glycol. How often is it used?
3:51 am (10 hours ago)
A woman is stabbed to death in east London before a man, who police say knew her, dies after being found lying in the street.
Yesterday 8:53 pm (17 hours ago)
Royal Mail says it will not deliver a leaflet for Britain First in the Rochester and Strood by-election because it believes it to be illegal.
Yesterday 7:03 pm (19 hours ago)
Recent opinion polls prove it is wrong to exclude the SNP from nationally-televised general election debates, the party's leader in waiting says.
1:06 pm (28 minutes ago)
The Royal Marines parade through Glasgow to mark the regiment receiving the Freedom of the City.
12:12 pm (an hour ago)
A man in his 30s dies following a crash on the A2 in Holywood, County Down.
12:43 pm (52 minutes ago)
A 25-year-old man is in a critical condition in hospital after he was assaulted in north Belfast.
11:34 am (2 hours ago)
Two men and a woman are held on suspicion of murder following the unexplained death of a 50-year-old man in Pembroke Dock.
11:45 am (an hour ago)
Children in Wales up for adoption may miss out because the service in England will have a fund for supporting families, experts fear.
1:18 pm (16 minutes ago)
Burkina Faso military chiefs back Lt-Col Isaac Zida as transitional president, an army statement says, appearing to end confusion over who is in charge.
1:38 am (12 hours ago)
Militant group Boko Haram denies claims by Nigeria's government that it has agreed to a ceasefire and will release 219 abducted girls.
10:41 am (3 hours ago)
Bangladesh is hit by major power blackouts after a power line connecting the country to India's electricity grid failed, reports say.
Yesterday 3:06 pm (22 hours ago)
Myanmar's president holds rare roundtable talks with the opposition, military and ethnic groups, as the US calls for "credible" elections next year.
Yesterday 6:45 pm (19 hours ago)
The EU is to launch a limited operation in the Mediterranean to help Italy stem the flow of migrants from North Africa.
Yesterday, 12:57 pm
Hungary shelves a proposed tax on internet data traffic after tens of thousands of Hungarians marched against it.
1:45 am (12 hours ago)
The Uruguayan government announces the start of registration for licensed cannabis growers as part of its plan to legalise the drug.
Thursday, 9:43 pm
Colombia's Farc rebel group acknowledges for the first time that its actions in Latin America's longest internal conflict "affected civilians".
12:39 pm (55 minutes ago)
Islamic State militants have killed at least 50 members of an Iraqi tribe in a western province, officials say, after mass graves were found nearby.
Yesterday 3:34 pm (22 hours ago)
Israel reopens a key Jerusalem holy site after its temporary closure following the shooting of a prominent Jewish activist.
11:04 am (3 hours ago)
Canada suspends visa applications from countries in the grip of the Ebola outbreak, in a move similar to a much-criticised Australian plan.
Yesterday 9:55 pm (16 hours ago)
The Dow and S&P 500 close at record levels, helped by a surprise move by the Bank of Japan to boost its stimulus measures.
Thursday, 3:25 pm
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Costumes on show at a former prison
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Thursday, 10:03 am
The committee questions the UK Commissioner-designate Lord Hill
4:47 am (9 hours ago)
Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters cross the Turkish border to help defend the Syrian town of Kobane from Islamic State.
8:47 am (5 hours ago)
Ken Fox and his family are celebrating 40 years riding the Wall of Death - they invited BBC Breakfast's Mike Bushell to join in.
12:54 pm (41 minutes ago)
British travellers have been warned they could be targeted by terrorists seeking revenge for UK air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants.
12:24 pm (an hour ago)
Sir Richard Branson has vowed to continue his space tourism venture despite the fatal crash of one of his craft in the California desert.
10:23 am (3 hours ago)
Tens of thousands of mourners are expected to attend the funeral of South African football captain Senzo Meyiwa in Durban on Saturday.
8:27 am (5 hours ago)
The government is planning to scrap the use of police cautions - where those who commit minor offences are given a formal warning - in England and Wales.
3:19 am (10 hours ago)
Bright students from state schools are at a risk of missing out on university because of their uncertain immigration status.
10:41 am (3 hours ago)
Researchers claim they have found a security flaw with Visa contactless payment cards.
12:00 am (14 hours ago)
Why do wives take a man's name after marriage?
12:01 am (14 hours ago)
Zebra crossings to bus stations: unusual listed buildings
Yesterday 11:59 pm (14 hours ago)
The official whose over-familiar letters infuriated his boss
Yesterday 5:59 pm (20 hours ago)
The week in numbers with our Go Figure images
12:28 pm (an hour ago)
How to be a successful choreographer
Yesterday 10:09 pm (15 hours ago)
The risks of failing to write a will
12:05 am (14 hours ago)
Movember turns its attention to men's mental health
Yesterday 5:38 pm (20 hours ago)
Scratching really does make things itch, and other nuggets
12:41 am (13 hours ago)
Commemorating Britain's first naval defeat of World War One

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January 2014

NMJ Insurance develops capability of selling SME commercial business to clients via the web

From January 2014 clients will be able to obtain quotes and purchase commercial insurances using a secure online payment facility. Read More

January 2013

NMJ Insurance Brokers acquires further Glossop Broker

NMJ Insurance Brokers Ltd (NMJ) has announced that it has acquired the general insurance business of M J Stansfield. This is the fourth business acquired by NMJ since 2010. Read More

July 2012

NMJ Insurance nominated at British Insurance Awards 2012

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NMJ Insurance Brokers announces second acquisition in Derbyshire

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (“NMJ Insurance”), the branch-based broking network established by former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton has announced its second acquisition. Read More

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NMJ Insurance Brokers completes first acquisition of Ridge Insurance Services and also announces new office opening

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (“NMJ Insurance”), the new branch-based broking network established by former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton has announced its first acquisition. Read More

July 2009

NMJ New Champions of the High Street

Former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts, and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton, have announced that they are seeking FSA authorisation to re-enter the industry with their new venture, NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (NMJI). Read More