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9:44 am (36 minutes ago)
David Cameron comes under fire from rival parties after saying he will only take part in one TV debate featuring seven party leaders, held before the election campaign.
10:07 am (13 minutes ago)
The home of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor is searched by police investigating historical allegations of child abuse.
9:51 am (28 minutes ago)
A militant Korean nationalist slashes the face of the US ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, at a breakfast meeting in Seoul.
10:08 am (11 minutes ago)
Nathan Matthews, stepbrother of Bristol teenager Becky Watts, appears in court charged with her murder.
7:55 am (2 hours ago)
A man convicted in the USA of a trans-Atlantic terror plot including an attack in Manchester was wrongly released in the UK, a former detective says.
2:44 am (8 hours ago)
The Conservatives are considering limiting child benefit to three children, which could save £300m a year in the long term, BBC Newsnight learns.
10:04 am (16 minutes ago)
The Serious Fraud Office is investigating liquidity auctions held by the Bank of England during the financial crisis, the Bank says.
7:42 am (3 hours ago)
Head teachers warn the overhaul of the exam system is likely to cause significant problems for schools.
7:34 am (3 hours ago)
New Zealand is conducting mass surveillance over its Pacific neighbours, documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden say.
8:51 am (an hour ago)
Plumbers and heating engineers should join with GPs and care staff in tackling problems caused by cold homes, health experts say.
3:56 am (6 hours ago)
Australian PM Tony Abbott says the massive search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 cannot "go on at this intensity forever".
8:13 am (2 hours ago)
The SNP could win the safest Labour seat in Scotland and oust Charles Kennedy at the general election, according to a new poll.
6:20 am (4 hours ago)
Thursday's newspapers focus on Downing Street's latest offer on election TV debates, and the charging of a man with the murder of teenager Becky Watts.
Yesterday 2:48 pm (20 hours ago)
The Blue Labour movement could yet play a key role in determining the party's future, says the BBC's Mark Mardell.
1:19 am (9 hours ago)
Are viral internet parodies of militants a cause for concern?
7:37 am (3 hours ago)
Will vital public confidence in the Bank of England be shaken by the SFO's probe of whether its schemes to provide cheap finance to banks were scammed?
1:39 am (9 hours ago)
Even the party faithful are starting to question the presidency of Nicolas Maduro, as protests and economic instability grips the country, says Will Grant.
12:15 am (10 hours ago)
The Large Hadron Collider is gearing up for its revamped second run, and its physicists want this next round of collisions to shake their discipline to its core.
Yesterday 5:23 pm (17 hours ago)
Ukraine's latest mining disaster in Donetsk has claimed dozens of lives. But why are the country's mines so dangerous?
Yesterday 1:53 pm (20 hours ago)
The BBC looks at Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, two Australians facing execution in Indonesia for drug smuggling.
3:09 am (7 hours ago)
The Smithsonian museum group in Washington DC has banned the fashionable photography aid, the selfie stick, to "protect visitors" in crowded conditions.
5:50 am (4 hours ago)
A new set of first class stamps is issued featuring 10 of the UK's most dramatic bridges.
5:52 am (4 hours ago)
Scotland's World Cup hopes are ended by Bangladesh, despite Kyle Coetzer's record-breaking innings.
Yesterday 4:43 pm (18 hours ago)
Three female sports officials share their experiences about rising to the top in men's football, rugby and snooker.
9:56 am (23 minutes ago)
New FA guidelines indicate Jonny Evans and Papiss Cisse face six-match bans if found guilty of spitting.
9:33 am (47 minutes ago)
New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez begins his comeback from a 162-game doping ban in a spring training contest.
10:00 am (19 minutes ago)
BBC Sport offers 10 F1 races broadcast live on television and extensive coverage across its digital and radio coverage.
3:40 am (7 hours ago)
China, the world's second-largest economy, has set its growth target at about 7% for this year, the government said.
10:01 am (18 minutes ago)
UK house prices fell 0.3% in February leaving the average house price at £192,372, according to the Halifax.
7:49 am (3 hours ago)
The Liberal Democrats say they would offer the people of Cornwall a new assembly which would get new powers to run local services.
12:02 am (10 hours ago)
The House of Lords EU Committee calls for a drone register to be set up which owners of unmanned aircraft would have to join.
9:52 am (27 minutes ago)
Liberia goes a week without any new cases of Ebola - the first time such a milestone has been reached since May 2014, the WHO says.
5:17 am (5 hours ago)
More than 900 patients in the West of England had surgery cancelled for non-medical reasons in the first two weeks of the year, figures show.
10:01 am (19 minutes ago)
Girls still lack confidence in pursuing high-paid careers in science and technology, even when their school results are as good or better than boys, says an international study.
Yesterday, 12:43 am
While university leaders want to keep £9,000 fees, a lecturers' union survey shows that vice-chancellors are earning up to £623,000 per year.
Yesterday 1:22 pm (21 hours ago)
China rejects President Obama's criticism of its attempt to make companies put backdoors in their software and share their encryption keys.
Yesterday, 12:44 am
Sony unveils an upgraded version of its PlayStation virtual reality helmet, which it says will go on sale in the first half of 2016.
5:14 am (5 hours ago)
People affected by river flooding worldwide could triple by 2030, with climate change and population growth the main factors, says a new report.
3:44 am (7 hours ago)
The effort to build a synchrotron - a large accelerator that generates X-rays for research - in Africa is gaining momentum, a US conference hears.
