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8:40 pm (2 hours ago)
More than 100 leading scientists say the Rio Olympics should be moved or postponed due to the Zika outbreak, in a letter to the World Health Organization.
9:56 pm (an hour ago)
A US judge orders actor Johnny Depp to stay away from his estranged wife, actress Amber Heard, after an alleged assault.
8:41 pm (2 hours ago)
The Islamic State group's commander in the besieged Iraqi city of Falluja is among 70 militants killed in coalition air strikes, the US military says.
5:39 pm (5 hours ago)
A driving instructor who left two young sisters paralysed from the waist down after crashing into their car while chasing another vehicle, is jailed.
3:25 pm (8 hours ago)
HM Revenue & Customs loses an appeal to recover up to £50m in stamp duty from the sale of the Chelsea Barracks.
9:19 pm (an hour ago)
The remains of a British tourist who disappeared nearly three years ago while hiking in a Canadian mountain range have been found, rescuers say.
10:09 pm (50 minutes ago)
A British citizen who US prosecutors say plotted to carry out a suicide bomb attack at Heathrow Airport is jailed for 40 years in the US.
4:42 pm (6 hours ago)
The two sides in the EU referendum campaign have been accused of peddling "implausible" figures by a committee of MPs.
5:41 pm (5 hours ago)
A prison officer and the partner of a prisoner are jailed for smuggling drugs and 18 mobile phones into a south west London prison.
3:02 pm (8 hours ago)
A swimwear model is found guilty of killing her British millionaire ex-boyfriend at his home in Spain.
3:00 pm (8 hours ago)
A tarot card reader speaks of how a killer confessed to his housemate's murder after the "devil card" was dealt.
1:27 pm (10 hours ago)
Jose Mourinho is officially confirmed as manager of Manchester United and has signed a three-year contract.
9:21 pm (an hour ago)
Amber Heard has left court in Los Angeles, where she was granted a restraining order against her estranged husband, Johnny Depp.
3:30 pm (7 hours ago)
A Chinese detergent advertisement is being dubbed the most racist commercial to be screened.
5:34 pm (5 hours ago)
Tom Hiddleston's tells tales at the ceremony crowning the winners of the BBC's 500 Words competition.
8:18 pm (3 hours ago)
The Sydney Opera House is among many landmarks in the Australian city lit up as part of a festival of light and music.
9:45 pm (an hour ago)
Dr Henry Heimlich has used the Heimlich manoeuvre to save a choking woman at his retirement home.
2:58 pm (8 hours ago)
Marcus Thompson finds out what London's Europeans think of Britain possibly leaving the EU.
10:30 pm (28 minutes ago)
During an address Mr Obama called on nations to pursue a world without nuclear weapons
1:27 pm (10 hours ago)
One of the survivors of a Mediterranean migrant capsize caught on film has told the BBC that he thought he was going to die.
6:09 pm (5 hours ago)
Regulators have given one of the world's largest drug companies approval to sell a new gene therapy.
11:45 am (11 hours ago)
Mishal Husain looks at concerns about how the EU referendum could affect those living on Northern Ireland's border with the Republic of Ireland.
3:21 pm (8 hours ago)
Q&A on the effect on Britons travelling in France following industrial action being taken by French workers, who are blockading oil refineries as part of their dispute.
Yesterday, 1:50 pm
The government wants to reduce pensions payable to steelworkers, to make Tata Steel UK more attractive to a buyer - but how much will they lose?
10:37 pm (22 minutes ago)
The 96-year-old man behind the Heimlich manoeuvre has used the technique to save a woman choking at his retirement home.
7:29 am (15 hours ago)
The words "Feldenkrais" and "Gesellschaft" make Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga co-champions of the US Spelling Bee, the third tie in a row.
10:26 pm (32 minutes ago)
Marcus Rashford furthers his claims for a place in England's Euro 2016 squad after scoring in a warm-up win over Australia.
7:27 pm (4 hours ago)
Alex Hales hits 83 and Joe Root 80 as England reach 310-6 against Sri Lanka on day one of the second Test at Chester-le-Street.
10:03 pm (55 minutes ago)
England captain Dylan Hartley admits one more concussion would make him consider his future in rugby.
4:52 pm (6 hours ago)
Nine-time winner Rafael Nadal withdraws from the French Open in the third round because of a wrist injury.
9:00 pm (an hour ago)
Independent energy companies want consumers to be able to see all available tariffs when using price comparison websites.
9:31 pm (an hour ago)
Now plans for fracking have been given the go-ahead in North Yorkshire, the BBC's John Moylan looks at whether old industrial sites be used for future fracking applications.
1:32 pm (9 hours ago)
Vote Leave offers a £50m prize for correctly guessing the results of every Euro 2016 game - but the contest is called a "con" by the Remain campaign.
10:53 pm (5 minutes ago)
Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson does not seem to know the difference between fact and fiction, former Conservative Party chairman Chris Patten says.
11:22 am (12 hours ago)
The Scottish nurse who survived Ebola says she has been left with permanent weakness in her leg and will probably never run again.
11:05 am (12 hours ago)
The first case of an infection that can resist the antibiotic of last resort - colistin - has been detected in the US.
2:35 pm (8 hours ago)
The system of inquiries into child deaths in England where neglect or abuse is suspected will be overhauled, says the government
6:16 pm (5 hours ago)
Cambridge University will remain affiliated to the National Union of students after a referendum of students rejected a motion to leave.
12:01 pm (11 hours ago)
Mobile service provider Three confirms it will block advertising on its network for a day-long trial in June.
12:33 pm (10 hours ago)
A patent owner wants Apple to suspend Facetime and iMessage chat apps because it claims its technologies have been infringed.
12:11 pm (11 hours ago)
Researchers invent a DNA "tape recorder" that can trace the family history of every cell in a body.
1:17 pm (10 hours ago)
US scientists produce their most precise date yet for the colossal landslide that shaped the big red canyon running through what is now Zion National Park.
5:54 pm (5 hours ago)
Ariana Grande tops the album chart with her third record, Dangerous Woman, while Drake continues his reign at the top of the singles chart.
12:20 pm (11 hours ago)
Broadway musical American Psycho, about an investment banker turned serial killer, is to close after poor ticket sales.
Yesterday, 12:48 am
Celena and her partner Pete separated for 10 weeks to break their bad habits and lose weight.
Monday, 10:10 pm
More than 40 years after the end of the Vietnam war dozens of ageing former American soldiers have gone back - and have succeeded in finding peace.
Wednesday, 4:12 am
The people who shape hair in the capital of Sierra Leone
Tuesday, 12:10 am
From Twiggy to Alexa - Marks & Spencer's battle to be a High Street trendsetter
12:21 pm (11 hours ago)
Five ways to survive life in a three-generation home
4:58 pm (6 hours ago)
'My most hated man joining my favourite club'
12:00 am (23 hours ago)
Why are women banned from a 35-mile-long Greek peninsula?
1:00 am (22 hours ago)
Where was Angelina Jolie made a professor?
12:00 am (23 hours ago)
How 'robo recruiters' could be denting your job prospects
3:37 am (19 hours ago)
The life and death of a boy sailor
12:00 am (23 hours ago)
How 1986 Real Madrid game kick-started Champions League
12:43 pm (10 hours ago)
Is this the most racist advertisement ever made?
3:34 am (19 hours ago)
Margaret Barton, 90, recalls role in Brief Encounter

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August 2015

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited makes new appointment

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (“NMJ”) is delighted to announce the appointment of Ian Jacques to the position of Commercial Account Executive at its Scunthorpe office. Read More

February 2015

Barry Fenton Insurance launches exclusive weekly Taxi Insurance product

Barry Fenton Insurance has today announced the launch of a unique and exclusive Short Term Taxi Insurance product designed for taxi drivers wishing to avoid the high up-front cost of annual policies. Read More

January 2014

NMJ Insurance develops capability of selling SME commercial business to clients via the web

From January 2014 clients will be able to obtain quotes and purchase commercial insurances using a secure online payment facility. Read More

January 2013

NMJ Insurance Brokers acquires further Glossop Broker

NMJ Insurance Brokers Ltd (NMJ) has announced that it has acquired the general insurance business of M J Stansfield. This is the fourth business acquired by NMJ since 2010. Read More

July 2012

NMJ Insurance nominated at British Insurance Awards 2012

NMJ Insurance is celebrating after being named as a finalist at the prestigious British Insurance Awards 2012. The British Insurance Awards showcase top class performance and innovation, rewarding achievement and raising standards across the industry. Read More

February 2012

NMJ Insurance celebrates 40 years of supporting local communities

This year represents a special milestone for NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited as two of its offices celebrate 40 years of providing insurance services to the local community. Read More

August 2011

NMJ Insurance Brokers makes its largest acquisition to date

Following the acquisition of Ridge Insurance in Glossop and Protheroe Insurance in Belper last year, NMJ Insurance has now acquired Barry Fenton Insurance based in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Read More

May 2011

NMJ Insurance Brokers supports the Aldermanbury Declaration

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited ("NMJI") has confirmed its support of the Aldermanbury Declaration. The Aldermanbury Declaration encourages UK insurance firms to commit to a common framework of professional standards. Read More

August 2010

NMJ Insurance Brokers announces second acquisition in Derbyshire

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (“NMJ Insurance”), the branch-based broking network established by former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton has announced its second acquisition. Read More

January 2010

NMJ Insurance Brokers completes first acquisition of Ridge Insurance Services and also announces new office opening

NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (“NMJ Insurance”), the new branch-based broking network established by former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton has announced its first acquisition. Read More

July 2009

NMJ New Champions of the High Street

Former Equity Insurance Brokers’ Managing Director, Nick Potts, and Acquisitions & Insurer Development Director, Mike Hutton, have announced that they are seeking FSA authorisation to re-enter the industry with their new venture, NMJ Insurance Brokers Limited (NMJI). Read More