12:02 am (10 hours ago)
Four secondary ticket-selling websites have agreed to be more transparent, following pressure from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
8:48 am (an hour ago)
Veteran actresses June Whitfield and Jan Harvey will star in key one-off roles in the BBC soap later this year.
Yesterday, 1:23 am
Petrol prices rise above 110 pence a litre. But why?
Tuesday, 8:44 am
Before-and-after adverts feature in thousands of magazines. But how reliable are they?
Yesterday 9:53 pm (12 hours ago)
Boris Johnson is accused of misleading Londoners over how much it could cost to fund a new garden bridge over the River Thames.
5:22 am (5 hours ago)
A think tank says the government should invest £15bn in a Transport for London-style body for the north of England to revitalise transport links.
9:29 am (51 minutes ago)
Scotland's councils will face financial pressures "of a scale not previously experienced" in the coming years, the public spending watchdog says.
Yesterday 11:38 pm (11 hours ago)
Dave King will delay becoming Rangers chairman after dealing in club shares are suspended ahead of their EGM.
6:23 am (4 hours ago)
The Irish National Teachers Organisation says a vote by its members clears the way for industrial action, including a strike.
10:06 am (13 minutes ago)
UK broadcasters have made a "complete and utter mess" of plans to hold TV debates ahead of the general election, the Democratic Unionist Party says.
6:32 am (4 hours ago)
Patients' could be at risk as ambulance crews lose 40,000 hours a year waiting outside hospital emergency units, assembly members told.
8:19 am (2 hours ago)
Airline Flybe is to operate new routes flying from Cardiff Airport, creating 50 new jobs.
Yesterday 6:01 pm (16 hours ago)
Scientists working in Ethiopia have uncovered a jawbone fossil which may push the origin of humans back 400,000 years.
Yesterday 4:56 pm (17 hours ago)
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is sued for wrongful dismissal by two former allies, accused of supporting an assassination attempt against him.
7:53 am (2 hours ago)
Indonesia rejects a last-ditch offer from Australia of a prisoner swap aiming to save the lives of two Australian men on death row.
6:10 am (4 hours ago)
Two German nationals are sentenced to caning and nine months in jail in Singapore for vandalism and trespassing.
7:23 am (3 hours ago)
The Ukrainian president declares a day of national mourning as the death toll from a gas blast in a coal mine reaches 32, with one still missing.
Yesterday 1:18 pm (21 hours ago)
Russian President Vladimir Putin demands an end to "shameful" political killings in Russia, after the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.
8:56 am (an hour ago)
Brazil's central bank lifts interest rates to a six-year high of 12.75% in an attempt to restrain inflation.
1:25 am (9 hours ago)
Omar Trevino Morales, the leader of Mexico's Zetas drugs cartel and one of the country's most wanted men, has been captured, security officials say.
Yesterday 6:48 pm (16 hours ago)
Dozens of Syrian security personnel and rebels have been killed in an attack on an intelligence facility in the city of Aleppo, activists say.
Yesterday 1:13 pm (21 hours ago)
Iraqi soldiers and Shia militiamen are seeking to surround Islamic State fighters in Tikrit, on the third day of an operation to retake the city.
6:08 am (4 hours ago)
Hillary Clinton responds to a growing controversy over her emails when she was a US secretary of state by urging officials to release them swiftly.
2:15 am (8 hours ago)
US Attorney General Eric Holder calls on police and courts in Ferguson, Missouri, to take immediate action after finding widespread racial bias.
Yesterday 2:59 pm (19 hours ago)
Blazes on the outskirts of Cape Town
Yesterday 12:19 pm (22 hours ago)
Images from around the world: 4 March
Yesterday, 10:07 am
Readers' photographs on the theme of adventure
Tuesday, 10:01 am
David Stewart's photos of people fighting addiction
Tuesday, 12:00 am
Models to keep an eye out for at Geneva
Friday, February 27th, 6:08 pm
Leonard 'Spock' Nimoy has died
Tuesday, 12:53 pm
Images from around the world: 3 March
Friday, February 27th, 3:56 pm
News photos from around the world
Yesterday 4:46 pm (18 hours ago)
The Committee hosts a "Voice of the Future 2015" event
2:05 am (8 hours ago)
Women from the most conservative region of Pakistan are training to fight the Taliban on the frontline.
Yesterday 10:50 pm (11 hours ago)
A Pakistani man extradited from the UK to the US has been convicted for plotting attacks in several countries.
5:21 am (5 hours ago)
The leader of the Zetas drugs cartel, notorious for its violence, has been arrested in Mexico by security forces.
Yesterday 11:20 pm (11 hours ago)
Nathan Matthews, the stepbrother of missing 16-year-old Becky Watts, has been charged with her murder, Avon and Somerset Police have said.
Yesterday 10:28 pm (12 hours ago)
Some 33 miners are feared dead in a suspected methane gas blast at a coal mine in a rebel-held region of eastern Ukraine.
Yesterday 7:08 pm (15 hours ago)
A jawbone, thought to belong to one of the world's very first humans, has been found in Ethiopia.
Yesterday 7:20 pm (15 hours ago)
More than 100 South African firefighters are battling wildfires on the mountains around Cape Town.
Yesterday 4:47 pm (18 hours ago)
Prince William condemns illegal wildlife trading in a speech on the final day of his tour of China.
12:21 am (10 hours ago)
How Iran's revolution let a feminist genie out of its bottle
12:22 am (10 hours ago)
Where did the word 'hustings' come from?
12:39 am (10 hours ago)
How World War Two changed the way people dressed
2:01 am (8 hours ago)
What impact has Lean In had on women?
12:02 am (10 hours ago)
The curious case of Leah Palmer - and why she doesn't exist
12:36 am (10 hours ago)
What lies behind Nobel Peace chairman's demotion?
Yesterday 12:37 pm (22 hours ago)
Military budget boost comes with shake-up
12:01 am (10 hours ago)
Is wind power now coming of age?
1:09 am (9 hours ago)
Why are there so few disabled models on the catwalk?

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February 2015

Barry Fenton Insurance launches exclusive weekly Taxi Insurance product

Barry Fenton Insurance has today announced the launch of a unique and exclusive Short Term Taxi Insurance product designed for taxi drivers wishing to avoid the high up-front cost of annual policies. Read More

January 2014

NMJ Insurance develops capability of selling SME commercial business to clients via the web

From January 2014 clients will be able to obtain quotes and purchase commercial insurances using a secure online payment facility. Read More

January 2013

NMJ Insurance Brokers acquires further Glossop Broker

NMJ Insurance Brokers Ltd (NMJ) has announced that it has acquired the general insurance business of M J Stansfield. This is the fourth business acquired by NMJ since 2010. Read More

July 2012

NMJ Insurance nominated at British Insurance Awards 2012

NMJ Insurance is celebrating after being named as a finalist at the prestigious British Insurance Awards 2012. The British Insurance Awards showcase top class performance and innovation, rewarding achievement and raising standards across the industry. Read More

February 2012

NMJ Insurance celebrates 40 years of supporting local communities

This year represents a special milestone for NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited as two of its offices celebrate 40 years of providing insurance services to the local community. Read More

August 2011

NMJ Insurance Brokers makes its largest acquisition to date

Following the acquisition of Ridge Insurance in Glossop and Protheroe Insurance in Belper last year, NMJ Insurance has now acquired Barry Fenton Insurance based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Read More

May 2011

NMJ Insurance Brokers supports the Aldermanbury Declaration

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited ("NMJI") has confirmed its support of the Aldermanbury Declaration. The Aldermanbury Declaration encourages UK insurance firms to commit to a common framework of professional standards. Read More

August 2010

NMJ Insurance Brokers announces second acquisition in Derbyshire

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (“NMJ Insurance”), the branch-based broking network established by former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton has announced its second acquisition. Read More

January 2010

NMJ Insurance Brokers completes first acquisition of Ridge Insurance Services and also announces new office opening

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (“NMJ Insurance”), the new branch-based broking network established by former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton has announced its first acquisition. Read More

July 2009

NMJ New Champions of the High Street

Former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts, and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton, have announced that they are seeking FSA authorisation to re-enter the industry with their new venture, NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (NMJI). Read More